Chapter 59.1

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Chaos in Ostland (5)
“Checkmate. And check. All the pieces on the board are now mine.”

“I lost~~~!!”

“… How can you win while playing three different games at the same time.”

“All… all the pieces are black… I can’t do anything.”

Three people were currently playing games with me. The slime-like creatures reported that they can eliminate the monsters that have invaded the inner part of the Capital in about 30 minutes. We are planning to do a major expansion of the barrier in 30 minutes. But we are still children brimming with curiosity, and we can’t stay quiet for half an hour. So we decided to play a game, and I offered to play Reversi, Shogi, and Chess, but everyone had different games they wanted to play, and there was a situation of non-negotiation, so it became everyone vs. me. The result was that everyone lost to me. I guess they need more training to beat me. Even my Big brother can’t beat me in these three games.

“To be playing games under these circumstances is… a big deal. I look forward to the future of all of you.”

His Majesty seemed to be enjoying the tea Alicia made for him. Well, it’s an escape from reality. I have a sad future ahead of me, and everyone knows that if I stay quiet, I will fall asleep. I usually doze off when I don’t do anything for more than 10 minutes, so they do their best to distract me, so I don’t fall asleep. Anon was more excited than usual.

“I don’t understand why talking to the King casually is such a big deal. I’m only eight years old, after all. Nyahaha.”

“Anon, calm down. I apologize, Your Majesty. She’s not usually this enthusiastic…”

“I’m… sorry.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s better for children to be in high spirits, if you are downcast here, the adults, me included, won’t know what to do.”

Well, Anon was running wild, so Sharon and Keena were doing their best to keep her at bay. As for me? I’m sleepy. I’m tired because I used a forbidden technique that consumes a lot of magic power, and I also have to keep the barrier up, so I’m exhausted. I can use magic to take away the fatigue, but I only want to use that in the worst case.

“As for me, I want to ask you, Princess, why the set of cups and the tea leaves that I was tasked to secretly purchase are here. I got scolded by Her Majesty when the cups got lost, you know? I had to take a three-month pay cut, you know? At last, you have even started entering the kitchen without permission… I’ll tell on you to the Queen… my salary…”

I am banned from the kitchen. When I tried to taste something cooking, Alicia and my Father tag-teamed me to prevent me from doing it. Apparently, they decided that since Mother is a catastrophically bad cook, I couldn’t do it either.

However, Alicia is unaware of this. I’m in the kitchen a lot, mainly when she is making snacks for me, and I sneak in and throw the freshly made snacks on the table into the Treasury.

Alicia is pretty air headed, so doesn’t even notice when a few snacks go missing. Did I not make enough? She ponders for a while, and then she starts to make more. And I take those too. As long as I keep it in moderation, I can save up quite a few treats. Well, I’m sure Mother or Mr. Volken would soon notice. That my snack allowance is quite large.


“No, I’m aware of it, you know? I know that you sneak in and out of your room, I’m also aware that you are stealing snacks, since it has been observed by His Majesty from the shadows. I mean, how much of a natural air head am I to you, Princess?”

“… Please don’t tell my Mother…”

I didn’t think she knew. She’s angry. It’s a threat. I can’t put up a resistance, can I? Then let’s cover it up like a noble daughter that I am. Authority exists only so that my Mother will not get angry with me.

“It’s too late.”

I collapsed. Another sermon? I feel like people are always getting angry at me. It’s not my fault. It’s Alicia’s fault for only making homemade snacks on a whim, even though she is my maid. I’m just saving up the snacks I need.

“She’s a tomboy princess, isn’t she?”

“She should show a little more self-respect. She always goes at full speed… that’s why she gets scolded all the time. I can so simply imagine Alice stealing snacks for later. She would take them and pretend she doesn’t know.”

“Those were… some good cookies, though.”

Bam! I tried to embrace Sharon tightly. You are the only one that understands me, Sharon. The world is full of enemies.

“But… I don’t think… you should be stealing them without permission… I guess.”

Sharon turned to the side and denied me while playing with her pink hair. I can’t do it anymore. Life without snacks is unbearable for me. I can’t settle down without a certain number of them in reserve. It’s because Mother and others often threaten me with a ban on them. You want to have enough to eat secretly, right?

“She’s just as competitive and snack-loving as she looks.”

“At first, I thought she was a more mature lady, but she always makes her maid cry.”

“How rude…… I can’t deny that, though.”

I am a wolf in a sheep’s clothing most of the time. Oh, the wait seems to be over.

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