Chapter 49.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What I Didn’t Know
“Considering your physical strength, you will probably use magic, so please, at least create some magic to protect yourself.”
There are several candidates already. For example, defensive magic. I can use advanced level spells like Aegis Shield and Borg, which are barrier-type spells. They are both easy to use, but my barriers are still fickle. There are areas where it is thick and areas where it is thin. Although that is not a problem for Aegis, but this one can only be used in a single direction.
The challenge for the future is to ensure my personal safety to reassure my family.

“I understood most of what you were saying. I will include that in my research. And definitely don’t tell my Mother about the research institute.”

“If she finds out, she’ll spank you again, won’t she? Well, it’s only a matter of time. You can’t hide it forever. The Queen has good instincts, so I’m sure she can sense that you are doing something already.”

Even if she finds out, I prefer she finds out late. And when I told Alicia that we would be together when Mother got angry with me, she was blatantly disgusted, but she seemed to have given up on resistance.
Then Alicia gave me a variety of reports.
This time, I have to act as the head of the Viceroy family. Alicia is my direct subordinate, so she can’t blur information out of consideration for me like she did before. In other words, I also had to ask her what the guards were doing.
To be honest, it’s tough. I heard that they were killing people quite a bit. I heard that they were also doing surveillance when escorting me around. Well, I don’t care about this. Because I was faintly aware of this before.
There was no way my family would have left me alone, considering how freely I move normally. Well, they couldn’t fully grasp my movements because of the irregularity in movement caused by my Treasury, though.
After that, I was taught about the power structure among the nobles, but I didn’t study that properly because I thought that politics was not my area of expertise and that I would never be involved in politics in the first place.
However, the Prime Minister did not seem to approve of that. He said that in the future, I would have to assist the royal family and help with paperwork in my Father’s office. He told me to do something about it with my specialty, magic, I don’t want to overwork myself to death. Alright, I will do something about it!! I won’t take any responsibility for what happens after that, okay!!

“The head of the Viceroy family is only an empty title in the end, isn’t it? Am I not a vested noble with no particular official position?”

We were having a cup of tea together after the conversation was over, but I was curious about my official position, so I asked Alicia about it.

“It is true that an official position of a Viceroy has been created, but you have not assumed the position yet, Princess. You are basically Viceroy in name only, at the moment. This would be the downside of forcefully creating the position in the shortest period of time. Besides, if we let the current you take on even the political duties, you would surely run away, just like His Majesty. Physically, you have a lot of time, so unless you come of age or graduate from the academy earlier than planned, you won’t have a position. Well, you are capable of using teleportation, so you will probably start studying soon, though… I have to warn you, your usual feigned ignorance won’t work on the Prime Minister.”

It’s certainly going to be a tight schedule that can’t be done from my side. I will probably join hands with Father and flee to city… well, I won’t be able to enter the stores where he goes, though.
And I can’t use the usual method of ostensibly completing my studies with my super feigned ignorance… it’s already been exposed. However, I will take my work seriously. Because if I finish the political work early, I can have free time. If I don’t end up wandering around, looking for work like some workaholic Prime Minister, that is…

“… There is a problem with the head of the Viceroy family living in the Royal castle!! In other words, let’s purchase a mansion in the Capital!!”

Once the Prime Minister starts his lesson, there is no safe place inside the castle. If that’s the case, then buying or building a mansion in the Capital would be useful… There will be no entry for unauthorized intruders.

“This was already rejected. While I agree with you, His Majesty was not willing to simply kick you out, so he vehemently opposed this idea, and that’s why you are to stay with the Royal family. He said he won’t allow it until you are at least an adult. And since His Majesty is the current Guardian of the Princess, there’s no problem with you living in the castle. You are still a minor, so those who complain about you spending time with your parents can be ignored.”


By the way, Alicia is still managing the funds, is she intending to be my family’s treasurer? I need to get my funds back as soon as possible… my materials have been dwindling lately. I’m determined to make another increase to output. However, Alicia won’t let me do that… I have to get the funds again in secret… I will get my Father to pay for the research. If I sell him magic tools, my Father will be all smiles and I will be all smiles too, and we will both be happy.

“You are planning something again… Her Majesty does not approve of your secret dealings with His Majesty. She says it’s not good to give a child so much money.”

I was exposed… as expected of my Mother.

“If I have achievements…”

“You are talking out loud.”

Without money, researchers can’t do anything. Research costs money. Unfortunately, the development cost of the airships is relatively high, but I will be able to build them. However, it is a national project, so I can’t put the money into anything else. Frankly speaking, I am not too keen on it, because it is easier than making a cell phone in this world.
The small airships have a relatively simple structure. If I repeat the experiment several times, I will be able to make a practical model that can operate stably. In fact, I already have experience in making floating carriages.

“There will be a training for you tomorrow, so please go to bed early today, okay? If you’re awake… well, I’ll stay beside you the whole time. That way, you won’t be able to play any tricks.”

That will disturb half of my pleasure. Being together all the time is surprisingly tiring. Alicia has taken this into consideration and has created some alone time for me in the schedule, so now I’m all alone when it’s reading time and such. Rather than having her interrupt that, I will be quiet… for today…

“Then, I demand that you read a book to me again today.”

“I understand… Princess, you are still a child in unexpected ways.”

That day, I still fell asleep in the middle of the book. I wonder if the day will ever come when I can listen to the book all the way through.

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