Chapter 100

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Teacher, student, and boss.
I don’t have to attend lessons, but I occasionally attend them in order to mingle with my classmates (mainly Miss Milifilia). My seat is next to Miss Milifia’s! Yay!

The bell rung and my class’ homeroom teacher, Mireille, came. She’s timid as usual, will she be all right?




Just as I thought, the class became chaotic. It’s classroom chaos. I understand. Moreover, humans have trouble catching Beastmen children. On top of that, teacher Mireille is a woman who doesn’t seem experienced in this matter.

“Stop it already! This is a place to take lessons! If you don’t want to learn, then leave!”

Not being able to bear it, Miss Milfilia shouted. It was a sound argument, but a larger-bodied Tiger Beastman and a Wolf Beastman reacted.

“A weak human like you has no right to order us around!”

The Wolf and Tiger Beastmen assaulted Miss Milfilia. I slipped between the three, chopped at the Beastified Wolf Beastman’s nose and slapped his head against the ground.
Then, I stepped aside and slapped the Tiger Beastman. It wasn’t an ordinary slap, but a slap strengthened by magical power. The Tiger Beastman fell to the ground while rotating around.

“Miss Milfilia, are you injured?”

“I, I am not.”

“… Good.”

After I smiled at Miss Milfilia, I approached teacher Mireille, ignoring the foolish people on the ground.

“Teacher Mireille.”

“Y, yes?”

“I think you are incredible. Women taking up employment that is not considered their family’s business in the current male-dominated society is very difficult. I know that you have made many preparations for the lessons.”


“You mustn’t cry. You have to properly let the Beastmen know the pecking order. Even if you are a woman, you have to stand strong as a teacher. I will cast a spell on you.”

Using my toiletry, I gave teacher Mireille a makeover. Natural, more slanted-eyed than usual… I made her look a little more strong-willed. Then, I handed teacher Mireille a hand-mirror.

“Take a look.”

“Is this… me?”

“Make-up is a woman’s warpaint. Don’t you think it’s just perfect to be considered a magic spell? How is it? Can you do the teaching?”

“… Yes! Everyone, take your seats!”

Teacher Mireille started speaking briskly beyond recognition. Was the good luck charm too effective? O, oh, well.

Come to think of it, the Beastmen I slapped down are… oh my? Their state… the Wolf and Tiger Beastmen’s eyes are… sparkling?

“”Please forgive us, Big Sis!! We will listen to the lesson earnestly!!””

As soon as they spoke, the two cleaned up their desks, wiped the floor that was stained with their nosebleeds, and concentrated on the lesson while rebuking those who were previously making mess with them.

“Big Sis wishes to take the lesson!”

“Everyone, listen to what the teacher says!”

No, wait. Wait a moment. Who is this Big Sis? Then, I felt someone pulling on my sleeve. It was Rabisha-chan.

“Those two are this school’s leading figures among the Beastmen. You have made them totally submissive to you. As expected of my Master. A splendid ability.”

“N, no waaaay!?”

“Umm, sorry, because of me…”

“No, this is not your fault, Miss Milfilia, but I don’t want to be the Big Siiiis!!”

“Rosarin-san, be quiet in the class.”

“Ah, pardon me.”

Thus, teacher Mireille has become able to hold lessons properly, and her timid attitude vanished. According to Rabisha-chan, because I apologized when cautioned, they recognized Teacher as someone above me, so it turned out for the better.

With this time’s accident, I have become recognized as a super scary lady among the nobles, and boss among the Beastmen.

Rosarin, 7 years old. When I helped my friend, I managed to subordinate the Beastmen of the same grade.


How did it turn out like this!?

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