Chapter 400

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Joint request, once again.
In the end, we decided to take a joint request with Soleil to collect some medicinal plants.

“”Oniichan, is here good?””
“Yes, it should be fine around here.—Come out.”

I called Joule and the others after we stepped far enough from the town.

“”””Wow~……… Ehh!?””””

Everyone in Soleil was in awe when they saw little Joule, Feat, and Mile, then they fell silent when they saw Bolt, and finally they raised their voices in surprise when they saw Vector. I guess that means that Scarlet King Leo’s identity can’t be falsified, even if small.

“Ta,Takumi, eh, familiars? R, really?”

Arya-san asked while being wary of Vector.
Kiltie was also shirking away after letting out a quiet “Sha~” sound. N? She’s not crying, is she?

“Everything’s alright. They are all my children.”
“”Everyone is kind~””

Well, I guess it is a different matter whether they can accept whatever the twins and I said.
For now, let’s wait for a while.

(Oniichan, there are other people today? Is it work?)
“There is one tamer, and Allen and Elena have become friends with her familiar. So they wanted to introduce everyone to each other.”
(Ah, you are right. That’s… a Hellsnake?)
(A pure white, beautiful child. But, everyone seems to be a little afraid of us?)

Joule wanted to confirm what the situation was, so I picked up Joule and Feat in my arms as I explained the situation. I was holding them both securely for everyone in Soleil to see~…

(Then, it’s better not to approach her for now.)
(I believe it should be fine for us, but you guys should stay away for now!)

Then, Bolt and Mile also landed on my shoulders.
They seemed to feel that they should stay close to me for now.

“As for Vector… he should be alright.”

I was wondering “What to do with Vector~” But Allen and Elena climbed on top of him, when he laid down in front of them.

“… They seem to be very docile children.”
“They are very clever. But, they’re relentless when dealing with the wild ones, so I’m not sure if docile is the right word?”

They are all rather active children, so I would hardly call them docile.

“Three of them are still kids, right? Yet they are already actively hunting?”
“Ah, these three are using Shrinking skill to take these small forms, they are not children.”
“They are all adult Magic beasts!? Eh, wait a moment! Then, these two I thought were a puppy and kitten are actually…”
“Celestial Tiger!”

Arya-san fearfully asked the race of Joule and Feat, to which Allen and Elena simply and quickly replied. Then Arya-san gasped and stiffened spectacularly.

“… Am.”
“Amazing, amazing! This is amazing, Takumi! Three S-ranks! That’s way too amazing!”

I thought she was frozen in surprise or fear, but then her cheeks flushed, and she excitedly exclaimed.

“Won’t you show us their original forms!”
“I’m fine with that, but… will that be okay with you?”
“It’s fine!”
“Is that so…—Then, Joule, Feat, Vector, can you show them?”
(Of course.)

I asked Joule, Feat, and Vector to return to their original forms.

“Ohh! So, so cool.”

Arya, who is a tamer, seemed to be an animal lover.


“C, can I pet them?”
(Then, how about trying to pet me first?)

Joule approached Arya-san as if to give her approval.

“Wow~~~ Incredible~~~”
(It’s fluffy, right?)
“Yes, it is. Incredibly fluffy.”

Hearing Arya-san’s words, Joule proudly puffed out his chest. Moreover, she was naturally conversing with Joule, isn’t she?
Come to think of it, I had forgotten about since we had become so comfortable at the Ruven residence, but Joule and others can now converse with people other than us thanks to their Telepathy skill. I had been refraining them from talking to the outside world, or rather, to others, just in case, but… They have completely taken their guard down. Arya-san and her friends seem like nice people, though, so that’s okay.

“Arya Oneechan.”
“Try touching Vector next?”
“”It’s a bit prickly, though!””

Allen and Elena teased Vector and encouraged Arya-san to touch them.

(Allen, Elena? You promised not to call it prickly!)
“”We did not!””

Vector was a little teary-eyed because he was a little concerned about his bristly hair.

“Allen, Elena, stop teasing Vector about the quality of his fur. Don’t you feel sorry for him?”

I knew it was not good to make fun of something that Vector himself felt complex about, so I told the kids to stop, but they were not convinced.

“His hard fur is proof that he is excels at defending himself. This basically means that blades can’t easily get through it, you know~?”
“”Is that so?””
“That’s right. It’s amazing~”
“”Ohh~ Vector is amazing!””
(That’s right! The reason I will never get hurt by blades or anything like that is because of these hairs!)
“”I see~ Sorry , Vector. Won’t say it’s prickly anymore.””
(Really!? Don’t say it ever again!—Ugh~ This tamer miss is really nice! She managed to persuade Allen and Elena~~~)

I see, just telling them to stop won’t convince the children, but explaining why the hairs are like this will convince them?

“Thank you, Arya-san.”
“I was just stating a fact that I know.”

Vector seemed to have taken a liking to Arya-san, and when his figure shrunk, he pressed his head against hers.
I’m glad you decided to turn smaller there. If he had stayed in his big form, he would have crushed Arya-san!

“Oh, what’s this about?”
“It seems that he took a liking to you.”
“Ohh, I see! That’s great!”

Arya-san began to stroke Vector.

(Ah~ right there. It feels good, right there.)
“N? Here?”

Then, Vector began to swoon from comfortableness.

“Arya is adjusting too quickly.”
“That’s true.”
“Well, Arya loves animals, doesn’t she~”

Myra-san, Madrika-san, and Ellie-san watched Arya-san’s behavior as if they were already used to it.

“Well, I mean, they are all adorable, aren’t they!”
“Coming to that conclusion so quickly is so like you, Arya—Takumi-san, I’m sorry for wasting your time like this. We have already calmed down.”
“No, I’m sorry to have surprised you. Err… Is it okay if we continue with the request? Now that we’ve made the introductions, I can ask them to return to the shadows.“
“It’s fine to go together. We are a tamer’s companions, after all. It’s just that we were startled by all of the big shots here.”
“Oh, yes. It’s not often that we get to work with such a great group of kids, and it’s an experience that we should not let slip~”
“Indeed it is. It’s certainly exciting.”

It seems that not only Arya-san but also Myra-san and her friends have gotten used to Joule’s group.

“”Everyone together~””
(It’s going to be a lively request today, isn’t it?)
(Oh my, we are always lively, aren’t we?)
(That’s true. I do think that the time we spend together is always bustling.)
(Then, we shall be even livelier than usual today!)

We decided to start looking for medicinal plants.

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