Chapter 59.3

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Chaos in Ostland (5)
“If only I had the magic power, I could activate all the weapons and destroy them… or I could use Alicia… and have run as fast as she can… that could work.”

“That’s impossible~ there’s nowhere to run. It’s so crowded outside, we would be eaten before we had time to escape.”

The shaking was almost over, and our survival was confirmed, so I was trying to push Alicia out of the barrier to quickly recover my magic power and take revenge on the monsters, but she really didn’t want to do that and resisted. Please get out and help me recover my magic power quickly.

“I don’t want to die yet!! And I don’t want Princess to die because of me~ Someone help me~”

“Be obedient and go outsi… wahhh.”

I was pinned from behind. What is this!

“Calm down, Alice. What you are proposing is not possible.”

It was Anon. And Sharon was holding onto my clothes, too. Is she trying to stop me by doing that?

“You have to finish quickly and go to sleep!! You are clearly at your limits.”

Quickly go to sleep, huh… guhh.

“Please stay awake!!”



I was so irritated that I bit Alicia. Anon’s chop brought me back to my senses, but I’m already at my limit. At this rate, I’m seriously going to fall asleep. If I fall asleep here, the monsters will eat us. The hardship was still continuing.

“Princess, an airship is flying toward the Capital at a great speed… that’s Arland flag!! Is it reinforcements!?”

Hm? Those aren’t reinforcements. That’s a small airship. It can only hold about 50 people at most. It can’t be considered reinforcement with that many people on board. Or rather, is the internal engine running out of control due to the excessive speed? At that rate, it will crash. Fortunately, the drop point is within the barrier, so I manipulate the laws to soften the ground and prohibit the magic power going out of control. Even if the airship crashed, it would not explode and the impact would be minimal.


And sure enough, it crashed. It was a total waste of magic power… even within the barrier, law manipulation eats up a lot of magic power. I approached it while drinking a bad-tasting potion. Please don’t say it’s vulgar. Magic power is necessary to maintain the barrier.

“Gnnnh. If it weren’t for this strange space, We’d be dead. This must be Alice’s space.”

“Correct. I will fix the airship, so please obediently return home, Big brother.”

Well, I knew this would happen. It would take someone as reckless as my parents or my brother to come with a small troop in a situation like this. If the worst case scenario happened, and I died, it wouldn’t be a problem because Big brother would still be alive, but it would be bad for him to die. So I’m going to ask him to leave.



Big brother staggered out of the airship and hugged me as soon as he saw me. It was painful. He was the kind of person who forgot how to control himself when he was excited, just like our Father. My consciousness…

“I apologize, but you must let go of Princess. If she faints, this barrier will disappear.”

Alicia, in a panic, released me from my Big brother. I was sleep-deprived, overworked, and slightly debilitated, and I felt like I would easily pass out if he continued his tight hug even for a little longer.

“Have you lost some weight? Geez, there is no part of your body that needs a weight loss. Don’t neglect eating just because you find yourself in a situation like this. Well, everything will be alright now that I am here.”

It was a statement without any basis. But I felt like I could rely on him. Even though I was slightly moved to tears, I can’t afford to rely on him. This is a no-win situation. If I had any magic power left in me, I could mobilize my magic tools and have a chance of winning. However, at the cost of invoking the Sanctuary, which can be called both a secret and a forbidden art, I can no longer use magic beyond maintaining the barrier. This means I can’t do anything. Ostland could only try their best to stall the monsters before I came, so they cannot win on their own. Things have already come to the stage where limiting the damage is the best we can do. That is, how many civilians can escape from the Capital alive? I’m only making sure that my friends escape. For that, I’m going to make sure that I have enough magic power left for the teleportation. With this, I will be able to get them and their families to my room in Arland, whether they want to or not. Beyond that… well, I will do as much as I can.

“… Go back.”

“… Hahh. Rely on your big bro a little. I’m not as heartless as to abandon a family member who looks at me like an abandoned puppy. Besides, if we endure a few more days, Father and the others will come with reinforcements. I simply went ahead and brought you the supplies you need.”
The knights were carrying out the goods from the airship. There were large magic spheres, potions, and various equipment… in other words, everything I needed for my activities. This was probably Mr. Grantz’s doing. There were also many tools that only he knew about. He probably took them out of the laboratory.

“And one more thing. It’s a secret magic potion that our Father obtained from a dungeon a long time ago.”

Is that drinkable?

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