Chapter 72.2

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Founding Festival
While drinking, citizens searched for the princess, who should normally be present. For them, the princess was like a younger sister, or they treat as a daughter. Just her presence alone made the citizens feel at ease, but if she was not there, they became suspicious. They started wondering if something had happened.

They are also aware of the princess’s activities in Ostland. They know that she even went to help friends. In a sense, they have information-gathering capabilities that rival the Empire’s intelligence network.

The princess hasn’t appeared in public since returning to the country, not even around the Capital.

The citizens were worried that something might be wrong. Moreover, today, the princess was scheduled to give her first speech. Their expectations were high.

“Damn it!! I wanted to see the princess biting her tongue on the platform!”

“You idiot. Do you think the princess would get nervous and mess up in a place like this? She’ll just speak like she always does. I wanted to see that!!”

Some gentlemen were making noise, but generally, the princess has a friendly personality, so she is easy to talk to. She may be a bit shy around strangers, but if you’re from Arland, it doesn’t take much time to become friends. Sometimes, you can become close in as little as 5 minutes. Excluding the nobles, of course.

“Ahh~ no one is listening anyway. That’s why I said I would quit giving speeches last year. It’s pointless to give a speech in front of drunk people.”

On the raised platform, the King was complaining with a troubled expression. He was putting aside his dignity today, behaving like an ordinary guy.

Alicetia’s Point of View

“Please hurry, Princess. You’re definitely running late.”

“Just a bit… Is it okay if I tear the hem of the dress? It’s in the way.”

“No way! Artisans would cry, you know!”

The Founding Festival has already begun. I can’t believe I remembered at the very last moment that I forgot to finish the details. We almost couldn’t get the ship out of the dock before it was revealed.

The engineers underground were exhausted. Well, Mr. Grantz was drinking and waiting for his turn, and we kept some engineers for this purpose. The group that’s exhausted is the one that was working in the earlier shift.

I quickly washed my body, put on a dress, and sprayed a little perfume. I don’t like the fluttering feeling; it’s hard to move. I also combed my hair. Thanks to the magic comb, not a single split end. After that, I used “Flight” from the window and took off with Alicia. There were too many people to walk, and carriages were completely prohibited on this day. The streets were overflowing with citizens.

“I’m late. I apologize.”


I naturally return to my slightly more formal tone. Being too casual is not good.

“You’re late.”

As soon as I arrive, I was scolded by Father. Well, he’s not really angry; it was to pose as the King. His gaze was saying, “It can’t be helped, don’t hate me, okay?”

“It seems giving a position to a child was indeed a mistake. Attendance today is mandatory for nobles and Royalty. Children won’t be overlooked just because they’re children. I’m beginning to think that her position should have been entrusted to someone else.”

“Count, do you also share the same opinion? I feel the same way. Having minors hold positions is not recognized by the law. There should be no exceptions.”

Nuoh!! The Orcs are increasing.

I instinctively took a step back. I didn’t bring any bait… maybe they would like some alcohol? No, that’s not it. They’re probably human. But are they siblings? They look so alike.

“Just to be clear, they’re not related, and technically, they’re part of humanity. They might be unpleasant to the eyes, so you don’t have to look.”

Father gave me some advice. I know the faces and names of ministers and influential people in the country, but I don’t know people who look like Orcs. So, they’re probably guys with no or not very high positions. It’s my fault for being late, so I won’t complain.

“Father, first, we should hear what Alice has to say. She understands the responsibility that comes with her position. It’s not right to scold her unilaterally.”

“That’s right. Let’s hear her side of the story first. There must be some reason, naturally.”

“I hope so.”

Is this a good-cop, bad-cop routine? Well, Father is the King, so he has to scold, but Big brother joined in. It’s probably an appeal like, “I am angry too, you know?” However, in reality, they are probably colluding to handle things so that I don’t dislike them.

And the last Orc species casually joining the conversation might be a problem.

“Yes, of course, there is a reason. As the Director of the Bureau of Technological Development, I was working together with the Chief Engineer of the Royal Army and his team on a little something. We were building a certain thing as a present for today’s celebration, but we were working until the last minute, so I ended up being late. If it’s alright with you, I would like to unveil it here. Is that acceptable?”

The two of them gleamed with interest. They probably feel relieved that there’s a reason. Mother, who stood behind them, was exuding a bit of intimidation, wondering what mischief I’ve been up to this time.

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