Chapter 75.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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National Defense Council (2)
Draconia’s Point of View

Alicetia was sent back first. Only members other than her remained in the venue.

“To repay years of resentment in this way… If things go well, the Empire and the Imperial State will be isolated. Does this mean there’s no future for those two countries? However, the problem is to protect Alicetia until then. She must not be taken away. If the Kingdom loses her to the Empire, Arland will be caught in the consequences of this plan.”

“In a few years, both the Empire and the Imperial State will make a move. Our duty is to survive that. There is no greater honor if peace comes later. Let’s willingly risk our lives.”

The opinion of those present here was unanimous: to protect Alicetia. In 10 years, the Empire and the Imperial State will lose their influence on this continent. The airship is the key to that.

Currently, there are two ways to obtain an airship. One is excavation. The second is to buy it from the Empire or the Imperial Sate. However, excavation comes with sacrifices. There may be remains in ancient ruins, but those are mostly in areas dominated by monsters, and countries other than Arland would suffer significant losses to liberate them. Buying from the Empire or the Imperial State would only result in them buying outdated goods at a high price, not worth the cost.

Arland can provide new airships steadily. The airships are not only a military force but also a necessity for national development. The supplying country must not be defeated.

Indeed. But the Empire and the Imperial Sate won’t stay silent. They will try to forcefully take Alicetia to seize the technology entirely. Otherwise, that country has no future.

“Let’s start with Ostland. They have strong connections with various countries. Fortunately, they are also enthusiastic about the alliance, so an envoy will come soon.”

“Any country located north of the Empire has the potential to become an anti-Empire and Imperial State nation. Moreover, with the new model’s performance, we can engage in trade with Gildia beyond the mountains.”

Gildia, located beyond a mountain range inhabited by many dragons, has a unique culture with no trade whatsoever. If trade with them is realized, our country will prosper. Both that country and ours have a variety of rare goods specific to geographic location.

“However, the problem is… how is it, Father?”

Gill looked at me with a complicated expression. He must have noticed.

“Yeah. She must be overworked. It’s like she’s in an uncontrollable state, continuing to move until she reaches the breaking point. If we don’t force her to rest, she’ll collapse soon.”

The real reason I put Alicetia on my lap was to check on her health.

“Despite being in the growth period, her food intake has decreased… It’s a characteristic flaw of researchers. Once they get immersed, they won’t stop until they are done. However, this one seems to have no end in sight. We need to gather personnel quickly and reduce Alicetia’s burden.”

“… Your Majesty, did you put the princess on your lap to check her health?”

Members of the meeting inquired. Well, it’s true, but I also just wanted some physical contact because she has been too busy. However, she felt too light after lifting her up. I’ll make sure she pays more attention to her meals for a while.


“I just wanted to spend more time with Alicetia. If you guys handle my work, I can provide more family services. Gill, I’ll pass the throne to you, so give me some free time.”

“Father? Please, you should give me a break instead.”

We competed with glares. It seems Gill is not willing to yield either. After staring at each other for a moment, we both gave up. It’s a stalemate anyway. I really want to make time for a family trip or something soon.

The situation has been changing rapidly since Alicetia was born. Her birth seems to have been the turning point for us. However, we can’t afford to repeat the nightmares of the past. The Royal family has a secret that must be kept no matter what… we are the descendants of the ancient Demon Lord—and the descendants of the Hero.

We can’t let the tragic fate of those ancient parents and children be repeated. Those eyes belonged to the Demon Lord, and the Heroes inherited them. No one can predict what will happen. If that were to… no, let’s believe in the Spirits. They will guide us.

This is something only the King and Queen of the Royal family are informed about. Gill probably doesn’t know. Naturally, Alicetia doesn’t know either. The Spirits won’t talk either. The fear that has continued since Alicetia was born is not over yet. I don’t want to lose the family I once lost again.

“Father, is something wrong?”

Oops, can’t let Gill worry. I’m fine. This guy can handle it somehow. Despite the constant dark rumors, his actions are all for Alicetia’s sake. That’s why I can entrust the next generation to him.

“No, just getting busier. Besides, Volken’s eyes are scary. I would rather be slaying dragons rather than have my workload increased again.”

Volken, the workaholic, was dancing around happily when the workload increased.

“I won’t help, you know? I really want to rest at the villa. That’s it!! Let’s give Alicetia a month off and go to the villa or something. My work is already done. There’s no need to pressure the parliament for long. I’ll finish it today.”

Saying that, my son ran off without waiting for my opinion… He seems to have no intention of helping with my work. And Sylvia will probably be going with him… I guess I’ll be left behind… Maybe I should give Volken a good beating and join them.

While thinking about such things, I sipped on the cold tea.

“I have a report. Her Majesty is pregnant!”


A Knight, unusually out of breath, rushed into the meeting room. I spat out the tea I was drinking due to the unexpected news!!

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