Chapter 51

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Wicked Snake Skin and Allen’s Request
“Ah, that’s right. Boss, is it also possible to order protective gear made with self-brought materials?”
“Of course. What’s the material? Considering it’s Niichan, it must be leather and not metal?”
“Yes, that’s right. Can you make it with this?”

I retrieve a part of Evil Viper’s skin from Infinite Storage and show it to Boss.
I remembered that I wanted to make armor from this for myself and naturally for Allen and Elena as well.

“Wwha!? T, the hell is this!! This lustrous color. The quality of magical power…… Perhaps, is it Evil Viper!?”
“That’s correct. You recognized it as well.”

Boss has recognized Evil Viper at a glance.
Craftsmen are amazing. Unless I use appraisal, I can’t tell from what monster the material is.

“Again! Taking out valuable things like toys. Seriously, where do you get your hands on all of this!!”
“Ah~ I have defeated that one.”

Unlike Kaiser’s scale, I have sold Evil Viper to the guild. Because he could find out if he checked, I answered honestly.

“What you say!? You are an adventurer? What’s your rank?”
“A-Rank, more or less.”

I’m aware that I don’t look strong.
However, I have asked for armor in the first place, though? Did he think that I’m not an adventurer, but just need armor for traveling?

“I thought you weren’t ordinary, but……. A-Rank, huh. Even though I have thought that I had an eye for adventurers after working for so many years…… You can’t judge people by their appearances, huh.”

Ah, that. That’s similar to the words of the Shirin’s Adventurer’s Guild’s Guild Master. It appears that my condition is mismatched.

“Sorry…… I strayed away from the talk. So, protective armor, right? This is a rarely seen first-class material. If you want to use it, let me make it, by all means.”
“Can you do Enchantment? I would like to have an automatic size adjustment, but.”

Enchantment means to give weapons, armors, accessories, or tools a magic effect.
Strengthening the tools, increasing durability…… There are many kinds of magic effects.

“Enchantment, huh~…… Certainly, if you use a material like this, you would like to have Enchantment~ But, that is impossible for me. Craftsmen who would be able to do that can be found only in the capital.”
“Is that so?”

I see, so it’s not possible, after all~
People who can use Enchantment magic are few, to begin with. Furthermore, it rarely happens that such a person is also a production craftsman.
Even if they are not a craftsman, locating someone who can do it and asking them to apply magic is also quite difficult.

“I wanted to make boots for these children, but……”

The boots we are wearing now is what Syl has actually prepared for us, it has automatic size, and automatic temperature adjustments, automatic repairment, dirt prevention effect, the boots are super first-class items.
However, I’m worried about the defensive aspect. Especially for Allen and Elena whose core is kicking.
Therefore, I thought of getting them battle-oriented boots that emphasized defense, but…… If the boots are made with Evil Viper’s skin, they should be resistant to both physical and magical attacks.
But you see~ Allen and Elena will only grow from now on. As expected, without automatic size adjustment, the shoes will become small all too soon.
There’s really no problem in making new shoes whenever they get bigger. I can earn enough money to buy good ones every time.
It’s just that we live a life where we move a lot because we are not settling in one place, I won’t be able to predict the timing to make new ones, the days involved in the production, etc.
But, after all, I’d like to make sure the shoes are perfect. N~ It appears that getting excellent armor is not as easy as it looks……

“For children? That’s some extravagance again. But, as the children grows, the size adjustments will be needed even more, right~ Kwu~ Even though it was finally my chance to handle a good material~”

Should I give on making the children’s boots this time? The current boots are sufficient enough for now.
Besides, it seems that I will be able to find a craftsman that can do Enchantment in the capital, so I should endure until then. That person might be able to make something excellent.
Boss looks very regrettable that he can’t process the Evil Viper’s skin…… He’s drowning in sorrow.
N~ Equipment that needs Enchantment would be impossible, but――

“My breastplate and so on――”
“Of course! Leave it to me!!”

…… I couldn’t speak until the end.
I see. He wanted to use the Evil Viper skin that much.

“Also, I would like to request gloves as well.”

I would like a breastplate that could protect the heart. Ah~ But, wouldn’t vest or something be better?
Also, gloves for gathering. The gloves from normal leather are enough for the moment, but it will become a necessity depending on the plants.
Herbs that release electricity when held, herbs that have to be held while blocking its magical power, there are many special plants.
I would probably want to pick them if found.

“Gloves! Those are certainly for Niichan, right?”
“Yes, that’s right~ And then, a gauntlet? I would like something that could cover my arm.”
“Gauntlet? Not from metal, but leather? No, this leather is stronger than some metals, but. Or is it not a protective gear?”
“I keep a hawk. When that child lands on my arm, his claws dig in a little.”

It’s alright at the moment if Bolt gently lands, but I thought I should have one just in case. I should just have one made.

“Ah, so that’s it. That’s just one arm then. Let’s take the measurements first.”
“Ah, yes…… N?”

When Boss was about to start taking my measurements, Allen was pulling on my clothes.

“What’s wrong, Allen?”
“Allen wants too~”
“N? You want gloves?”
“No. Bolt’s~”

Bolt’s? …… Ah!

“Allen wants to hold Bolt on his arms as well?”

Allen unusually requested something on his own.
And it being a gauntlet for Bolt, what an adorable request.
Come to think of it, he was looking at the swords and armors since we have entered this store. As a boy, he would be interested in such things, after all?

“Alright. Let’s make one for Allen as well.”
“Really~! Yay!”
“How about Elena?”

Allen was very pleased when I decided to have one made on for Allen too.
When I asked Elena if she wants a gauntlet for Bolt as well, she shook her head like she doesn’t need it. On the contrary to before, Elena did not show interest this time.

“Then, Boss. Make a gauntlet for this child as well, please.”
“I don’t mind making it, but what do you want to do about the leather? You are surely not telling me to make this child’s gauntlet from Evil Viper skin too?”

I wouldn’t mind it being made from Evil Viper skin just like mine, but if I tell that to Boss it would probably seem too outrageous~

“Let’s see~ A material that wouldn’t get pierced by the hawk’s claws while being light enough to not become a burden to this child. Anything is fine, would you be able to find an appropriate one?”

If the Evil Viper skin is not used, I don’t know what else may be good. It would be better to leave this to Boss.

“I see, in that case, leave it to me. That’s right, why don’t I make the gauntlet larger and fix the arm portion with straps? If I do that, he may keep on using it even after he grows to some extent.”
“Yes. Thank you very much. Do that please.”

What a delightful suggestion. It would be better if it could get adjusted with straps.
I immediately approved of Boss’s suggestion.

“Allen, is there anything else you want?”
“No, is fine~!”

Oh my? He showed interest so I had thought he would like some kind of weapon or something, but…… Was he just curious?
Well, isn’t that good for the moment?
I only have to buy him a weapon when he becomes bigger and interested.

After confirming our orders, we have left the store.
It will take about one week for all the items to be ready. I’m looking forward to finished products~

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