Chapter 47

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Dungeon of Ripples – Capture 2
When the dawn breaks, we have a light breakfast and resume the capture.
Today, we are starting on the sixth floor.
It is originally a maze, but it’s getting slightly complicated. Hidden passages are now harder to find.


Once they finished the magic training, Allen and Elena are free to fight as they like, causing their kicking style to explode. It seems they like martial arts more than magic.
But, they appear to remember my warnings about not approaching poison monsters as they are properly defeating them with magic.

“Oops, wait a moment!”

It’s Impact Shell. That’s a shell monster, but it releases a shock wave when hit. Because of that, you have to make a distance when attacking it.

“You have to attack that from a bigger distance than usual.”

I inform Allen and Elena, and they take a distance from the Impact Shell. Then, I hit the Impact Shell with light magic that wouldn’t defeat it.
And immediately, bon, the sound broke, and vibrations passed through. It’s this faint because we are far away from it, the impact in the vicinity of the Impact Shell is considerably large.

“See? It’s okay when you defeat it in one blow, but as you have seen, you could get injured so let’s defeat it from a distance just in case, okay?”
“”Got it~””

When Allen and Elena reply in consent, I shoot magic again and defeat the Impact Shell.
Which reminds me, I haven’t looked at Allen’s and Elena’s status for a while now. I thought so and confirmed it――


Name: Allen (Elena
Race: Human?
Occupation: Fighter
Age: 5
Level: 25
Water Magic
Hand-to-hand Combat
Presence Detection
Abnormal Status Resistance
Water God’s Child
Conqueror of Low-Grade Dungeon

What I notice first is that the question marks have disappeared. It clearly states “Water God’s Child” now.
Although I don’t know if it’s because I figured out their identity or because the level of my appraisal has increased.
I don’t think it’s about the amount of magical power like in Kaiser’s case.

…… Still, this is bad. I’m level 27 at the moment. It turns out that Allen’s and Elena’s level is not that different from mine now.
Even though it should have considerably increased when I defeated the Evil Viper. They caught up all too soon.
Is it that? The hunting competition with Joule and others during our trip from Shirin? They have defeated quite the number of monsters at that time…… The monsters of Gaya Forest are overall strong, it seems they raised their levels smoothly.
As expected, being lower level than the two would be uncool…… But, you see…… these children love fighting so much, refraining them would be a bit, right~
But, even so, it’s impossible to level while the children sleep because they sleep sticking close to me.
U~n, this is difficult……
For now, let’s train at least the proficiencies. Because I don’t have to defeat monsters to train proficiencies, all I have to do is practice when I’m free. Un, let’s do that.
I have to be especially careful with the water magic!

“Thank you.”

Allen and Elena brought me the Impact Shell’s drop item.
It’s a string sticking out from cylinder made from paper…… This, this is a cracker, right?

When the string is pulled, a light exploding sound will come out from the cylinder part.
Just right for startling people.

…………… It’s the very cracker, alright. A strange thing appeared again.
However, the description! “Just right for startling people,” that isn’t the original use!
A cracker is intended for parties, not for startling people. Although I have used it to startle people, state the original use in the description properly!

“”This, wha~t is?””
“N? This is called a cracker, and when you pull this string, pan, it will make a loud sound. Do you want to try it?”

Since we obtained it, let’s try how much loud of a sound it makes.

“Then, turn this part away from you. You can’t aim it towards yourselves and other people, okay? Then, will you two pull the string together?”

While I hold the cylinder, Allen and Elena hold the string and at the count of “One~two”, Allen and Elena pull on the string.



The moment the string was pulled, the cracker made a loud explosive sound.
My ears are ringing.
The sound was louder than I expected. Allen and Elena scream in a startle, cling to my legs and trembling.
Who was the one who wrote the description Just right for startling people!?
This is already a lethal sound weapon! Moreover, not only the other party, but you also inflict considerable self-damage.

“Allen, Elena, sorry. It startled you, didn’t it?”

The two are slightly teary eyes. I’m really sorry.
Anyway, let’s embrace the two and soothe them.

Afterward, when the defeated Impact Shell dropped Crackers, Allen and Elena didn’t approach them.
This didn’t become a trauma or something, right? They just don’t want to approach it, right?
I also thought about leaving the Crackers behind, but couldn’t this item be used by handing it to the opponent and letting him self-destruct? Because I thought so, I reconsidered and picked it up.
I thought using it when coming across a nasty fellow like Baron Gilbert.
Since it’s not an excessively known item, I thought the opponent may want to get his hands on it out of curiosity.

Nothing, in particular, has happened after the Cracker incident and we have advanced smoothly.
Well, the rate at which we encountered monsters has increased? Only to that degree.
So, we are currently on the ninth floor, but…… Oops, a Water Lizard is sticking to the ceiling.
At any rate, it’s huge. A lizard as big as a human child…… If I had to say, newt-ish?
It can stick to the ceiling without falling quite well~


“Allen, Elena. Look for a bit――Water Needle.”

The water flowing in the waterway changes into a sharp needle and pierces the Water Lizard.
It’s magic where you compress the original source of water and change its shape to attack.
I had defeated it properly as the Water Lizard turned into a drop item. “Water Lizard’s Tail,” it says. What can this item be used for? Well, let’s put it in the Infinite Storage for now.

“Did you see it? Do you want to practice magic by changing the water’s shape like this?”
“”Okay, will do~””

Allen and Elena are already accustomed to the Water Ball enough, so I thought it’s time for them to learn something new.

“”Water Needle~””

Allen and Elena turn towards a Water Lizard sticking to a wall and cast the spell.
Many Water Lizards are sticking on the walls as we advance. It’s a perfect place for Allen and Elena to practice so they take care of them one after another.

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