Chapter 79.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Central Alliance (2)

“It’s my turn!! It’s okay, Father, I’ll go for a little to get a little pet. Open, door to the Treasury!! Let’s equip Master for heavy combat and I will go out in the Mk.1 equipped with a 32mm machine gun.”

“Awright, leave it to me!!! Let’s go lizard hunting.”

Apparently, the monsters that emerged from the Stampede ended up escaping beyond the borders, leading to a decrease in monsters in their territory, causing hunger among the top predators—meaning they flew towards here. Alright, let’s make them our new pets.

For now, the single-seat Mk.1 only has a machine gun, so let’s equip it with a cannon underneath to increase its firepower. I am fully prepared this time, so there shouldn’t be any problems. Besides, in times of need, we have Father, the strongest former adventurer, here. He must have brought his equipment with him, so we’ll ask for his help if things get dangerous.

“… Are you sure about this? Well, we have no military equipment to counter a Flame Dragon, so can we rely on you?”

“I would hope to get paid handsomely, but we’re part of the alliance’s security now, so it can’t be helped. Besides, it’ll be just right to show off Arland’s military strength. It would’ve been more fun if it was an Ancient Dragon, though.”

We finished equipping in just about 30 minutes and set off. Our target: Flame Dragon. But there were about a hundred wyverns around. Mr. Coote can’t fly, and while other magic beasts in the pack can, taking on wyverns alone would be impossible. So, this time, they’ll stay put. Anyway, except for Mr. Coote, I didn’t bring others along because I had them stay behind to provide subtle protection for Mother.

(Who dares to violate my skies‼)

Oh my, this Flame Dragon seems to have intelligence. That means it is an Ancient Dragon. Ordinary elemental dragons don’t have much intelligence and can’t even use telepathy.

(Today, I’ll give you the choice to either become my pet or become a part of my new airship. I’m in a bad mood today.)

If someone ruins such a day for me, my enjoyable vacation will be ruined. If you’re going to interfere, you’ll be annihilated‼ And this time, Father is fully prepared, so the Flame Dragon doesn’t scare me at all‼

(Oh? To take such an attitude towards me, there’s something noteworthy about this young lady. But what can you do with such fragile form‼)

At that moment, the wyverns around the Flame Dragon suddenly began to fall. No, Father was batting iron balls with his war hammer. One by one, the wyverns fell as if they were being bombarded, reducing their numbers. On the ground, Master was using improvised fixed cannons made from repurposed spare barrels from the Spider to shoot down any wyverns still alive after falling from the sky. I could hear his laughter… I must have forgotten to close the gate, and he took whatever he found inside to assemble them. Those are mine‼

(If you swear to serve me obediently, I’ll spare your life. The one below is my Father, a formidable former adventurer who hunted Divine Dragons, you know? You stand no chance against him.)

(What‼ The one below killed a Divine Dragon‼ I’ll turn you into ashes, you insect‼)

The Flame Dragon was furious. However, the Divine Dragon was only slain because it had caused too much harm to humans and deserved to be exterminated. Its pride as the strongest dragon led it to act recklessly.

Two hours later, the Flame Dragon was bowing its head before me on the ground. Yes, I emerged victorious, and I succeeded in making the Flame Dragon my subordinate. At my feet was Mr. Coote, switching from his scary puppy mode to his smug face. The Ostland side was speechless.


(… M-Milady… I swear loyalty to you… Please, spare my life… sob…)

“Very well, understood. And since you’re becoming my pet, get along with your colleagues. Also, I forbid you from harming anyone without my permission. However, self-defense is permitted.”

The battle ended quickly. Firstly, the Flame Dragon couldn’t hit me because my speed far surpassed its attacks. I calmly avoided its enraged breath while darting around, and by targeting its vulnerable wing membranes with my machine guns and cannons, I shredded its wings, causing it to crash to the ground. And waiting on the ground was Father, who had taken care of all the wyverns.

The Flame Dragon still resisted. However, it couldn’t retaliate in the face of attacks from above and below. Its scales were mostly blown away, and its limbs were crushed by Father, eventually leading to it begging for mercy.

“Yay, I’ve got a new pet!”

For now, it seems the tattered wings and shattered scales will heal on their own over time, so I used magic to treat the wounds. Just then, Alicia walked over from the gate of the Capital.

“……… Princess?”

“Alicia!! Look, I got a new pet! It’s a cool Flame Dragon, and now I’m officially a Dragon Tamer!”

“……… Oh dear God, what have I done… How did it come to this… Your Majesty, help me~~!!”

Ignoring Alicia’s protests, I finalize the contract and gave it the name Helios, taken from the Sun God. Then, the Flame Dragon transformed into a humanoid form!! Why?

“Hmm, it seems that with the information from the Lord’s magic power, I am now capable of shapeshifting. Similar to those Beastmen over there. It’s surprising that I was able to take on a humanoid form, but I’ve heard from my brethren that when a dragon forms a contract, we can take on humanoid forms, so it’s not that strange.”

The Flame Dragon became a boy of around 15 years of age. Though he was naked. In an instant, my view is blocked by Alicia, and the Flame Dragon got beat up by Father again.


“Don’t go showing my daughter weird stuuuuuuuuuuuuff.”

After that outburst, things quickly returned to normal, and the signing ceremony resumed without anyone complaining. In fact, the ceremony went smoothly and even turned into a festive celebration.

The Flame Dragon was sent to the airship’s infirmary, though.

“I’m glad I didn’t turn into a humanoid.”

As Helios was carried away on a stretcher with a white sheet draped over him, Mr. Coote muttered as if watching a corpse being carried away, but no one else heard him except for me.

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