v2 Chapter 39

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Hiiro (20)
Ah, how frustrating. I decided to kiss the cheek of Naruhito I was holding vertically to calm down.
Oh, oh, looks like he’s happy. Huh? Is he blushing too?

“Master Hiiro, that’s enough.”

I was stopped by Otoha.

“Naru, kisses should be done where no one can see.”

It’s hopeless telling that to Naruhito.
I had to give up and just rub our cheeks together.

“You have a good expression on your face, Otoha.”

Otoha, who has gained a bit of flesh recently and polished her beauty, lightly loosened the corners of her mouth.
She wore a light makeup, and was unbelievably beautiful.
Naruhito in my arms has also gained a bit of weight. Both of them seem to have overcome the worry of disappearing. I’m thinking of giving a bonus to Hirose, who worked hard.
Let’s get through the summons from the Nijou family quickly and go home.
Nijou is deeply resentful that we have adopted an official form of discussion.

“We have applied for the appropriate punishment for the perpetrator of the murder case.”

Nijou Akegi glared sharply, but the judge showed no sign of being disturbed.


“Since the application has been rejected many times, we reluctantly set up this kind of situation. We deeply apologize to Lady Otoha for the trouble this has caused. We also apologize to Prince Hiiro for the inconvenience.”

The judge calmly stood up from his chair, bowed his head, and then sat back down.
As the anger on Nijou Akegi’s face intensified, he stood up from his chair.

“This woman–”

He stopped speaking and pointed at Otoha.

“She let our precious daughter’s life slip away.”

Then, dramatically covering his face with both hands, he sat back down.

“Oh, poor Mihane. She was cured once. There was a way to cure her. Master Hiiro is also guilty. By concealing Otoha from us, he had a clear intention to kill Mihane.”

“How disrespectful. Is my name something that should be taken so lightly by you?”

I don’t really feel anything, but I’ll point out the details of not attaching “His Highness” to the name. At times like this, it’s good to remember Akemi’s way of doing things.
Put on a smile only at the corners of my mouth, and speak in a voice that is not too monotonous.
The puzzled face of Naruhito next to me was amusing.
Oh, it’s starting to be fun.

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