Chapter 141

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Receiving a Request

I intended to take it easy after going shopping with Rebecca-san, but Allen and Elena seemed wanting to move to their hearts’ content soon, so we came to the Adventurer’s Guild to receive a request, and looked at the written requests on the board.

“”Which to do~♪””

Just as I thought, the two eyed the requests while singing happily.

“Now then, which one would be good?”

Err…… “Seeking Shadow Wolf fangs” “Seeking Water Bear pelts” “Seeking Giant Boar pelts” huh. These would be subjugation-type, harvesting requests. Requests like these involve defeating the corresponding monsters and submitting only the requested parts. The rest can be sold off.
We always accept only herb-picking plant requests, so we had not received any subjugation request before~
However…… they are all materials I have on hand. If we accept these requests, I could finish it right on the spot……
There would be no meaning in accepting a request…… the children wouldn’t be content.
No, should I leave them in the Infinite Storage and go harvest new ones? We should do that if there are no particularly valuable requests.

“This is~?”

While trying to decide on the subject of the request, Allen pointed at one of the written requests.
The two still only know numbers and simple letters, so he must have pointed at something which stood out.

“This one?”
“This is a request wanting the ‘Cotton Sheep’s wool’…… it’s a sheep that looks like a lump of fluff~”
“”Lump of fluff~?””
“Yeah, I think it should be a lump of fluff? Well, I have not actually seen it myself before.”

Cotton Sheep is apparently a monster with the bulky wool of a sheep.
Is that hair cotton? Is it wool? That’s the question.
But, I wouldn’t understand unless I touched it.

“”Lump of fluff, wanna see~!””
“N? Errr……――Ah~ this one is not good.”
“The request is too far away. It would be a bit unreasonable.”

Unfortunately, the main habitat of Cotton Sheep seems to be in the alpines of a foreign country.
There wouldn’t be a problem if we planned to go that way, but it would be unsuitable for today’s request.


Although unwilling, Allen and Elena gave up, so I decided to look for another request.

“Then, this~”

Next, Elena pointed at a written request.

“This one? This is……”

This request was seeking the scale of a Leviathan.

“Ah~…… this one is also not good.”
“This request is asking for a scale of Leviathan――in other words, Kaiser’s scale. Allen and Elena wouldn’t like to hurt or bring pain upon Kaiser, right?”

I do not know whether it would be possible for us to tear off Kaiser’s scale. Besides, I have no idea whether tearing off scales from Kaiser would hurt him. I mean, the time we received a scale from Kaiser, he casually ripped it off of himself. It might be actually the same feeling as plucking a hair is for us. But, the two wouldn’t be satisfied unless I said something like this.


Just as I thought, the two refused with all of their might. They will surely give up on this request.
Rather, who is it, the one who put up such a request! Even though Leviathan scales aren’t something so easily obtainable. Well, the remuneration for the completion is that staggering though!

“See, it’s not a good request. Therefore, let’s look for a different one.”
“”Yea, got it~””

The children consented, so we viewed the requests once more.

“”That is~?””

This time, Allen and Elena pointed at the same request.

“This one? This is ‘Seeking Bloody Wolf pelts’.”
“”I know!””
“Indeed. We have defeated Bloody Wolves in the Gaya Forest before.”
“”Yea! …… Huhh~ we have?””
“Pelts of the Bloody Wolves? Yup, we do~”

Ohh~ After Allen and Elena chose this request, they seem to have noticed that we could complete it immediately?

“You understood it well. That’s right. Even if we accept this request, it would end once we hand over the pelts.”
“”No good-!””
“Haha. Allen and Elena’s turn would get lost after all, right?”
“Let’s choose a different request then. Now then, is there anything good, I wonder~ ――Oh, wouldn’t something like this be good?”

As I gazed at the large number of requests again, the request in the vicinity of the Capital frequently appeared, and yet, there were numerous monster materials I have not heard of before.

“”What is it~?””
“N? This one requests the ‘Battle Eagle feathers’. We have not fought any bird-type monsters before, but how about it?”
“”Will do~””
“Alright! Let’s settle on this one then.”

We have no experience against bird-type monsters, but the objective this time is the feathers. If there are fallen feathers around the nest, we really wouldn’t have to fight the Battle Eagle. Therefore, there shouldn’t be a problem with the degree of difficulty.
Besides, Battle Eagle itself is a C-rank monster, so it’s not like we would fall behind if the fight broke out.

“Allen, will fight~”
“Elena, will do her best~”

Allen and Elena were full of motivation to fight as always.

“There’s no need to defeat it by all means, but…… well, if an enemy comes at us, I will leave it to you.”

We won’t know until that time, but because we will surely encounter monsters on the way, it’s not like there won’t be any fighting for the two. I will have the two do their best at that time.
That being the case, I promptly took the『Battle Eagle feathers』request, and finished the procedures at the reception.

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