Chapter 399

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“It’s a proof that you are trusted.”

I think that an allowance system can be easily established if the relationship is like that between twins and me, but it is rather difficult for adults who are not family members to establish such a system.
It is not possible without trust, isn’t it~

“I agree. We have known each other for a long time, but I think the fact that my family owns a trading company also plays a big factor.”
“Oh, you are from a trading company? Huh, what does that have to do with trust?”
“It’s a well-known trading company in Creta. The fact that I am a daughter from there is well known in the Cretan Adventurers’ Guild. So, if I do something wrong, it will affect the company.”
“Ahh, certainly…”

Indeed, it could affect her backers~ If I got in trouble because of money, it would definitely cause a problem for them, and the more famous the backers were, the bigger the damage it would cause.
If I get in trouble, it also means that involving the Ruven family and Risner families, who are my guardians~ I’ll make sure I don’t get in trouble.

“Even if the company wasn’t behind you, I would still trust you, Myra!”
“Fufu, thank you. Arya.”

They seem to be a party with a good, trusting relationship.

“”Oniichan, Oniichan.””
“N? What is it?”

The children, who had been satisfied with petting Kiltie to their heart’s content, called out to me, while tugging at my clothes.

“Wanna introduce.”
“Joule and others.”
“”To Kiltie!””
“… Ah~”

Apparently, they want to introduce Joule and others to Kiltie.

“Who would you like to introduce to Kiltie?”
“Actually… I also have contracted beasts, but…”
“Is that so!? Since they are contracted, I see! They must be in your shadow right now!”

As I was hesitating to say anything, Arya looked surprised and stared at my shadow.

“I just don’t walk around with them in public very often.”
“I would like to see them too, but I guess it won’t be possible in a place like this, huh~”
“It’s not that you can’t, but… they would cause a ruckus, so I don’t want to do it here~”
“”That would be bad~””

Allen and Elena crossed their arms and groaned in distress, “Hmm~”

“Are you about to go on a request?”
“N? Ah, yes. Yes, we came here escorting Myra’s family business, the Olberta Company, but we are free to go until their business is finished, so we were talking about checking out the requests in this country and maybe accepting a light one—Ah! Niisan, you guys are here to take a request too, right?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“Then we can take a request together! If it’s in the outskirts, you can introduce me to your contracted beasts, right?”

Arya-san has just had a flash of inspiration and has a radiant expression on her face.
Allen and Elena also exclaimed in admiration, “So there was a way like this”.

“Myra, is that okay?”
“Arya, calm down first.”
“You have to get Takumi-san’s approval first, not ours.”
“Ah, right!—Niisan!”

Arya-san stared at me with her glittering eyes after hearing Myra-san’s words.

“”Wanna go on a request together!””


Allen and Elena look up at me with sparkling eyes.

“Alright, alright—as you can see, we welcome going with you, but how do you feel about going on a request with us?”
“Arya is all for it. Ellie and Madrika… they agree as well.—Takumi-san, we would love to have you with us.”

Myra-san confirmed that her colleagues nodded firmly and agreed to the joint request with a smile.

“What do you want to do~?”
“Let’s see~—Myra, you went through the requests first, right? Did you find any good requests?”

The children and Arya immediately start talking about the request we were going to accept.

“’We are a B-rank party. Excuse me, but what is the party rank of your group, Takumi-san? That will affect what requests we can accept.”
“We are C rank.”
“… Oh my?”

When they heard our party rank, everyone in Soleil shouted in surprise.
Even though they knew I was A-rank, our party would normally be low-ranked since I had kids with me. I guess that’s why they were surprised.

“Eh, surely not, are you saying that… these children are C-ranks?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“Ehh~~~ i, isn’t that the same as me~…”

When Madrika-san found out the ranks of the children, she was dejected and hung her head. Apparently, Madrika-san was C-rank. Madrika-san was the only one in shock, and in terms of their party rank, the other three were probably B-ranks.

“That’s amazing!”
“Yeah, being C-rank at your age is amazing.”

Allen and Elena were bashful by Arya-san’s praise.

“Err… it’s me saying it, but my children are not normal, so please don’t mind it too much.”
“Madrika has no problem with the written exam, but she has some issues with combat, and even when she got to C-rank, she was just barely able to pass.”
“To move up to B-rank, one needs to have more individual combat skills, after all.”

I didn’t take the exam, so I don’t know the details, but I’m pretty sure that in order to get a rank higher than C, there was something called monster subjugation with an examiner. I guess she can’t pass that exam.

“Madrika’s specialty is recovery magic, you see~”
“Ah, I see. But as a party, it’s safer to have someone with a means of recovery, isn’t it~?”
“Indeed. I can compensate for the combat, so I don’t care if Madrika’s rank is still C. But Madrika herself cares about it a lot~”

Madrika-san seems to be a supportive kind of adventurer. Then it’s no wonder she’s not good at combat.
Does she perhaps feel guilty because of her lower rank compared to everyone else?

“Niisan, could you give her some advice when we work together if you notice something that needs fixing?”
“I don’t mind giving advice if I notice anything.”

Well, if I notice anything during the course of our joint request, I will advise them.
However, I feel like this depends on Madrika-san’s mind~

“Rather than that, Arya-san. Could you please call me by my name instead of ‘Niisan’? I do seem younger than you… I am younger, aren’t I?”
“”Ah, sorry, sorry. Right, of course. Sorry about that, Takumi. I don’t particularly care, but you should be careful when talking about age with women.”
“… Yes, I apologize.”

Arya-san, who was probably in her mid-twenties, called me “Niisan,” and I felt that it was too strange for her to call me that, so I asked her to correct it.
Arya-san seemed unconcerned at the time, but when a sharp look came from Myra-san’s direction, I involuntarily stiffened.

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