Chapter 103.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The circumstances of the Knights Order’s dinner.
In the afternoon, while working with Dober-san and his assistants, Rudolf-san rushed over.

“Sorry, Dober! It’s an emergency! Lend Missy to me!!”

“… What is it all of sudden? Rosarin-san is a valuable asset, I don’t want to lend her to others that much.”

“… Grandpa Mitt’s grandchild has been born today, so he went home earlier today…”

Grandpa Mitt… who might he be? I feel that I’ve heard his name before, though. Dober-san’s complexion changed.

“… What about the substitute personnel?”

“I can’t find them. Lourdes had a business to take care of in the first place, so he took a day off, and I had reached out to others, but they did not reply.”

Dober-san let out a large sigh and bowed his head to me.

“… I am sorry for the continuous unreasonable requests. All of the kitchen chefs are absent, I would like you to substitute for them, Rosarin-san.”


“… I wonder what will happen with the starving Knights when they find out they have no dinner…”

Dober-san trembled. I have a premonition of a great disaster. I certainly might be an asset for paperwork, but that’s not the most important. I will have to give them a favor.

“I understand. I don’t know how much I can do, but I will do my best!”




The Knights Order’s kitchen was huge. I have also never cooked for this many people before…
Moreover, this Grandpa Mitt had left things unfinished, a large number of peeled carrots, onions, potatoes… and this must be Orc meat?
I didn’t have time, so after I asked Sui to bring me seasonings from home and prepared to start working, I was stopped.

“This here.”

Rudolf-san handed me a white, frilly apron. The chef should have been a man, no? Why? While I was curious about the apron’s origins, I had no time to spare so I resumed cooking.

I had Haru wash the vegetables clean and cut it, and asked Kou to start the fire.
I often ask Haru for his help, so he’s already used to it. He’s able to wash and cut veggies at a magnificent speed. I wonder if it’s only my Haru that can cut veggies into shape with magic…

Kou’s control of the fire’s heat is wonderful. Unlike the magic-remodeled kitchen at home, the stove here is the old type.

The strong and dexterous Haku was carrying the tableware. It’s a counter-type kitchen, so I intend on placing food on for people lined up with plates and trays.
He also rearranged chairs and tables for easier passage. He’s a very capable child. I am going to pat him later.




It was tiring. It was my first time cooking this much food, after all… I am dead tired, but the battle starts from here!

“I am starving~”

“Huh? Rosarin-chan?”

The Knights who finished their work earlier arrived.

“Put a fork on the tray at the entrance and take one plate from right to left. ”


“Heh~ what a strange thing.”

So far so good. The hungry Knights obediently followed my instructions.

“Serve the main dish and soup yourselves please. The garnish sunk to the bottom of the soup, so stir it before serving first.”


“It’s rice. How unusual for it to be white.”

Rice does exist in Christia. However, there are many paella-like dishes or it’s usually used in soups. Rice is seldom eaten on its own. It’s normal at our home, though.

Now then, the first unit of Knights had started eating.

“Let’s eat.”

“What the hell is this! It’s super good!”

“The meat is… deliciouuuus!”

“Ah, feel free to help yourselves with another serving of rice. It’s really tasty when you eat rice and meat together.”

“Rice and meat is super good!”


By the way, the menu is meat and potato stew and spinach(-like vegetable), boiled greens in soy sauce, cabbage and plenty of fried pork. The ingredients are normal, but you know? Hunger is the best spice. Everyone finds it tasty.

“Moreover, home cooking of a cute girl…”

“Today is a good day… moreover, a newly-wed wife apron, huh…”

Yep… Knights get happy even from the little things, huh! I don’t want to retort that I am too young to be newly-wed wife!

“Rosarin-chan is so cute and cooks so well, she will surely become a good wife. She will definitely grow into beauty in a little bit. She’s kind, good girl.”

Haku was in charge of the cafeteria, so he was talking to the smiling Knights. He probably wanted to praise me. Stop boasting about me please, it’s embarrassing.

“Shit! I am so jealous of Dirk!”

“A young wife, huh…”

“Moreover, she cooks well and is madly in love…”

“I am so jealous and envious of Dirk!”

“You are all charming people, so you will surely find yourselves cute girlfriends.”

I did not serve any alcohol, but everyone acted as if drunk.

“Rosarin-chan, won’t you dump Dirk and date me instead?”

“Ah, you-! That’s not fai- “What about my precious finacée?”

The temperature had instantly fallen. I, I have goosebumps! The bloodthirst, anger, and cold is too fierce! I spoke to Dirk in panic.

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