Chapter 112.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The promised reward.
As promised at the athletic festival, I went on date with Dirk to Miss Butterfly’s store again. Dirk gave me the reservation as a reward too.

When I opened the store’s door, I was welcomed by a hard chest. Miss Butterfly was unexpectedly masculine. It was solid hard. My nose was smashed. Ouch. And I can’t breathe!

“I was waiting for you, Ojousama! To think you would want to come to us for your reward! N~ geez, I will service you, alright!”

“Get away from her, please!”

Dirk rescued me. I thought I was going to suffocate.

“Cough… long time no see, Miss Butterfly. We came again.”

“Ufufu, how lovely you are!”

“May I bring a friend… no, my best friend! Next time with me?”

“Oh myan, a boy?”

“No, a super-adorable girl.”

“Oh my, sure you can!”

“You mean Miss Milfilia?”

“Yes. Drinking tea while dressed in cute outfits… sounds nice, doesn’t it!”

“I am glad you could become close.”


This time’s visit was my reward, so I chose Dirk’s and my clothes on my own.

“Miss Butterfly… do you have any lovely, and thrilling clothes?”

“… How aggressive~ how about these?”

“How lovely. These clothes are the fundamentals of cosplay. Moreover… as expected of you, Miss Butterfly! That was a perfect choice! It exactly what I had in mind! I am going to bewitch my darling with these!”

“Oh myan, do your best~”

We passionately shook hands with each other.

“… What did she chose… I can only feel uneasy.”

“… You have it hard too, huh.”

Dirk and Fuku were having such a conversation, but I ignored that and promptly chose Dirk’s clothes and urged him to change.

“… A suit? Got it. I will wear it.”

“Then, shall I do your hair too? Come here.”

“Ojousama, you come with me~”

Now then, let’s change.




My make-up, outfit, and hair were perfect! And now, let’s go! Dirk was already done as I thought and was waiting for me in the room.


Nyaaaaaaaa!? His forelocks are raised! So cool! I put great effort into stopping my mimetic muscles for raising while thinking that. While he was quietly sitting, I kneeled before him and tilted my head.

“… Have you called for me, Master?”

The bell on my neck rang. What I was wearing was a choker with a bell, cat ears and tail, while wearing a maid mini-skirt. Moreover, my chest area was somewhat open, so I caught him stealing glances. Moreover, my mini-skirt was fully loaded with knee-height stockings and a garter belt!!
Should I say meow here or something? When I looked at Dirk to see his reaction, he was curled up on the sofa. You are ruining your handsomeness, Mr. Dirk. What’s the matter?


“Rosarin, what do you want to do to me!?”

“I want to bewitch you.”

“……… Bewitch?”

“I want to bewitch and grin at you.”

“Don’t play with your lover!”

“No way… I thought I could make you happy.”

When I hung my head down despondently, Dirk panicked.

“No, umm… you look cute. How do I say this… very…”

“I aimed for cute on purpose!”

“It’s way too fitting on you!”

Dirk agreed with me who puffed out my chest proudly. All according to plan! Miss Butterfly who erased her presence in the corner of the room exploded in laughter.

“Ahahahahahaha! Y, you guys are too amusing! There’s more that comes with the maid clothes, so wait… fu, fuhaha… hihi~ I laughed so much…”

“Thank you for your praise.”

“Eh? Wasn’t she secretly making fun of us?”

No, being called amusing is words of praise. To a person from the Kansai region. Rin might be from the Kanto region, but being called amusing is better than being called boring.

“Ah~ haah… let me explain. With maid clothes, you can cook in the kitchen. The cost of the ingredients is additional fees, though. They are additional fees, but receiving cooking instructions from us is possible.”

“Ohh… how about a meat pie! Is it possible to blend tea as well?”

“… Ojousama, you are a noble, aren’t you?”

“I am a Duke’s daughter, yes.”

“Du-du-duke’s daughter?”

“Yes. Why are you stammering?”

“Eeeeeeh!? Did I commit a Lèse-majesté!? Am I going to be hung!?”

“You won’t, you won’t. It would be different if this was official business, but I did not particularly come here as the Duke’s daughter. My darling is also a noble, you know?”

“I, is that so…”

“I am poor with the formal stuff, so don’t mind it please. Please continue treating me as an amusing Ojousama.”

“Puh, got it! Let’s keep getting along from here on out, Ojousama. Now, let me guide you to the kitchen. Mr. Darling, please wait here.”

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