Chapter 102.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Blissful lunchtime.
Now then, it’s the established lunchbox time.

“This is yummy… Rosarin, what is this?”

“You have a discerning eye, Aldin-sama. That is grilled Hundredth Million Buffalo meat.”

“””… Wha?””

The Knights, except Curtis, froze in place.

“Rosarin, say it once again.”

“It’s grilled Hundredth Million Buffalo meat. It’s unthinkably tasty. I encountered it by a chance when going hunting yesterday. I was lucky.”

I was hand-clawed by Adeil-san.

“You senseless lass! In which world there is a young lady that makes SS-rank monster into a lunchbox!!”

“Owowow! She’s right here! By the way, today’s centerpiece is Legendia Turtle soup!”

“To think there was SSS-rank too! Where did you hunt it?”

I obediently replied to the exasperated Hugh.

“I went to the Ruins of Cord (the final dungeon). But, I did not go because I wanted to, it’s because of some muscleheaded Head Maid’s instructions, a sad attendant of my Father who was also forcibly dragged along and a certain musclehead that even the SS-rank party Free Wind (they got promoted from S) couldn’t obstruct. To be honest, I thought I was going to die a couple of times. Please, savor the flavor. I won’t return there for a while.”

“… Rosarin, you should call me at times like that.”

Dirk was worried. Indeed, if I called Dirk, the experience would be a bit better?

“… I was forcibly dragged along, so that wasn’t possible this time. I will call for you if I can.”

“First of all, I will properly scold Martha and the musclehead.”
“Please do so. Make sure to pay especially good attention to the musclehead.”

“What to say… you have it hard?”

My hardships had been conveyed to Aldin-sama who did not understand well, but he still sympathized with me.

“Ahaha, well it is not that rare, though. I would get suddenly taken for a ☆Let’s make our Master stronger tour… recently, I feel like I can defeat SS-ranks by myself… rather, that meat is from Hundredth Million Buffalo that I defeated on my own.”

“”Just what is your objective?””


The straightforward Adeil-san and Aldin-sama interjected.

“This time wasn’t of my own accord. I can only say that I was dragged into it.”

“Well, it’s tasty so isn’t it all that matters?”

Pitch Dark-sama was refreshingly going at his own pace. I decided to think so too!

“Milfi, this is delicious, I am confident of this one!”

“Mugu! I, I ill eat on my own… delicious”

“Also, this and this are my recommendations.”

Milfi did not want to rebuke me anymore as she decided to enjoy the food.

“D, delicious…”

Is she all right? She has been only saying delicious since a while ago?

“The chefs of the Rosenberg Household seem to be really skilled. This was my first time eating something so delicious. The sweets and tea were also wonderful.”

“Our chefs are indeed talented, but this lunch and sweets were mainly made by me, though.”



Milfi and Aldin-sama were dumbfounded. Alphage-sama continued going at his own pace.

“Are you going to get employed at the castle as a chef if your household collapses?”

“I don’t have any plans on getting my family ruined, but do you do temporary employments?”

“I will send you a contract later.”

“… Do you like pudding that much?”

“No, I liked this time’s lunch as well.”

“Lunchboxes usually mirror the ingredients. With normal ingredients, the taste would be ordinary.”

“No, even the normal ingredients were exquisite today. You have such a talent in cooking it would be regrettable to not hide it.”

“Pardon me, but I am improving my skills every day for a lifetime with Dirk, so I don’t have a single bit of intentions of wasting my talent.”

“… You really are in love, huh.”

Alphage-sama was awed. I puffed my chest with pride and replied.

“Yes! I am in love.”

“There’s not a single part in Rosarin that doesn’t love Dirk, after all…”


“Rosarin, umm, I am happy, but? If you could restrain yourse-… unyaa!?”

“You are saying that while coiling your tail around me, you must be quite happy, no? Husband.”

Playing with the undeniable evidence, I grinned at Dirk.

“Y… yeah.”

I got an affirmation with even his neck turning red! How cute he is! Shit, if only people weren’t here… (voluntary restraint)

“I stand corrected. It’s not a one-way road, you love each other, huh. Somehow, I would also get a cute fiancée… you don’t have a convenient partner for me, do you?”

“I don’t think ‘convenient’ is what you should be looking for.”

“That’s something I would normally be saying.”

Alphage-sama smiled wryly at my interjection.

“I would like a child that is cute, amusing to look at, like a small animal… no one comes to mind?”

“Not in particular.”


“You don’t have to emphasize that, I feel comfortable with you guys here.”

“Indeed… truly…”

The two princes looked on with distant looks. Princes have it difficult, don’t they?




Consuming the lunch, it was dessert time next.

I lined up the pudding and souffle and prepared tea with water I boiled with magic.

“Yummy!! This is… so sweet and mouth-melting… ah! This one is soft and fluffy… all of them are delicious, Rosariiiin!”

“I am glad you like it. Would you like me to pack some for you?”

“We would like some too.”

“Of course. Consider it my thanks for Dirk. It won’t preserve for long, so take two of each.”

“Ham, ham… delicious.”

Aldin-sama ate souffle in a daze. I gave him seconds.

“Rosarin, what about me?”

“I am sending them as provisions to the Knights Order, so participate in the struggle if you want.”

“Got it!”

“It was delicious, Rosarin-chan. Let me change my loya- “Don’t touch me so familiarly. Dirk, I was polluted, disinfect it for me.”

I cut off Hugh. That’s what makes him a playboy. I wiped my kissed hand off with a handkerchief and held out my hand for Dirk to kiss it to overwrite it.

“I’m being treated as a germ!?”

“Because you are making strange passes. It was unthinkably tasty. Thanks.”

I got praised by Adeil-san. He’s so skilled at patting…

“Isn’t the way you treat me and Adeil too different!?”

“”It’s you, so it can’t be helped.””

“So cruel!”

Hugh got teary-eyed because of my and Adeil-san’s synchronization. I don’t hate him, but I am engaged.




Now then, as we parted ways, Milfi called out to me.

“… Could I make those as well? Coud you teach me please?”

“Gladly! I will teach you anytime! What would you like to make?”

“Sweets would be nice.”

“Roger that.”


Thus, I went to work at the Knights Order after making a promise with Milfi.
Today’s lunch was fun.

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