Chapter 59.2

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Chaos in Ostland (5)
“Preparations to expand the barrier have been completed. Expand!!”

The bear dolls started walking toward the barrier with a bam-bam sounding instrument. Then, just before they touched the barrier, the boundary extended and the barrier expanded. Naturally, people who were hiding in buildings and such got startled and tried to escape, but when they saw people taking refuge around them, they slumped down. They must have been distracted before they realized they were safe.

And in about 10 minutes, the barrier succeeded in covering the entire Capital.

“Are you okay, Alice!!”

“Mhm, just a little bit surprised. As expected, covering the entire Capital was tough. There are no problems with its strength. The monsters can no longer enter the Capital. And I’d like some kind of potion if possible.”

It was a lot of work to do all at once, but still within acceptable limits. And since I have deployed the barrier all over the Capital, I can maintain it for longer if we get potions from stores and such. But this is not a game, so there is not much I can drink. Basically, the potions are very bad. I’ve been playing around with the ingredients to make them orange-flavored or something, but I can’t drink the current potions on the market well.

And my stomach is too small to drink a lot. So there’s not a lot that I can recover.

“Got it. We will gather them from all over the Capital. I am going to start the repairs on the city walls, so I will excuse myself here.”

His Majesty left with his guards. I hope his granddaughter is okay. There are quite a lot… or rather, there are apparently more guards over there.

The King is quite old, so he had assigned more guards to the Crown Prince and Princess and their children. He doesn’t have long to live, so he ordered most of his guards to protect the future King instead. Well, I heard that when the castle fell, they were separated, but they were defending themselves at a base somewhere in the Capital.

And after a while, the slime-like creatures came back. All covered in blood.


“Just how violently did you make them act?”

“This is not nice to look at. It’s creepy, to be honest.”

“… Scary.”

Well, these things don’t have any decisive firepower, so their tactics is invading the body and ripping the internal organs to shreds. They are basically my assistants, and for the development of my armor, so it can’t be helped. The only reason they were able to achieve this level of success is because of the strength of the material they were created with, so if I used any common materials, they wouldn’t be this strong.


Anyway, it’s time to store them in my Treasury, because they have changed into a creepy looking things. Since magic life forms are pseudo-life forms, they can be placed in the Treasury.

And besides, these slime-like creatures can’t go any further. They have fought against the monsters by splitting up so much that they don’t have much magic power remaining. If I don’t let them rest for a while, they will stop functioning when I need them the most. As I thought, this kind of cost is also high. Should I have made more tools that use low magic power? Well, there is nothing I can say now.

Then, on the third night.

“I’m irritated, so irritated.”

I had a great grumpy aura around me. Why do I have to go through this? Why do I have to let monsters interrupt my day off when we were all supposed to be shopping together? Why do I have to stay up all night… I am reaping what I sowed, and I have no regrets, but I won’t forgive the monsters.

I will never forgive them, and I will exterminate them to the point of extinction. If only I had magic power… if only I had more magic power, I could fight against 200,000 or even a million…

“This is not the time to be irritated!! The barrier. The barrier is cracking.”

The aftershock was coming. The barrier that even 200,000 monsters couldn’t interfere with were being shaken and cracked. We were reinforcing every part by deploying magic circles. Since more than 100 dead people were resurrected, the shaking was bigger than expected. Outside the barrier, there was a tremendous earthquake.

For the time being, we have placed a safe magician on top of the magic circle to supply magic power. If this barrier is broken, the Capital will fall, so they are cooperating with us. This alone makes it considerably easier. In the meantime, I have been drawing magic circles in places where it was likely to break, sent people over, and been irritated by the continuous all-night work.

“Grrrrrrrr. I will exterminate them, absolutely every last one of them, and I will make them regret this.”

“Please do not approach the Princess no matter what. She will bite you.”

Around last night, Alicia told something to the resurrected people that worshiped me, and they dispersed. She said something about breaking the illusion if they stayed any closer, but I was too sleepy and irritable to listen to even 10% of what she had to say. Anon and the girls were also somewhat withdrawn.

It was a very hectic night, but the King did his best to support us in maintaining the barrier, and he dispatched quite a few magicians to help us.

Well, there is no night and day cycle inside the barrier, and since they cannot interfere with the outside, they cannot intercept the monsters either. If they interfere with the outside, it will affect the strength of the barrier, so the King’s people are now concentrating on strengthening of the city walls.

But they are limited to repairing the broken parts due to time constraints.

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