Chapter 99

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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In the school after a while and the substitute lecturer.
As promised to Prince Aldin, I brought him pudding to school. There’s a magic basics lesson today, so I will be taking it this morning and have lunch with Elder brother in the noon. I’m working at the Knights Order in the afternoon. Since I’m planning on working at the Knights Order today, I was wearing the Knight uniform as always.
By the way, Elder brother told me that he won’t be attending a lesson just to have lunch with me.

“Good morning.”

When I entered the classroom after a while… oh my?

“Good morning, Rosarin-sama.”

“Long time no see, Rosarin-sama. Do you still remember me?”

The number of classmates increased. Why?? As I was flustered not knowing what to do, a familiar beauty came out of the encirclement of people.

“Miss Rosarin, I have something to talk to you about. Can you come with me?”

“Yes, gladly!”

To be invited by Miss Milfilia, today will be a wonderful day. However, Miss Milfilia seemed to be a bit tired, no? Is it just my imagination?
We left the school building and went to the rear garden, where Miss Milfilia let out a big sigh.

“Hah~ you were of great help… how troublesome things got.”

“The number of classmates, or rather nobles, in particular, had increased, right? I think.”

I have no confidence since I don’t visit the school often, but there were noble sons and daughters I have seen before that weren’t my classmates previously, so the number of desks also probably increased.

“… I am reluctant to accept it, but it’s most likely because of us and the princes.”


Two daughters of the Ducal family and two princes. They would surely want to approach us. Did they change schools just because of that?
Both I and Miss Milfilia aren’t here that often, so the only one they can approach is only Prince Aldin. According to Elder brother, Prince Alphage also works at the castle most of the time, so he comes here only rarely.

“… Let’s stay here as long as possible. You also hate trouble, right?”

“Correct. I would like to hear about your stay at the Magic Institute, Miss Milfilia.”

“Why would I… can’t be helped, I was the one to invite you, after all.”

Miss Milfilia’s story was quite amusing, and the bell rang in no time.

“Tell me about your stay in the Knights Order the next time.”


After being healed by Miss Milfilia, we went to the classroom. Tsundere beauties are wonderful. When I nonchalantly grasped her hand, she squeezed me back after making a startled face.

I will say it again because it’s important. Tsundere beauties are wonderful!!




Now then, it’s magic basics class. Sage Grandpa is apparently the lecturer for the first time today. I can only have a bad feeling. The magicology teacher seemed to be excited too, but will this be fine…

“Rosarin-san, this is…”

My homeroom teacher Mireille handed me a letter. The quirky handwriting I recognized was addressed to me. When I looked at the contents of the envelope, there were only a few words.

(I leave it to you.)

I tore the letter up on an impulse, and spoke to teacher Mireille with a cramping smile.

“Who gave you this letter?”

“Sage-sama’s familiar…”

I was troubled. That arsehole boycotted his first lecture, I am definitely going to tattle on him to his wife! Anger burnt within me. The ringing bell was heartless and I went up on the podium, giving up.

“That shitty Sage geeze… Sage-sama had an urgent business to take care of, so I will be serving as his substitute today. I am, more or less, Sage-sam’s pupil, so… I don’t think there should be a problem.”

I shut up the noisy crowd with bloodthirst. I also don’t want to do it, okay? Everyone, be quiet and listen.

“Today, we will be going over the basics of the magic basics, magical power control. Everyone, what do you think magical power is?”

“… Something that can’t be seen?”

“Something the Beastmen don’t have?”


The opinions sporadically arose.

“No. There are cases where it is visible, and it exists in every living being. There’s a difference in quantity, but there cannot be none at all.”

I created a lump of magical power in the shape of a ball on my palm.

“Beastmen use their magical power for the Beastification, so their magical power can be considered weak, but Beastmen who are capable of perfect Beastification possess a considerably high amount of magical power.”

Pochi raised his hand.

“Oneechan, will I stay in my beast form forever then? Can’t I turn myself to look more human-ish?”

“I wonder? Let me see…”

His activated magical power was constantly going around his body. I will change its direction.

“Here, a mirror.”

“Wow, I am a human!”

Pochi’s animal face turned into a cute human face with dog ears. The surroundings got noisy.

“Beastmen possess magical power that is specialized in strengthening their bodies. When capable of controlling the magical power, partial enhancement of body parts would be also possible.”

When I said so, the Beastmen who gave up hope seemed to become more motivated after understanding that they can do it too.

“Well then, please imagine the blood in your body flowing through the heart. Then, grasp the sensation that is going around with both of your hands… imagine gathering the warmth, the blood with one of your hands. People who could feel the warmth on their palms, please raise your hands. People who didn’t feel the warmth, try imagining that warmth getting round. I will assist those who can’t feel the warmth.”

The eight of the class raised their hands. They were able to control their magical power skillfully. There are students among the nobles who are already using magic, so nearly all of the nobles could do it. The control is a difficult task for the Beastmen. They thought they can’t do it up until now, so they have the wrong impressions… oy, Rabisha-chan is doing it perfectly. She knows how to use magical power… no, is this ‘shake hand’ magical power? Martha has apparently taught her this.

I gathered magical power on my palm and let those who couldn’t grasp it on their own to understand the sensation. If they still didn’t understand, I split off a little bit of my magical power and stimulated theirs. When everyone was able to control their magical power, the lesson came to an end.

“Now that you are able to control magical power, strengthening your body parts will be also possible, but you are going to make many mistakes before you get used to it. For example, if you strengthen your legs while running, you may end up springing into the air. By strengthening your hands, you may break the walls but you can also break your weapons.”

Prince Aldin raised his hand.

“… You are awfully concrete, is this from your experience?”

“… It was a youthful impetuosity.”

I averted my gaze. It was a real experience. I failed time and time again.

“You are young even now, no?”

“It was a figure of speech. Anyhow! Body strengthening is dangerous when not accustomed to it, so please practice only with a teacher by your side. The lesson ends here.”

I bowed my head and returned to my seat. Someone came to my seat. It was the magicology lecturer. I don’t know his name, but I remember him from the body measurement time, when I declined his invitation to the Magic Institute.

“Thaat waaas wonderfuuul!!”


Both me and the surroundings were startled. What was? Teacher, calm down.

“To teach each and every one of the students magical power control, that’s way too incredible!! Please, by all means, teach the other classes t- “I refuse.”

I smiled.

“I did this only because Sage-sama had an urgent business to take care of today. However, Sage-sama would be able of even more wonderful lectures than a fledgling like me. I will drag him here even if I have to tie a rope around his neck, so let’s hear Sage-sama’s lecture the next time.”


My real intentions appeared in the second half. Not good, not good.

“No, I said that I will definitely have him come the next time.”

“I see.”

It was quite forcibly, but the teacher did consent in the end. First of all, I sent a letter to Sage-sama’s wife.

(Hello, it’s Rosarin.
I am terribly sorry to disturb you while you are busy, but Sage-sama was supposed to hold a lecture at my school today, however, he stood us up and handed his responsibility to me.
Please, punish him.
Anyhow, I raised the hurdle, so please tell him to hold a proper lecture the next time.)

And so, later on, I was pressed by the magicology lecturer to write a thesis because it wasn’t known that Beastmen had any magical power whatsoever, so I desperately refused and dumped it all on Sage Grandpa.

This is exactly what retribution looks like.

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