Chapter 102.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Blissful lunchtime.
Now then, the bell for lunch will ring soon.

“Shall we go to meet our brothers?”

“Let’s do that.”

“Oh my, you are eating with Alphage-sama and Rupert-sama today? How rare.”

“Yeah. Elder brother probably wants to eat pudding.”

“… Ehh? Does Alphage-sama like pudding that much? I have promised Niisama to have lunch together.”

“… Pudding?”

Aldin-sama explained to the puzzledly-looking Miss Milfilia.

“It’s a kind of sweets Rosarin made. A charming, sweet dessert.”

“I was making them as a present for the Knights Order so I have made an excess, you are welcome to try it if you want, Miss Milfilia.”

“… W, well, if you want me to eat it that much, then I will give it a try.”

“I really want my beloved Miss Milfilia to try it!”

“… Rosarin, you are really straightforward with those you like without regard for their gender, aren’t you?”

Aldin-sama said with amazement.

“I won’t deny that. I really like Miss Milfilia. I am relatively fond of you as well, Aldin-sama. Enough of a friend to make you your favorite pastry just because you have requested pudding for your Oniisama’s sake.”

“… I see.”

Aldin-sama laughed happily. And so, we, the three students arrived at the classroom. The bell announcing the end of the classes had just rung.

“Do you have business with someone?”

An unfamiliar upperclassman called out to us.

“Yes, I’ve made a promise to eat with my elder br… with Rupert Rosenberg.”

“Eh? You are that little sister!? You certainly are a beauty. Why are you wearing Knight’s uniform?”

I’ve heard some inexcusable word. Niisama, what does he mean by “that”?

“I have temporary employment at the Knights Order in the afternoon, so… umm, do you know of me?”

“Yeah, Rupert-sama and Alphage-sama are always boasting about their younger siblings, so there probably isn’t anyone in the class who doesn’t know you, I think?”

Geezus!! I crumbled down at the spot. Oh no! What are you doing, elder brother! At the very least, do it when you two are alone! For all his classmates to know about us…

“Miss Rosarin!? What is the matter!? Get a grip!”

I recovered a little thanks to the kindhearted Miss Milfilia. Aldin-sama was teary-eyed too.

“… By the way, this is the cute little brother, Aldin-sama.”


“Forgive me, Aldin-sama. I am apparently so cute, so please sacrifice for me.”

Let’s die together. As if I would want all the attention on myself!

“Now then, Aldin-sama! Let’s call your BE-LO-VED elder brother now!”

“Why did you put emphasis on the beloved!?”

“That’s because you have requested your Elder brother’s favorite sweets instead of your own… if you won’t call him, I will do it for you! Alphage-sama! Your cute younger brother has come to see you~!”

“Aldin? I thought it was getting noisy, so you are with Miss Rosarin, huh.”

“Won’t you stop speaking as if my little sister was causing a ruckus? It must have been Aldin-sama being nosy… Miss Milfilia?”

“Long time no see. I have been invited by Miss Rosarin, so I will be having lunch with you today as well.”

“Niisama, Niisama, listen to this! Miss Milfilia said that I am her friend!”

“… I see, I am glad for you.”

With a smile, Niisama patted the head of me, who was happily jumping up and down. Ehehe.

“… How about that, she’s cute, right?”

“… Kuh, not bad.”

“”Enough of that please.”

I feel some warm and fluffy gazes coming from the classroom. I was embarrassed that I showed such childish movements like jumping up and down in excitement, so I quickly hid behind Miss Milfilia.

“Miss Rosarin?”

“I am too embarrassed because of our older brothers.”

“… About what?”

When I explained about yesterday’s overdoting brothers confrontation, Miss Milfilia directed her sharp gaze at our brothers.

“… I don’t understand the meaning of the confrontation. Both are very adorable. Isn’t that just fine? Moreover, I understand that you find your siblings cute, but you have a poor taste for singing their praises in public. I will accompany you for lunch. Let us go, Rosarin. Well then, farewell.”

Miss Milfilia did a swift and elegant curtsy and nonchalantly led me by hand. Moreover, she addressed me without honorifics for the first time!

“I will follow you even to the end of the world. I love you, Milfilia-chan!”

“… Milfi is fine. I will also call you Rosary.”

“Yeah! I love you, Milfi!”


My, I am truly in a bliss! Banzai for friends! Moreover, Milfi was so cool!

“Wha, wait, Rosarin!”

“I am going too!”

I laughed with Milfi at the flustered boys.




Now then, it was lunchtime at the school’s garden. We had this number of people, so I prepared a large picnic blanket.

“… Umm, it doesn’t seem to fit the bag’s size, though.”

“It’s a high-capacity bag I got from the Adventurer purveyor. I am also able to use time-suspending magic, so the lunchboxes are fresh.”

And so, I lined up a large number of lunchboxes. I made too much~

“A, are we going to eat all that?”

“It’s fine~ Right, Curtis? Adeil and Hugh are naturally going to eat as well, no?”

“Eh? I can eat too? Yay! I’m going to eat, I’m going to eat!”

“… Is that all right, Master?”

Adeil and Hugh properly checked with Aldin-sama. Of course, there was no reason for Aldin-sama to refuse.

“Yeah. I don’t mind. It’s my first time eating with so many people.”

“Curtis, you more or less ought to formally confirm with me first.”

“Ah, yeah. Sorry.”

You take it so easy, Curtis! A, are they doing good…

“Erm, somehow, I apologize for Curtis.”

“Ah, I don’t really mind. When on official business, he unexpectedly acts properly. You don’t need to worry.”

Is that so? How unexpected.

“Rosarin, I might be stupid, but I know how to act when it counts, you know? I can keep living thanks to you, so I won’t do anything to trouble you.”

“I see. I am relieved to hear that.”

“Yeah. And so, can I dig in?”

A hungry puppy… or not, Curtis couldn’t wait to eat.

“Can’t be helped…”

When I was about to say that he has to express his gratitude before eating, I heard a wonderful voice.

“Sorry, I got delayed.”

“No, I don’t mind. Sorry for calling you so suddenly. Miss Rosarin, This is my apology to you for before.”

Malicious-sama… no, it’s Pitch Dark-sama recently. Pitch Dark-sama grinned broadly.

“Thank you very much. I will accept without reservation. Dirk, come. You look wonderful today too. Moreover, you are in the uniform again… good job, Alphage-sama! Bravo, Alphage-sama!! Why don’t you take some pudding back with you!!”

“You really like Dirk, don’t you~ This can be considered cheap for me, though. And I will gratefully accept the pudding.”

Alphage-sama withdrew because of my tension.

“… Am I a tribute?”

“Ah~ well, it’s the consequences of love?”

I am the reason you got called in your uniform, sorry.

“I also wanted to have lunch with you, so it’s fine.”

With an understanding, Dirk placed me onto his lap. Niisama on my right, Milfi on my left, Dirk behind me… what a bliss.

“Dirk, Dirk, I have become friends with Milfi… with Miss Milfilia, moreover, she told me it’s okay to call her Milfi!”

Dirk smiled at me gently and patted me.

“Fufu, you must have been really delighted. You have been saying that you wanted to become friends with Miss Milfilia all the time. Miss Milfilia, my fianceé might cause you trouble, but I would be happy if you could become good friends.”

“Miss Rosarin is already my friend. As for the trouble, I got helped by her today. I believe that friends should help each other. There’s no need to ask me of that.”

“You found a good friend, didn’t you?”


“By the way, by being helped you mean… you did not do anything dangerous, did you?”

I promptly averted my gaze. I, it’s wasn’t dangerous… was it?

“I got attacked by Beastmen classmates during the lesson, but she gallantly intervened to save me.”

“Rosarin, report.”


Cold was escaping from Elder brother…! I explained but got scolded. I, I did nothing wrong! Milfi covered for me. Friends are a wonderful thing!

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