Chapter 72.3

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Founding Festival
“Hmm, if it’s work, it can’t be helped.”


“Wait a moment. The Bureau of Technological Development hasn’t been active yet, and there are no traces of budget usage.”

One of the nobles protested. Probably someone from the financial side of the Bureau of Technological Development. Of course, it hasn’t been used! I haven’t submitted any claims yet, so I built everything with my personal funds, and the engineers’ salaries were provided by the country, so the Bureau of Technological Development’s budget is irrelevant.

“It’s her first time, so she built it with her personal budget. Alicetia surprisingly has a lot of money.”

“I don’t think she ever asked for a budget.”

Indeed, all of Father’s pocket money has been flowing into my wallet, so I never officially asked for a budget. Once, Father went through the hassle of buying it from me and selling it back to the country.

“Because it’s a hassle, no one will complain if they see results. Alicetia, tell the citizens here what you’ve been doing for the past two months.”

“Understood… Master Grantz? Activate the airship. Fly it over here on the designated route.”

(Sure thing.)

I took out my mobile and contacted my mentor. I don’t know why the surrounding nobles were looking so surprised. I haven’t done anything yet.

“That magic tool is…”

“Why does the princess own it?”

Well, I can’t quite make out the murmurs since everyone was talking, but when I pointed towards the Royal Castle, nobles and citizens turned their attention there… and their mouths went agape.

An airship emerged from within the walls of the Royal Castle. Naturally, anyone would notice if such a thing were in the castle. Moreover, even from a distance, it was clearly brand new.


Until now, the airships were relics from ancient times, so even from a distance, you could surprisingly see how worn-out they were. However, since the Royal Castle isn’t too far, you could get a good look at it. There were also magicians using magic to see better from a distance.

“An airship!!”

“She built that in just three months?!”

“Wait, that’s the training grounds. Anyone would notice if something like that were made there.”

The airship slowly came over the square and started to turn slowly. The citizens in the square were all quietly watching the sky.

“Those are the three ‘old model’ large airships we built this time. We constructed them for the future of Arland. Of course, mass production is possible.”

Father and Big brother looked astonished. They probably noticed the existence of a new model just from how I mentioned “old model.” By the way, I haven’t talked about the new model, but they both know that I never make exactly what they ask for, so they quickly caught on.

“Old model?!”

“Wait, mass production? Are you saying we can mass-produce those? We haven’t heard anything about this!!”

“What is the meaning of this? Why does our country possess the technology to build airships that even the Magic Kingdom cannot build?”

The nobles were starting to make a commotion. The challenging aspect of airships is the intermittent use of magic. Magic is excellent at instant activation, but maintaining the same effect intermittently, as required for magic tools, is extremely difficult. Naturally, the technology to keep a heavy ship afloat continuously doesn’t exist in the modern world. It vanished with the ancient civilization.

“Silence!! The conversation isn’t over yet. Alicetia, it’s your turn to convey your thoughts. I included your speech for this purpose. Gil and I have finished, so you can express yourself freely.”

I haven’t revealed the new model yet, but it should be okay to talk while the situation unfolds.

My convictions remain the same. I want to make this country more prosperous. I want everyone to live without fear, laughing freely. I’ll do anything for that, even if it means eliminating obstacles.

Empire, I’m making my move. Don’t think the actions you took until now can continue in the future.

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