Chapter 52

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(Hello, Takumi-san. You seem well.)

We came across a temple while strolling around the town, so I decided to stop by for the first time in a while.
When I entered inside, I went towards the stone statue and spoke to Syl as usual. Then, Syl immediately replied.

(Well, that is so. Rather than that Syl, I have heard about Allen and Elen.a)

I inform him that I know that Allen and Elena are Water God’s children just in case.
Syl might have already known that I know, though.

(…… Yeah. Sorry for keeping silent about it.)
(I understand that Syl wasn’t at fault.)
(Yes, thank you.)
(More importantly than that, what is Allen’s and Elena’s father doing?)

Syl became silent at my question. It appears he can’t tell me.

(…… I understand, I understand.)

Haah…… I won’t hear more than this…… In the first place, I did not expect to hear much.
Nevertheless, Allen’s and Elena’s father――Just what kind of person is Water God-sama? As the appearances of Syl’s statue is exactly the same, there won’t probably be much difference from his statue, right?
Water God-sama’s appearances are the complete opposite of Syl’s androgynous-like look. He gives off a very manly impression.
Naturally, he’s handsome. Besides, that. Hoso macho[Thin man with well-defined muscles]. How envious~
Muscles are something I have yearned for in a period of my life. However, since I was no good at exercising and muscles were hard to attain. Hoso macho…… that was a dream within a dream……
Oops, the talk got off point. Umm…… right, right appearances. Allen and Elena are also good-looking. I feel like they resemble Water God…… not that much?
Honestly, I can’t tell. Because the statue is all white, I can’t tell hair color and such~
I have a certain feeling that Water God-sama may be happy-go-lucky. As far as looking at the communication between Syl and Water God-sama’s Chief retainer. They seem to have some hardships.
Well, isn’t that okay? If he butted in now and took Allen and Elena away, I would be lonely.

Ah, right, right. I wanted to ask Syl something today.

(Say, Syl. (Temporary) has disappeared from the retainer in the race row, what does that mean?)

Right. A short after meeting Kaiser and acquiring Telepathy skill, I confirmed my status. At that time, I noticed that the (Temporary) had disappeared from the race row before I noticed.

(Yeah. Takumi-san, congratulations on your promotion.)
(Takumi-san has officially become my retainer~)

In my slightly absentminded ears, I hear Syl clapping his hands.

(It was slightly faster than I have expected~ It was almost as planned.)

………… Moreover, it was planned? You should have told me beforehand.
Rather, what is with this official retainer business! I didn’t hear anything about that.
As if perceiving my mind’s voice, Syl begins explaining regarding the official retainers.

(To become official retainer you see~ A symbol or perhaps should I say each has a role bestowed upon them when they become fully qualified.)

Eh, symbol? Role?

(In other words, you are giving me work?)
(N~ It’s slightly different from work? In short, you look after your symbol. By the way, I’m the ‘Wind’.)
(So, what about me?)
(……… It’s Nurture and Education.)
(……… Eh?)

Wait a moment…… What did Syl just say? …… Nurture and Education?
Why did something like that become my symbol? Is it related to Allen and Elena?

(Huh? But, can something like that be a symbol of Wind God’s retainer?)

Because I’m Wind God’s retainer, nurture and education must be under Syl’s jurisdiction, right? He doesn’t have such image, though.

(That’s wrong! Nurture and Education is Marianora-sama’s territory! It can’t be helped because Takumi-san has received Marianora-sama’s blessing, but~ Takumi-san is my retainer, you know? Why don’t you have a role related to the wind!?)

N? What, Syl unusually lost his temper…… Did I possibly touch a subject that shouldn’t be touched?
Did Syl lose his temper because my symbol is not related to the wind? Which reminds me, he was making a fuss when it came to the attribute of the contracted beast too.
But, this is not something I can fix.

(It’s not as I have decided it, so there’s nothing I can do, right?)
(That is true, but……)

He’s like a sulking child……

(So, what should I do from now on?)
(Ah, yes. Umm, although you have become an official retainer, you will be alright if you continue as you were.)
(Is that so?)
(Yes. As you know, nurturing those children is a sufficient duty. You are right on the mark. Ah, right! Takumi-san, there are items for you from Fire God.)
(Haah!? Syl, wait a moment……――)


Suddenly, Syl recalled some items and sent them to me. Before I could stop him, an electric sound of atrocity resounded…… When I timidly looked at the window screen, items with fire attributes were listed one after another. And outrageous amount at that.
This is really so abrupt I don’t know what’s what anymore. Why is Fire God-sama sending me items?

(Syl, I don’t know the reason behind this, but……)
(It’s gratitude for the development of cooking on Aetherdia.)

Development of cooking…… what is he talking about?

(Takumi-san, Kashi-pan is popular in Shirin, right? Currently, far from the whole Guardia, that Kashi-pan is spreading to other countries, you know~ Also the soup called miso you have made on the expedition with the Knights. That has already become Shirin’s staple product, you know!)

Eh? That’s news.
I saw Kashi-pan while walking around Bailey, so I thought that it was already introduced there~ but, isn’t it too early to spread to other countries?
I certainly made a miso soup during the expedition with the Knights. The Knights who tasted it asked how to make it, so I have taught them the existence of miso, but…… Not only the Knights but a staple of Shirin?

(Besides, the soy sauce dish you have cooked with will probably spread immediately as well. That will spread in no time, you know?)
(Soy sauce dish? tte, that thing, butter and soy sauce! There certainly was a queue for that, but wasn’t that just because it was unusual? That’s exaggerated~)
(I think that Takumi-san doesn’t know, but there has been no development of cooking on Aetherdia in the last several hundred years, you know? Although there were some changes, there were no new dishes that got popular like those of Takumi-san.)
(You jest~)

That’s ridiculous. There’s no way there was no development in several hundred years, right?
I guess Syl is exaggerating a bit.

(There really was no development. That’s why nearly every dish no matter what ingredients is salt-based.)

Certainly…… The meals we ate at the Inn were mostly seasoned with just salt.
If it’s only ingredients, it’s not that different from Earth, no…… it’s more abundant than that. Because there are the same ingredients as on Earth, then there are ingredients that drop from monsters, the number of ingredients is absolutely higher on Aetherdia.
But, even though the dishes aren’t bad, there’s not much variety.
Eeh!? Then, there really was no development for several hundred years!?

(If you eat an ingredient that is『Exquisite』just as it is, people will stop devising further, after all.)
(………… I see.)

Ah~ I think I can understand that~
Rather than untactfully seasoning meat, simply seasoning it with salt may give it the best taste or a supreme fruit that’s said to make you happy just by eating it as it is.
Rather than honing their cooking skills, they rather concentrate their efforts on how to obtain such ingredients.

(Because of that, the Fire God was in great joy. Cooking is Fire God’s territory, after all. Therefore, that’s the gratitude for that. Also, the bestowal of Fire Magic skill and contracted beast has been prepared.)

How grandiose. But, I would be glad to use fire magic. There are monsters that wind and water have a bad affinity with, after all. It’s not a bad thing to have at hand.
Also, a contracted beast, huh~ Now after it has come so far, I have no problems with having one more beast. I’m just worried about what kind of child it is.

(Listen well, Takumi-san. Next time, please do your best in the wind territory, okay!)

Although Syl has reminded me of that, it’s not something I can aim towards so it’s impossible. Give up.

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