v2 Chapter 38

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Naruhito (24)
Gramps collected the gun and handed it to Princess Akemi.

“Bringing weapons into this area is prohibited. Furthermore, red attire is a symbol of the Royal family. Gojou Sekitora, you can no longer wear that color. Return it promptly… I won’t ask you to change that precious name. But at least, live in a way that doesn’t disgrace the name.”

“Be silent, Akemi. No matter how convincing your words are, I won’t be deceived. I was framed by you.”

“How disrespectful. Even if you are a member of the Royal family, I think only my Father can speak to me in that manner. Calling me by my name without honorifics is also unacceptable. Well, I don’t particularly want you to call me big brother, either.”

Sekitora tried to raise his left-hand which held a cane, but it was immediately twisted up by Rikimaru.
Hiiro, as if it didn’t concern him anymore, tried to move forward.
I followed after him to keep up.
Just as I thought my leg hurt a bit, Hiiro lifted me up lightly. That made me happy, so I hugged him tightly.

“Those Combat Doll over there!”

Sekitora’s cane, released by Rikimaru, pointed at me.
Rikimaru looked surprised, looking back and forth between us.

“I made no mistake by trying to hand it over to the research institute. Ignoring the order is Hiiro, and the one who destroyed the institute is also Hiiro. If there is punishment, it should be for Hiiro.”


“You haven’t received any orders to collect Combat Dolls. Hiiro has already responded through the proper channels that he doesn’t own any Combat Dolls. Did you make a mistake and kidnap and harm Hiiro’s beloved child? The claim for damages to the institute should be directed at you.”

Hiiro quickly left the scene.

“Not a Combat Doll, huh. What nonsense.”

“Two researchers from the institute had apologized. They said they made a terrible mistake.”

Ah, I remember those two white coats. Dr. Shinobu and Mutsumine. Already nostalgic.

“There are no more Combat Dolls.”

Although they were a little far away, Princess Akemi’s voice echoed in the corridor.
There are no more Combat Dolls.

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