Chapter 46

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Dungeon of Ripples – Capture 1
After finishing our lunch, we immediately start with the capture of the first floor.


When I turn on the light and peek inside the entrance, there was a culvert-like place. A waterway with flowing water in the center. And a pathway people can walk on both of its sides.
Because it’s a single, straight path we don’t hesitate to advance. I was just concerned about which side of the waterway to walk, but because it was a jumpable distance between both sides, I have decided to walk on the left side for now.
With nothing happening for a while, the waterway split in the shape of T.

“Which way shall we go?”
“Alright, left it is.”

Allen and Elena pointed to the left simultaneously.
When I inquire which way to go just like I did during the previous dungeon capture, the two pointed without hesitation.
Left means that we don’t have to jump across the waterway.

As we advance, obviously poisonous purple frogs with yellow dots jumped out from the water.
E-Rank monster, Poison Frog.

“Allen, Elena. Because this fellow has poison, use magic. I leave the one in front of you in your care. ――Air Shot.”

To make it easier for Allen and Elena to aim, I clean up all Poison Frogs except the one in front of them with a wind bullet.

“”Ye~s――Water~ Ball~.””

They have practiced magic on rocks. Therefore, it’s Allen’s and Elena’s first time shooting a moving target.
Allen and Elena aimed their water balls straight ahead and shot and the Poison Frogs.
However, because of a slight movement of the Poison Frog, the water balls missed. Was it truly accidental that the water balls the two shot landed at the same place?


Allen and Elena make slightly frustrated expressions.
I know I shouldn’t laugh in this situation, but because the two’s expression was so adorable I broke into a smile.

Cough…… Allen, Elena. Try aiming one more time. You can do it.”
“”Okay. ――Water~ Ball~.”

This time, the two’s water balls hit the Poison Frog.

“”It hit~!””
“Good, good~ Well done.”

A bottle filled with Poison Frog’s poison appeared at the place of the Poison Frog. Allen and Elena swiftly pick it up and jump at me.
Seriously cute~

“Shall we practice magic like this for a little more?”

When I ask while stroking the two’s heads, they cheerfully answer.
After that, we smoothly advanced, and when a monster appeared, Allen and Elena defeated it with magic.
What appeared next were slimes. Fruit jelly made with the slime jelly it drops is quite delicious. Because I have a certain feeling that slime jelly can be used for something else besides fruit jelly, we assertively defeat it and collect the drops.
Which reminds me, all slimes here we have defeated until now were light blue in color. The slime jelly it drops is semi-transparent, odorless and tasteless, but the color of the slimes here is different from the previous dungeon. Is the slime jelly dropped from different colored slimes the same?
I’m afraid to say that Syl’s implemented knowledge doesn’t have anything on this. Well~ On the contrary, if there was a detailed knowledge about the ecology of slimes, that would actually be quite unpleasant……
Because it doesn’t look like we will come across slimes different than the light blue ones here, I’m looking forward to the next dungeon.

Allen and Elena beat the monster that appeared one after another.
Water Lizard, Sand Crab, Big Lobster…… Only when there were a lot of monsters, I reduced their numbers first and let Allen and Elena fight one on one as much possible.
But, they are already getting used to it, so it will be alright to let them deal with multiple enemies soon? The amount of magical power they have left is still okay. Shall we try without thinning out the numbers next time?



About an hour after entering the first floor, Allen and Elena found a staircase to the next floor.
This Dungeon of Ripples seems to be slightly bigger than the Dungeon of Earth. But, I feel like the difficulty in this Intermediate Class dungeon isn’t that different from the Beginner Class one.
The monsters appearing are of F and E ranks……
Is it like this because this is a lower floor? Will the degree of difficulty gradually increase from now on?
I descend the staircase while thinking so.

The second floor isn’t different from the first one.

“”Water~ Ball~””

The moment we get down, a Poison Frog appeared. Allen and Elena instantly killed it with magic.
It appears that the children have gotten used to the magic already.

“You are so skillful. I have no words!”

When I praise them, Allen and Elena bashfully smile. Seriously, my children are too cute!

“”Ah, there~””

While in agony because of Allen’s and Elena’s cuteness, the two suddenly found a secret room.
I confirm whether a trap is there or not and slowly slide the door open.
A treasure chest is in the middle of the room. A treasure chest the size of the extent where I would have to hold it with both of my hands. There’s neither a trap or a key needed to open the chest. Iya~ Having appraisal in situations like this is quite nice~

“”Can open~?””
“You can. It’s safe.”

When Allen and Elena open the chest, there was a large number of shrimps inside. Shrimps bright red as the Whiskered velvet shrimp. Botan shrimp-ish?
They are not alive, but they are fresh as if just caught.

“”What is this~?””
“Hm? These are shrimps. It’s food.”
“Aah~… I have never eaten this shrimp. But, shrimps are delicious.”
“”Can eat~?””
“Eh? Raw!? No, wait!”

Can shrimps be eaten raw? Ah! Appraisal doesn’t show edibility!
Why does it not have such needed info!?

“Allen, Elena. I will make a delicious dinner using these shrimps later, how about we don’t eat it right now?”
“”? Okay. Got it.””

Ha~ I’m glad Allen and Elena are not selfish children~ Because there are children that have to have their own way even if told not to do something. I’m sincerely glad that they are obedient children~
In fact, I think that there won’t be any problems if eaten raw, but it’s better to stop them just in case. As compensation, I will cook a delicious shrimp dish, okay!

I pull myself together, and we continue to advance. 2-4 floors went favorably without an accident.
We found several treasure chests on the way, but they were all full of seafood. A pure white shrimps, clams, kelp, bonito flakes, etc. Of course, I gratefully accepted it all.
Especially bonito flakes! I have received small dried fish from the Water God Retainer-sama, but bonito flakes weren’t among them.
I like soup stock with katsuobushi the most. Therefore, I was a bit happy~ Because even if you have bonito, it takes time to make bonito flakes.
We smoothly advance forward and are on the fifth floor at the moment.


The time is good, so let’s end today’s capturing here. It’s just the right time since Allen and Elena found a staircase to the sixth floor.
Since that’s the case, let’s make dinner. Today’s meal is Evil Viper meat I have completely forgotten about served with rice.
Iya~ It was a snake with evil appearances, but the meat was soft and delicious. As expected of A-Rank monster.
Although it’s a rare high-class ingredient, I have secured 100kg of meat. One hundred grams is enough for us to have one meal. Therefore, we won’t run out for a while. Rather, I think I secured way too much…… Oh well.
After that, I boiled the shrimps we got during the day with salt. I thought trying it simple for now.
It was just salted, but it was delicious.


Allen and Elena were also satisfied with the Evil Viper and shrimps.
Now then, our stomachs are full so let’s take it easy and sleep.

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