Chapter 101

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Lunch Invitation.
Our class was over before the end of the day bell rung.

“Miss Rosarin, what are you doing for lunch? If, if you really want to go together that much, I won’t mind accompanying you.”

“I really want us to go together, no matter what! Thank you very much! I love you so much, Miss Milfilia!!”

An indirect invitation from Miss Milfilia! I clasped both of her hands as I begged her.

“Love is unrelated here, isn’t it! Ugh… with a stubborn opponent like you, I can only yield. I, I do consider you my f, friend, after all.”

“Kyaaaaa!? Hey! What’s up with that strength!? Stop iiiit!!”

“Yafuuuu!! Aldin-sama, Aldin-sama, did you hear that? Miss Milfilia has finally, finally recognized me as a friend!!”

“Ah~ yeah. I am glad for you. Miss Milfilia is going to faint though, so stop it, alright?”

“Wha! Who would do such a horrible thing to her!”


Luckily, Miss Milfilia recovered quickly.

“Pardon me, I was too happy.”

“It can’t be helped then.”

Miss Milfilia smiled wryly. She’s so kind! I am in bliss.

“I’d like to join you guys too, but.”

“I do owe you pudding, after all. Ah, I made souffle as a service too. You enjoyed it the last time, no?”

“… Yeah.”

“You don’t mind, Miss Milfilia. Do you?”

“… You normally wouldn’t reject His Highness’ invitation, you know?”

I averted my gaze. I have a clue.


“… Rosarin would reject if she had spare time to work. She would also mercilessly reject if she finds the other person bothersome.”

“… It’s Miss Rosarin, after all…”

“Wait! What did you mean by that, Miss Milfilia!?”

“I meant what I meant.”

That’s why I am asking what you meant!? Aldin-sama, don’t nod there! While quarreling with Aldin-sama, Rabisha-chan came over and spoke to me.

“Ojousama, I will eat together with Pochi and Nex, so we will see you back in the mansion~”

“See you later, Oneechan.”

“Eh? Why?”

Rabisha-chan explained with an exhausted expression.

“Ojousama, I am a servant. I may receive a delicious lunchbox made by Ojousama every day, but I am your personal maid. Normally, servants can’t eat together with their masters.”

“Your real intentions?”

“Eating with the prince and a Duke’s daughter, I won’t be able to savor Ojousama’s lunchbox because of nervousness. Moreover, you made a special for me today! I want to savor the taste in harmony.”

“Honesty is good. You may go.”


Rabisha-chan and Pochi ran away. Oy! Pochi can’t keep up! I think I will have to check whether Pochi has any injuries when I return.

“… I don’t know where I should interject.”


The prince and Duke’s daughter were looking at me with expressions that were giving up on me, but I did not notice.

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