Idle Talk 11

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Count Couple’s Moment
“Oh? You seem to be in a quite good mood, Rebecca.”

When I came to my wife Rebecca’s room to relax, I noticed that her countenance was gentler than usual.

“Oh my, you can tell?”
“Haha, I would naturally be able to understand if it appears on your face like that. Did you have so much fun going out with Takumi-san and the children today?”
“I did. I had a lot of fun~”

Today, Rebecca went to the town together with the adventurer siblings Takumi-kun, Allen-kun, and Elena-chan who stay at our house, but it seems that she had a lot of fun. When I asked further, her expression became even brighter than before.

“It’s a pity that we couldn’t go together. So, where did you go?”
“Fufu, we did shopping around many stores.”
“Shopping, huh? Did something happen?”
“Many things. We visited ‘Silver Thread’ the first today. Takumi-san has ordered coats in that store, and they were just finished, so I had them shown to me.”

Order of coats? Ahh, it was the store that made clothes for the audience for Takumi-kun and the twins. Did he choose that store because of that?

“Those coats, you know, they were very adorable!”

N? Adorable? The coats were?
Coats are mostly of a simple design with calming colors, but…… just what kind of coats did Takumi-kun had made?

“…… Were children’s coats small and adorable?”
“That’s not it! You see, the coats had animal ears attached to the hoods!”
“Ears? Was it like the Beastmen’s?”
“Yes. Allen-chan’s coat was designed after a Fenrir, while Elena-chan’s was after a Celestial Tiger, so they were really adorable!”

I see, a design made after animals, huh. Designs that have people’s playfulness added to them occasionally appear, but to come up with a design like that…… Takumi-kun does some interesting things.
N? Speaking of Fenrir and Celestial Tiger, weren’t they, if I’m not mistaken…… Takumi-kun’s contracted beasts?
…… That reminds me, Takumi-kun has yet to show me his contracted beasts.

“I must have them show me the coats later then.”
“Yes, you should definitely take a look!”

Next time, let’s have Takumi-kun show me his contracted beasts as well.
Rebecca is this excited, so I can imagine the cuteness of the kids, but having the two wear the coats and line up next to Takumi-kun’s contracted beasts might not be a bad idea.

“Ah, not only the children’s, but you better see Takumi-san’s as well.”
“Takumi-san’s coat looks simple at a glance, but you know of Marry’s playfulness. Fufu.”
“…… Perhaps?”
“There were ears attached to the hood!”

Moreover, since she’s telling me to have a look, then the ears cannot be taken off?
Isn’t that treatment a little cruel for an adult male?

“Since it was just her playfulness, doesn’t that mean she intended to take them off?”
“Well, Allen-chan and Elena-chan were very pleased with them, you see~ They strongly opposed to taking them off.”
“…… Ahh~”

Takumi-kun, you lost the chance to take them off……

“My goodness…… Takumi-kun’s must have felt very complicated about that~”
“Fufu. But you know, I think that it suited Takumi-kun quite well too.”
“No, even if it suited him, the act of impersonating Beastmen is……――”
“Oh my, isn’t that fine? Besides……”

Interrupting my words, a deep smile floated on Rebecca’s face.

“I have also ordered clothes for children modeled after animals.”

I felt relieved by Rebecca’s following words.
I readied myself because it seemed that she was scheming something, but if it’s ordering several clothes for children, then there won’t be a problem with the assets of our House.

“Also, I have ordered the same thing as the children for Wald♪”
“…… N?”

But, I couldn’t believe my ears with Rebecca’s following words.
She ordered Wald’s clothes? Would that fellow wear clothes that have animal ears attached to them?

“T, that…… I don’t think it will suit him……”
“N~ I also thought so, however~ Rather fusing over whether it would suit him or not, I thought of having him try wearing it first~”
“…… That so?”

Wald will be refusing to wear it with all of his might, but Rebecca will have him wear it no matter what~
I should be glad that she did not order anything for me…… let’s leave it at that.
Sorry, Wald.

“By the way…… what is it that you are drinking?”

Thinking that it would be dangerous to continue this talk, I decided to change the topic.
I was curious about the different from usual beverage Rebecca was drinking.

“Fufu, this is a milk tea――a black tea with milk.”
“Hooh~ to think black tea could be drunk in such manner……”

I never thought of adding milk to my black tea.
I don’t think it would be a bad match, but…… well, Rebecca is drinking it without saying anything, so far from the affinity not being bad, it must be excellent. ――N?

“…… Was Takumi-kun the one who taught you this way of drinking, by any chance?”
“My, oh my, you are correct.”

The thought has crossed my mind so I inquired, but it seems it was just as I thought.

“Just how does Takumi-kun come with such ideas, I wonder?”

Takumi-kun is a truly mysterious existence.
His appearances are that of an ordinary young man. But, he’s hiding many things that cannot be grasped just from his appearances.
Magic and cooking. Those are his two abilities that we are currently clear about, but he possesses outstanding prowess in both. However, I am guessing that is not all.
Speaking frankly, that man is full of surprises.
There were many surprises I experienced since getting involved with him, but the biggest surprise would be the pearls after all?
Though beautiful-shaped pearls are rarely sold at the market, he offered several as if they were nothing.
On top of that, each pearl was so big it would leave everyone speechless, so the time he started taking out colored pearls was jaw-dropping.
I was curious about where he obtained them, but I felt that I would be unable to stand up due to shock, so I didn’t ask in the end!
Truly, a young man with an unknown depth.

“But, it’s not like he’s doing something bad, so isn’t it fine? Well, it leads to the surroundings reacting strongly on their own though~ However, that is not Takumi-san’s fault, and it’s our duty to take care of it as his guardians, no?”
“Ahh, which reminds me, it’s about this milk tea…… it will be revealed at the tea leaves store.”

This way of drinking will be spread by a tea leaves store? Won’t it cause an uproar?

“It will be fine. As for the milk tea, there won’t be a problem as it’s only the way of drinking that is being spread. Russel-san will handle it well.”

As the way of drinking tea increase, tea leaves will sell along with it, so leaving it to a tea leaves store is a good idea. Certainly, you can easily tell what was used to make the milk tea after tasting it.
If a problem arises, the shopkeeper will surely seek our help, so we will just have to move then.

“I see. Then there’s no problem. But, will you go check up on the situation once, please?”
“Yes, leave it to me.”

It would be better to check on the progress, so I asked Rebecca to oversee it.

“And so, Rebecca. Is there no milk tea for me?”
“My, of course there is.”

The winter’s social season will come very soon, so I still have a work to do, but why don’t I enjoy the milk tea for now?

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