Chapter 48

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Dungeon of Ripples – Capture 3
After hunting Water Lizards to our heart’s content, we have decided to suspend the capture and take a break because we have found the staircase to the 10th floor.

That being the case, good morning.
It’s finally the 10th floor today. There should be the transfer device on this floor so let’s aim for that!
Oh, before that, breakfast. Now then, what shall we eat~ …… Freshly baked bread, sunny-side-up fried eggs, and a wiener. Is it okay with potage soup?
Allen and Elena are not picky. No, wrong… They love Cream bread and French toast, so they have no “food they dislike.”
Well~ anyhow, since they are eating so deliciously, it’s worth making it.

After we finished breakfast, we resumed the capturing right away.
The 10th-floor was identical to the past floors with a waterway in the middle and space to walk on the sides.
Allen and Elena choose the passage on the right, and after several minutes of walking, we have encountered a large cast of Sand Crabs.


Allen and Elena smoothly annihilated them at once, though.
Crab legs and Crab shells are rolling on the ground together with drop items.
Which reminds me, I have not tried the Kani Nabe[Crab Hot Pot] yet. Should I try making it for today’s dinner~

Following, a large lounge of Water Lizards have appeared.

“”Water Needle~””

They precisely penetrate the Water Lizards sticking to the walls with Water Needles.
They learned this magic just yesterday yet they have already mastered it. They really do learn quick……
Overtaking me is a matter of time…… sniff (Crying).


◇ ◇ ◇


“Is this it……”

After smoothly advancing while defeating monsters on the way, we found a door similar to the door which led to the boss room in the Dungeon of Earth.
There’s no point in staying here any longer so when I touch the door, it’s starts shining as I expected――and with a gigigi sound, it slowly opens.
It’s the same phenomenon as in the Dungeon of Earth. I was somehow surprised the last time, but it’s not so surprising the second time, huh.

However, I was surprised when the door opened.
Most of the room is filled with water. The area around the door is a land, and then there’s something like a small island in the center. Otherwise, everything is water.
Looking at the water from the surface, it seems to be quite deep.
A long bridge is suspended straight between the place we are staying at and the island. It seems we have to go to the island.
I have decided to cross the bridge while paying attention to both sides as there are no handrails. Something will jump out of the water at us without a doubt.

“”Wind Cutter.””

As expected, something has jumped at us from the water. Shooting it down with magic, it was Arrowfish.
Arrowfish is a fish with long and narrow appearances similar to an otter, the tip of its body resembles a terrifying arrowhead. And, as the name suggests, it’s a fish monster that jumps from the water at considerably speeds just like an arrow.
Because it’s movements are monotone, it’s considered as a lowly F-Rank monster.
However, it wasn’t just that Arrowfish.

After the first Arrowfish, more and more Arrowfish came flying at us from both sides one after another.

“Winder Cutter.”
“”Water~ Ball~””

I shoot down the Arrowfish with magic together with Allen and Elena.
The troublesome thing is that Arrowfish lives in groups. You will certainly have a painful experience if you neglect them for being F-Rank.

After shooting down about 100 of them, it has finally calmed down. Was this the all for now?
Looking at the water’s surface, a lot of Arrowfish drop items are floating in the water. Most of it was arrows.
Due to the flow of water…… the drop items that fell away from the bridge were drifting towards us, making it easy to pick them up.

Nevertheless, arrows, huh……
I have wanted to try archery for a long time ago. Well, I wanted to, but never actually tried.
Why, you ask? I was scared of shooting myself, didn’t I……
…… It shouldn’t be a problem now. I should buy a good bow and try practicing.
Which reminds me, the guild is offering short courses on weapon handling. In that case, I may also learn how to handle weapons other than the bow, such as sword or spear.

We arrive at the island in the center while picking up the items, and I start feeling monster presence again. I wonder if Arrowfish will start jumping at us again?

“Allen on the left, Elena on the right. Can you do it?”
“Yea! Allen will work hard~”
“Elena too. Elena will work hard too~”

I point with my finger and show them the direction they are in charge of. Allen and Elena stay in front, each taking care of their side while I stay behind covering left and right from behind.
Allen and Elena returned reliable replies.

“Wind Cutter.”
“”Water~ Ball~”

As expected, more Arrowfish came flying.
Allen and Elena shoot down the Arrowfish on their respective sides one after another. It’s a situation where they have to fire magic continuously, but Allen and Elena don’t panic.

After shooting down enough to forget to count, the monster presence finally disappeared.
Does it end with this?
When I look at the water’s surface after defeating the last Arrowfish, it was full of arrows and small blue magic stones.
Besides that, a short, small spear? was there. Perhaps a javelin?
Speaking of which, it felt like there were one or two larger individuals every 30 or so fish. I didn’t confirm, but is that the drop from it?

Before I notice, another bridge which is leading away from the island towards a hole in a wall has appeared.
This is apparently the end, it doesn’t seem like monsters will come flying at us on the other bridge.

“”Onii~chan, look, look. Many~””
“That’s amazing~ You two really worked hard~”

Allen and Elena are holding arrows they have picked up in both of their hands.
They worked hard shooting the Arrowfish with magic, and they even picked up the dropped items on their own, seriously hard working and good children~
Good boy, good girl, when I pat the two, they become bashful. Kawaii~

“Can I ask you to help me collect more?”

With Allen and Elena’s help, we have finished collecting the dropped items.
Then, let’s go to the opposite bank at once. When I thought about crossing over, Allen and Elena pulled on my clothes.

“N? What’s the matter?”
“Onii~chan, bellow.”
“Something’s there~”
“Eh? Down in the water?”

It appears that Allen and Elena have noticed something in the water.
I think it’s apparent that it’s not a living creature. Because if it was a living creature, I should be able to detect it myself.
As I’m unable to sense not living beings, if Allen and Elena say there’s something in there, then there’s something in there.

“It looks safe, want to take a dive?”

First of all, let’s dive in and confirm.
There’s no need to prepare anything because of the Mermaid bracelet, so we can go in without hesitation.

“Ah, a treasure chest.”

The water is surprisingly deep, but as the water is clear, I was able to see a treasure chest at the bottom immediately.
To think it would be at a place like this…… Allen and Elena did well noticing~
After checking the presence of a trap and opening the box, there was a Mermaid bracelet in the treasure chest.
It must be quite rare since it’s in a treasure chest. However, because we already have it, the surprise was reduced by half?
But, if there’s spare, I can use it for Joule or others, so I will gratefully accept it.
Since there wasn’t anything else besides the treasure chest, we leave from the water and cross the bridge. When I looked at the inner part from the entrance, there was a small room as expected.
There was a staircase leading down and a transfer device installed next to it.

“Then, shall we go?”

I take Allen and Elena, touch the transfer device, and we return to the hall on the first floor.
Now then, we have achieved our objective, let’s make a lavish meal of Kani Nabe!

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