Chapter 53

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Playing in Water
“Wafu~” “Gau~”

The next day after arriving in the town of Bailey. I brought Allen and Elena to an unpopular coast. I had remembered that when we arrived at the sea, we have immediately met with Mirena-san and went to the mermaid village, so we couldn’t thoroughly enjoy the beach.
After arriving at the sea, Allen and Elena together with the summoned Joule and Feat charged into the sea.

“Wafu.” “Gau.”
“Wafu~n.” “Gau~”

It appears that they have begun playing in the seawater at the shallow. Allen and Elena are splashing water at Feat and Joule with both of their hands.
They are not wearing the mermaid bracelets today. Because of that, Allen and Elena who went in fully clothed are drenched from head to toes. Well, something like this may be good once in a while.

“Is Bolt not going to play?”
“Piii, pii.”

He’s probably saying “I will have to decline”. Bolt quietly stays on my shoulder.
I gently stroke Bolt and sit on the sandy beach while watching the children play.

“Wafu.” “Gau.”

Ah, Joule and Feat threw themselves on Allen and Elena, and a light basha~n noise resounded from the sea.
Oh boy. Well, Joule, and Feat didn’t throw themselves on them with their full power, so they are probably not injured.



When Allen and Elena got up, Joule and Feat shook, and all of the water in their fur flew out.
Ah~ That will of course splash water everywhere……
After finishing splashing water, Joule and Feat run away at full speed.


Allen and Elena began chasing after Joule and Feat who ran away.
Because Joule and Feat are not running away seriously, Allen and Elena catch up immediately, jump on and hug the backs of the two animals.


Well, they usually act as ordinary pets, but they are without a doubt, S-Rank beasts. If Joule and Feat were escaping seriously, as expected Allen and Elena wouldn’t be able to catch them so easily.

“Wafu.” “Gau.”

This time, Allen and Elena started running away. Joule and Feat chase after them. That’s definitely the game of tag.

“”Ah, crab~””

While running around, chasing each other, a Sand Crab appeared before the two children and two animals.


It was Joule’s turn to escape this time, so the Sand Crab got blown away by the legs of the running Joule. Peshi, Joule just lightly touched it with its forepaw. And yet, the Sand Crab got blown off and ceased to move.
Oi, oi, that was heartless just now…… it felt as if Joule was walking along the road and kicked a pebble. The opponent was a monster, but being knocked down before the battle even started is somewhat pitiful.


Bolt caught the Sand Crab that washed ashore in its feet and brought it to me.
It seems that both Joule and Bolt are pleased with the securing of the spoils of war. Let’s at least make something delicious from it.




W, what!?
The weather was nice and warm, so I have apparently dozed off a little. Then, a lot of water was came flying towards me…… I’m drenched from head to toes.

“Wafu~” “Gau~”

We have done it, I saw children making such expressions. It seems that the children have splashed me with water.


Bolt has cried in a worry, but Bolt himself shrewdly evacuated. If you had enough time to evacuate, I would like you to inform me as well……

“Hey, you guys!”
“Wafu~” “Gau~”

When I stood up, pretending to be angry, they have entered the sea. Then, the two children and two animals escape while swimming. Seeing how good time they have, they must know that I’m not really mad.
I stop at the depth where the water hits my knees, manipulate the seawater with water magic and make a large wave. I send that wave towards the children.
It’s that. The wave pool that’s in certain water parks. It has such feeling.
The wave washes the children bodies which floated on the sea surface ashore.


Allen and Elena were smiling after being swept by a wave. It seems they found it amusing.

“One mo~re♪”

Allen and Elena who were carried ashore swam back to the open sea and requested me to do it again.

“Here, it’s coming~”

I make a wave with magic one more time, and the wave carries Allen and Elena back.


Allen’s and Elena’s laughter resounded again.
Because they apparently liked it, they asked me “One more time” “One more time” many times over. Answering to their request, I repeat using water magic. This is unexpectedly good practice for water magic. After repeating it around ten times――



This sound…… has the contracted beast that the Fire God sent arrived?

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