Chapter 79.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Central Alliance (2)
On that day, Ostland was bustling with activity. This was due to the national anticipation for the future, as reconstruction was proceeding without any significant issues, and also because of the brisk business generated by the special demand.

In this world, the fall of the Capital city implies the extinction of the nation. It’s not the age where a nation can survive after the fall of their central power. Moreover, they inherently dislike the Empire. In Ostland, a culturally developed nation, the illiteracy rate is the lowest on the continent, and the easiest way to access information about other countries is through travelers and the like. They publish newspapers in the Capital city, too. The recent incident was enough to raise awareness of the threat posed by the Empire’s invasion. The cowardice of that nation has also been conveyed.

However, despite nearly falling once, miraculously surviving, and reconstruction proceeding smoothly, the casualties were surprisingly low, around 1,000 deaths, despite the magnitude of the disaster. It’s an unusually low level of damage.

The Royal family has also allocated funds for reconstruction, and investments are being made. Reconstruction is progressing rapidly. And today, Ostland has announced its alliance with the neighboring country of Arland and the importation of airships.

The citizens were filled with joy. Some say that the actions of the princess were discriminatory. However, understanding that bringing back all the dead is an act of God, and realizing that they were saved at the risk of her life, most of the citizens were favorable towards the princess. In fact, she was treated as a genuine Hero. Ostland is the country the airship created by this very Hero, also known as the Saintess, will be imported first.

Arland is an extremely powerful military nation, but it is also famous for not forming alliances with other countries. So far, the only alliances it had were with the now-defunct federation, and it refused to acknowledge any other nation, no matter how much they plead. Therefore, forming an alliance with Arland meant that Ostland would be getting a powerful ally.

Normally, people would rely on the Church or the Empire leading them, but the Empire and the Church, which have turned against Ostland’s benefactors, have already lost that trust. On the other hand, Arland is a country with special technology and, aside from its multiculturalism, is a trustworthy nation. Furthermore, the fact that Arland does not invade other countries is a well-known story on the continent.

Since it doesn’t have territorial ambitions like the Empire, it means that external threats will decrease. Furthermore, Arland has also pledged to lend engineers and the like, so reconstruction will likely progress even further. There wasn’t much reason to refuse.

“Hey, they’ve arrived!!”

“Is that the new airship? And what’s flying next to it… what is that?”

The citizens couldn’t believe their eyes. It was the sight of two airborne airships they had never seen before. Well, that was still fine. It could be said that Arland having something more than what they export is only natural. However, there was fast-moving object flying around them. It was moving at a surprisingly high speed. Occasionally, it launched fireworks with magic, indicating that they were not enemies.

Many citizens witnessed it and deduced that they were not a country to be antagonized. They were faster than any clumsy dragon. Anyone could guess their mode of operation. But, once the signing ceremony was safely concluded, they would become allies, so they were treated as a spectacle. They had been peaceful for so many years that their vigilance had diminished. What was more concerning was whether the princess, who they couldn’t thank enough, was accompanying them. The signing ceremony was taking place in the central square—a decision made by Ostland and Arland, both favoring public governance, so that the signing could take place in front of the citizens. Hence, today’s square was crowded with many citizens gathered after removing obstacles such as interfering objects and stalls. They wanted to know about the future of their country. Many citizens gathered to witness this historic moment with their own eyes, and those who couldn’t enter the square were looking out from the windows of buildings facing the square or climbing onto roofs.

And then, the airship arrived at the square. The square wasn’t spacious enough for all the airships to dock, so only the one carrying the Royal family landed, while the others remained in the sky on standby.

“From the Kingdom of Arland, His Majesty the King Draconia and His Highness the Crown Prince Gilbert have arrived~”

A red carpet extended from the airship, and the air force, lined up beside it, played their instruments flawlessly, while the rest saluted the two Royal figures.

Then, the King and the Crown Prince emerged. They were dressed in magnificent attire befitting Royalty, with Draconia wearing the King’s crown and Gilbert wearing the crown designated for the Crown Prince. However, Gilbert’s attire was ceremonial military uniform.


However, the princess never emerged from the airship. There was a slight disappointment spreading across the square as it seemed she wasn’t coming after all. But as Draconia and Gilbert reached the makeshift stage in the center of the square, suddenly, the object that had been flying in the sky descended rapidly and came to an abrupt stop, seemingly upside down. It was the mysterious object that had been hovering in the air. Then, what appeared to be a glass part of it opened, revealing the princess dressed in a military uniform dominated by blue, with a matching blue cape. She jumped down from the object, which then promptly disappeared into a luxurious gate that had suddenly appeared, disappearing along with it. The citizens once again doubted their own eyes. Was it teleportation? And moreover, the princess herself was riding on something they had never seen before.

The square became bustling with murmurs, but the princess exuded an air of mischief and accomplishment. Though the Ostland side was taken aback, King Acard IV was laughing as he tried to calm those around him.

Alicetia’s Point of View

What a lively entrance! Everyone looks so surprised. It’s so much fun when a prank goes perfectly like this.

“Ho-ho-ho, quite an amusing entrance, that one. You are as lively as ever.”

His Majesty laughed. I was a little nervous that I might get scolded, but it’s all good. We both love a good prank.

“I’m always full of energy. Sometimes too much, to the point of bothering those around me.”

I laughed, HAHAHA. Well, my expression remained unchanged as usual. Even when my excitement rises, my face tends to stay expressionless.

“Well, let’s get the signing done first, we can chat later.”

After the entertaining start, the signing ceremony began in earnest.

This was a mutual agreement using magic contracts. As long as this agreement existed, both countries agreed to non-aggression towards each other. Although it’s an old agreement that has become less common due to its many loopholes, using it seems to signify a genuine commitment to uphold the agreement.

But this is where I got bored. I mean, there was nothing for me to do. I just sat quietly. Mr. Coote was on standby inside the airship anyway.

And finally, the signing concluded smoothly. Two copies of the treaty were written and shown to the citizens of each country. With this, the agreement was officially established.

“Breaking news! A Flame Dragon is attacking the Capital city. It seems that the shortage of food in the nearby monster territory due to the Stampede’s influence is the cause.”

However, the enthusiasm of the Ostland’s citizens for the alliance quickly subsided into silence.

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