Chapter 112.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The promised reward.
“Ohh, you have some unusual ingredients here.”

“That is the selling point! If you don’t know their source, you will be able to deal with it even if you are shitty at cooking, after all.”

“Fuooh… that is wonderful. What a calculated business you run.”

Now then, I made up my mind to make a meat pie.

“Eh? Meat?”

“It is a meat pie, after all.”

Let’s make cream puffs too. I want to eat them. I set out to make the pie dough and cream.

“Is that tasty?”

“Try it.”

I placed custard cream on a small plate.

“Yummy! Ojousama, won’t you sell that recipe to us!?”


“It will sell! This will definitely sell! Its other applications too!”

“Custard pie is delicious too. I can’t forget about cream-filled rolls either.”

“Tell me!”

I decided to give her my recipes later. To shorten the time, I baked the pie with magic. Sage would look at me with dead eyes, but it’s super convenient. You can make jam or cook stews in no time using this method, and the finished product will look exactly as you imagined.

“This meat pie looks delicious…”

“I will give you a slice.”

“Amazing! The hell is this, it’s super delicious!”


It’s a normal meat pie, though. Does she find it delicious because it’s freshly baked? Rather, Miss Butterfly, yo. You are becoming manly. It appears that my dishes have feminity-peeling effects… that can’t be true. I ended up thinking something ridiculous.

“I would like my darling to eat while it’s warm, so I will be excusing myself here.”

I placed a tea blend and the cream puffs on a tray.



Fuku-kun stood in the corner of the kitchen. He was staring at me.



I was being stared at. It was my loss.

“Have some, if you’d like.”

“Thanks~ Tasty! The hell is this!”

“It’s a meat pie. The sweet ones are cream puffs.”

Fuku-kun was eating in silence, so I decided to go to Dirk’s place.




“Master, I have brought you tea and food.”

I kneeled in front of Dirk and sliced the meat pie.

“It looks delicious.”

“Fufu, I made it with love, after all. Master, say ahh~”

I sat on Dirk’s lap and fed him.

“… Delicious.”

“Fufu, eats lots, okay? Once you have eaten… please pamper me… Master.”

I whispered next to his ear. My voice sounded sweeter than I thought.

“… I am going to have a nosebleed, though.”

“Yes, did you affected a little by my sex appeal?”

“Far from little, I got affected so much my head feels dizzy… geez.”

“Since I am wearing cat ears, should I meow for you or something? Will you pat me?”



I called out to the stiffened, pondering Dirk.

“My instincts and reasoning are currently in the midst of a battle, so wait for a moment.”

“… Meow… Master, I want you to pat meow… I want to get caressed meow.”

I spoiledly rubbed against Dirk. While thinking that I am in bliss, Dirk hugged me tightly.


Just now, he nonchalantly caressed my thighs! Not good! Did I overdo it!?

“So cute… so unthinkably adorable… so cute it’s making me insane! Geez, what’s wrong with you!?”

It seems that Dirk’s reasoning has lost the battle. I explained with a wry smile.

“No, you see. This is that kind of role play. You carry out the role of the clothes you are wearing. I am your kitten maid, so I wanna get spoiled silly by you, the Master. I don’t usually get to act this spoiled, you know? Only now… spoil me… my beloved Master…”


“My kitten?”


“Only now… my very own…”


Dirk closed his eyes, opened them again and smiled tenderly.

“… My cute kitten.”


He caressed my neck. I closed my eyes because it felt ticklish.

“Here, eat up. I have to give my cute kitten a snack.”

Dirk was in high spirits. I ate the cream puff from Dirk’s hand, but a little got stuck on my mouth.

“Oh my, looks like a bit got stuck here.”


H, he licked me! He licked my lips… and cheek!”

“Fufu… how cute. Enough to make me want to eat you.”

He wafted with sex appeal. My movements stopped just from his gaze. My heart is having a really hard time!

“Di… nu.”

“You are currently… my kitten, right? Let your Master fawn over you.”

Cutting my words short with a kiss, I was told to continue the play, so I did.

“Yes, Master… love me lots and lots, okay?”

It was embarrassing, but being spoiled and pampered so much made me feel happy. However, the cosplay magic got canceled with a change of clothes.






“… Err, what’s wrong with you guys?”

I wasn’t able to look into Dirk’s eyes and he wasn’t able to look into mine. Right now, our hearts were one.




I overdid it!




Oh geez, I am too ashamed to make advances now! Who was it, who was the one that mewoed! It was me! (offender angry with the victim)
I am dying from embarrassment! Dying from embarrassment! So I was a spoilt child, huh? Nono, I wouldn’t be able to do that while sober! Cosplay is terrifying!

“Sorry, I got too caught up in the cosplay… now that I returned to reality, I feel like dying from shame when looking into your eyes, Darling.”

“Call it being young or something…”

“My youth has retired. I overdid it.”

“… But, you were so cute, so I don’t regret it. Rather, I am completely satisfied.”

No, I am completely satisfied too, but… that’s… but, if Dirk’s happy, then I might be fine with it… it’s fine, no? I pulled on Dirk’s sleeve.

“… Let’s come again.”

“Yeah. Let’s choose the clothes together the next time.”


We finally laughed. Miss Butterfly who was looking at us warmly noticed our rings.

“Oh my? You guys are wearing rings on your ring fingers. They are of matching design too…”

We are engaged, so I had the same merchant make Dirk’s ring too. Dirk’s is much simpler than mine, but the blue gem and the Riccar flower design is the same.

“Ah, that’s a foreign country’s custom.”

I explained about the Beneficiary’s custom of exchanging engagement rings.

“This will sell! This will be popular! Rather, I will make it popular!”

And, several years later, exchanging engagement rings truly became the custom of Christia, but that’s a different story.

“Ah, these are the meat pie and cream puffs recipes. Things like the correct heat levels for the pie might be difficult to grasp.”

“Well, I will do something about that. What about the payment…”

“Ah, how about the next time we come- “No way!”

I was super scolded by Miss Butterfly. She was happy about the trust, articles like these apparently require proper compensation, which these recipes were deserving of. I was persuaded that merchants who don’t value their business partners won’t be able to enjoy future relationships with them, so I received a considerable amount.

“Eh, this much?”

“It’s a justifiable compensation! Best regards in the future.”

Thus, receiving a reward from Dirk, I returned home with great satisfaction.
It’s just I was writhing each time I recalled the embarrassing things we did, so I was looked at with tepid eyes by my family and spirits for a while.

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