Chapter 49.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What I Didn’t Know
“Your life is currently being targeted.”

That is too sudden. But let’s think about it. Arland, with its powerful military, has many enemies. It’s basically a reclusive country, but most of the tribalist countries, led by the Empire and the Imperial State, are its enemies.
A rare magician and princess was born there. The Church would want a user of Spirit Magic. Just offering me to them would be a huge favor, and from their point of view, I am Arlandian, an enemy of theirs. I’m not afraid of being resented… especially by a country that doesn’t share borders with Arland.
In fact, if I were kidnapped, would Arland move? I can’t say for sure that Arland would act. The value of one person is not comparable to the value of the entire nation.
I’m guessing that’s why I have the Special Service around me. I’m protected as much as possible. But that is not absolute. If they really wanted to get to me, without anyone watching, it would be very easy to kidnap me.
Magic is not absolute. In the same way that science is not absolute.

“Exactly by whom am I being targeted?”

“Many countries. We are currently spreading a lot of disinformation to keep the truth from coming out, but I have heard that there are traitors in Arland as well. They still don’t know all the details, but it’s only a matter of time before all the information about you comes to light.”

Hmm, there certainly must be traitors in Arland. There is no such thing as a nation without betrayal. Even in Arland, interracial problems can occur, and it is highly possible that it is the Common people (human race) aristocrats.
I am also a Common person, but I get along well with people of other races… I mean, most of my acquaintances are of other races. But if they are Common people, they may be able to offer something to the Imperial State and ask for its protection. There is a microscopic possibility that the Imperial State will accept them as convertees, depending on what they hand over to them. In reality, it would not be that easy, but if they have given up on Arland, there is a possibility that they would put their trust in the Imperial State.
And then there is my information. This is about my appearance, my magic aptitude, and my toys. Certainly, normal children wouldn’t be capable of that. I would also tilt my head in puzzlement if you told me all that was done by a child.
However, if I move around in the future, I won’t be able to manipulate information anymore. Is she saying that I may be in a situation where I may have to lead the suspicious person by the nose?

“I hate these troublesome things. Do you think I could stay in the underground forever?”

“We’re already beyond the situation where we can’t just lock ourselves away in one place. I won’t tell you the details, but I have already eliminated many spies at your study abroad destination. The next time you move, you will have the means to fight them.”

Hm? I already have the means to fight. I have magic tools and attack magic.

“It is my hobby to keep observing you, Princess, but when you direct attack magic at people, you subconsciously go easy on them, don’t you? You have certainly learned to aim magic at people, but what will you do if we use up all of our strength? You can win by holding back only against children. If your opponents know that they won’t die because you are holding back, they won’t hesitate to harm you.”

I don’t mean to go easy on them, though. Her point is, can I kill someone? I guess that’s what it comes down to. This world is basically unsafe. There are quite a few bad people.
Even nobles sometimes have to kill people. Usually, they have bodyguards. But what do you do if those bodyguards get defeated? If you cry and beg for your life, that would be scandalous. And in my case, they wouldn’t let me get away from it because of a few tears.
If you are not strong, you are useless. The royal family of Arland is different compared to other countries. They seek strength and have taken more blood from the strong than other authorities. Father is a good example. Normally, a fairy tale in which the Princess falls in love with the second son of a lowly noble family, who later becomes a King, would never happen in this world.
However, in the royal family of Arland, strength is considered absolute. If you are not strong, you cannot protect the land. Therefore, birth is not a factor.
Naturally, I must have that blood flowing through my veins. No matter how much my soul is a product of another world, my body is the child of my parents. Then I should be able to fight as long as I have the will to fight.


“I can fight, too. I’m not just a spoiled kid. I also love Arland. I would rather give up my pampering than let someone take away something precious to me.”

I looked at Alicia with serious eyes. Alicia let out a small sigh as if she sensed my resolve. It was as if she was sad.

“I honestly don’t think you can fight, Princess. Everyone thinks that. You are someone who just loves to make things. You are a person who can show her true value only in peaceful times. However, Arland cannot afford to smother talented people. From now on, you will be trained for combat. Frankly speaking, I am against it. I want you to lead a peaceful life.”

That’s why she was getting in my way, Alicia added. Apparently, it was also my Mother’s intention. It is true that there was a lot of interference that was beyond the scope of a maid from Alicia, but she was not punished much for it. I guess my Father really has no real authority in the family, so he couldn’t say anything.

“I don’t want to end up in a duel with Mr. Albert right from the bat, though… he doesn’t hold back even during practice, and even Big brother returned covered in bruises.”

“I don’t want you to use combat arts that require you to use weapons. You don’t have a shred of talent for it. I once saw you wielding a wooden sword in secret, but you couldn’t even straighten your back after a while. I was surprised when you suddenly used a real swordsmanship in a duel. When did you learn that?”

She got angry when I told her that I was just manipulating my body with puppetry techniques based on the data I had obtained from the Knights Order’s training.

“Please don’t carry a weapon on you without basic knowledge. It is not your real ability, after all. The reason it was effective was because the opponent was careless and inexperienced. You were playing just a game of chance at that point.”

It was certainly not my ability. Forced movement damages the body, and it is impossible to trace the movement of someone with difference in original stamina and physical strength without compensation. Even if I could heal my body injured by an unreasonable load, my own physical strength would decrease. I would lose my fighting strength as I continued to fight.

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