Chapter 58.2

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Chaos in Ostland (4)
“Anon, you say the same thing as my Big brother… I can’t do what I can’t do, either. Right now I have my hands full maintaining this place at best… well, I’ll think about it.”

I don’t have anything… I installed a Magic furnace in Arland… shall I build one here? But if I start building that, the time I can maintain the barrier will be cut in half. It uses quite a lot of magic power. Well, barriers don’t use much magic power if they are not destroyed. But if my barrier gets destroyed, we die, and even if we don’t die, it would be impossible to re-deploy it from the remaining magic power.

“There are three things we can do:

One, wait for rescue.

Two, charge out recklessly and scatter.

Three, after the rebound is over, Alicia can run around outside with me in her arms to help restore my magic power faster… I will recover enough in about 10 hours.”

“I’m going to die, aren’t I? The concealment magic may not work on monsters. They can detect variety of magic on use. My concealment is not omnipotent.”

The third one seems impossible because Alicia started crying. It’s true that Alicia is an assassin-like person, and her direct fighting ability is not that high. Although she appears to mingle with skilled people, she’s just a lazy maid in my opinion.

That being said… sourcing materials locally… is not a good option, using ‘Factory’ would make me run out of magic power in seconds. On the other hand, 200,000 monsters can’t be dealt by the technology of this world… The only thing I can do is to expand the barrier, repair the city walls, etc. and prepare for the worst case scenario. If we use the destroyed buildings around the capital and use them as building materials, we should be able to repair the walls.

“Well, that’s all we can do. Fortunately, there should be plenty of tools and materials to repair the city walls. However, won’t the monsters within the city come after noticing that the barrier is expanding?”

“When the barrier expands, monsters within its range will be repelled. In the worst case, they may get stuck in the castle walls, but basically, they cannot exist within the barrier’s area. If they are forced to enter, they will disappear as if they didn’t even exist.”

Without my permission, no one can exist within this barrier. I am like a God in here, and in a sense, I have the right over the life and death of everyone within the barrier. Well, this time I only set the rule that monsters are not allowed to exist. Making rules also uses magic power. At best, I can only expel monsters that enter.

“That’s so convenient~”

“Well, there are some restrictions, but I won’t say too much. To be honest, you would be surprised if I told you, you know?”

Being able to do everything is also dangerous. In the first place, you can’t take anything out from within this barrier. For example, setting up a Bear Doll to fight for us outside the barrier is out of question, as it would simply disappear. This place is the embodiment of my mental world. I don’t even know how it would affect me if physical objects were taken out of here, but hopefully, they cannot, and it should be fine. There’s nothing wrong with the surviving children chasing around a Bear Doll… as long as it doesn’t attack back.

“……… Nothing comes to mind… we are screwed… I have to let Alicia and my friends escape at the very least… if I blow myself up, I can open the path…”

“Hey!! Please don’t get so negative all of a sudden. Besides, it’s not like I can escape and leave you behind, Princess. If we are to die, we die together.”


“So it’s impossible even for you, Alice… nyahaha, this is the worst situation, isn’t it?”

“This is troubling. I can’t fight monsters.”

“Erm… will I die again… although I don’t even understand how I died for the first time…”

My friends and I were at a loss. As long as we stay here, we are safe. But we can’t keep this place for very long. No matter how much I think about it, I can’t come up with a breakthrough. All in all, I just don’t have enough magic power… if I only had some magic power left to spare… if I hadn’t forgotten Mr. Coote, we could have been able to fight our way through at the very least… he must be angry with me… rather, why do I feel Coote’s presence approaching at a great speed? He’s going to arrive in a few days. We have formed a contract, so he knows my general location.

“It can’t be helped. Let’s have these slime-like creatures, who shall remain nameless, exterminate as many monsters as they can.”

“What’s that?”

Anon brought her face close to mine. She’s made it clear that she finds the things I do on a daily basis not surprising, and there seems to be a part of her that believes I have everything. She is brimming with curiosity.

“It’s a slime-like magical life form that I use as my greaves or something. I honestly recommend averting your gaze, because you don’t want to see them fighting.”

Saying so, I used Quick Draw to bring out all the slime-like ones that I had and released them outside the barrier. First, exterminate the monsters around the Capital one-by-one, and after the situation stabilizes, expand the barrier at once. If there are strong ones, they may not necessarily obstruct the expansion of the barrier. Even King class will be able no match against my slime-like creatures. Those things’ fighting style is vicious.

And so 500 kilograms of slime was unleashed on the Royal Capital city of Ostland. The moment it emerged from the barrier, it split up and became numerous individual slimes the size of the palm of my hand, and then started moving somewhere else. Since they were individual, all-encompassing magic life forms, there was no way to defeat them other than to annihilate them completely. And since they were made out of special alloy I had created, it would take a Dagon Breath for several dozen minutes for them to disappear. Blunt hits don’t work. Slashes increase their numbers. Magic works on them, but it has to be strong enough to obliterate them. Go ahead and do your best to resist, monsters.


Suddenly, my body trembled, and the spirit was detached from me. As a result, the spirit magic equipment was also undone. I didn’t do anything, though…

—Thank you for your hospitality!!—

“I didn’t do anything, though. What were you doing inside me?”

The Spirit of Light was very excited for some reason.

—Let’s have tea again~~~ Good night—

Saying that, the Spirit of Light literally went dormant. What was really going on inside me? I feel like she was in a tremendously good mood, though. Is there tea inside me or something? Hmm~ I don’t know. If anything, it might be packed with cookies, but why was she having tea while I was wearing the spirit magic equipment? I’ll have to ask her later.

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