Chapter 374

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sudden Tea Party
Rosalie-san wrote to two of her friends, and I wrote to the Risner family and… to the castle— Tristan-sama.
I have noticed that we have given one Pastel Rabbit each to Grace-sama and Aurora-sama, but not Julius-sama. Well, it is likely that Grace-sama and Aurora-sama are taking care of their Pastel Rabbits together with Julius-sama, but I decided to just ask them just to be sure.
Also, Wald-san said I should report to Tristan-sama that we have taken an Aurora Bird in our care. Pastel Rabbits were the main content, and Aurora Bird was the follow-up.
Also, since we have become acquaintances, I have sent a letter to Richard–sama, the King’s brother, asking if he would be interested in one for his wife. That wouldn’t be rude, right?

“Have you heard back from them yet?”

The day after I sent the letter, all the replies were delivered.

“Fufu, yes. Ah, the letters to you were also addressed to our house, so I checked the contents first.—Here, this is it. Please check it, Takumi-san.”
“I’m sorry to bother you.”

The first letter, from Tristan-sama, was extremely brief. “Come the day after tomorrow.”
Well, he probably wants me to come over to explain about the Aurora Bird. Does that mean I have to take Aurora Bird with me secretly? I will have to keep it out of sight~ Well, we can bring it in a covered cage.
It was also mentioned in the closing that they would like one Pastel Rabbit if possible.

“He wants us to come to the castle the day after tomorrow. We will bring a Pastel Rabbit for Julius-sama, so pick one for him.”

It didn’t seem to matter what color to bring, so I told Allen and Elena to secure one.

“… N? Nn!?”
“Is next?”

The second and third letters were from the Risner and Ford families, respectively, asking if they could visit… today in order to receive the rabbits.

“Err… today?”
“Fufu, the letters addressed to Rosalie-san also seemed to have similar contents.”

It seems that the Vassar’s and Clark’s also sent a letter requesting an immediate visit.

“”What is it? Tell us~””
“Umm, everyone would like to get the Pastel Rabbits.”

I guess they didn’t understand the meaning of the conversation between Rebecca-san and I. Allen and Elena pulled on my shirt, appealing to me to tell them what it’s all about, and when I told briefly, they smiled happily.

“So that means… four families want to come over today?”
“That appears to be the case. I have already sent out the approval to all four families, and they are welcome to come. Oh, and that there will also be people attending them. Well, think of it as a small tea party.”

… I see, So basically, the Ruven family is hosting a tea party and there will be participants from all four families.
I can’t believe we are hosting a tea party so suddenly. Isn’t it a lot of work to organize a tea party so suddenly?

“I’m sorry! I have caused you inconvenience!”
“It’s all right. Sudden visitors are quite common. It’s in the afternoon, so we have plenty of time to prepare. Besides, it’s a good opportunity for me to let Rosalie-san take the lead.”
“Eh, so you are keeping Rosalie-san busy then?”
“I have asked Almeria-san to assist her, so I’m sure everything will be all right.”

… Is this a part of Madam’s education? Is Rebecca-san surprisingly Spartan?

“Oh my, what is it?”
“N, nothing! I have no thoughts!”

I thought I was having a disturbing thought, but Rebecca-san smiled at me with a… nice smile.

“Ah, right! It may be still too early, but how about a Pastel Rabbit for Lucario-kun? Or is it Rebecca-san’s turn to have another one?”

Her smile was slightly scary, so I forced myself to change the subject.


“Fufu, my, my, is it okay?”
“”Of course!””

Then Rebecca-san laughed and allowed me to change the subject.

“Thank you. Well, I guess I will choose a son-in-law for my child after the guests choose theirs.”

Was Rebecca’s Pastel Rabbit a female? I gave her the information I saw in the appraisal when I gave it to her, but I don’t remember whose was the female and whose was the male~

“You can choose whichever child of your liking first.”
“Thank you, but it’s okay. They are all very adorable.”
“I see. That’s fine then, but… don’t you think it’s not always the males that remain?”
“My, then I will be choosing her a friend instead.”
“I thought so~”

Since there is no need to force the gender, it seems that either that remains will be fine.

“Then, in that case… there will be three left?”

If we brought back fifteen animals, one for Rebecca-san, two for Rosalie-san, one for Julius-sama, and two for each of the four families coming today… there will be three animals left?

“”Three will be left~?””
“According to the arrangement. Well, if any of the people coming today want more than two, they can have them, though.”

I heard that Reginald-san of the Vassar family has a daughter, so if his daughter wants one, she can have it.

“Then I guess I don’t have to report it to the Guild this time.”
“”Oh, that’s good~””
“Yes, that’s right. Well then, while we have time, let’s pick out a child to take to the castle later and put it aside, and then we can go ask if there’s anything we can do to help prepare for the tea party.”

Maybe there is nothing we can help with, but I will check with Rosalie-san and Almeria-san just to be sure.

“Oh my, you are going to help?”
“We are kind of the cause of the problem, after all.”
“Fufu, I knew you would say so, Takumi-san.”
“Perhaps there is something I can do for you?”
“I would like to ask you to make some tea cakes for us, but will you make it in time?”

I see, tea cakes. I can help out with that.

“It would be difficult if you asked for several kinds, but one or two kinds should be of no problem.”
“Really? Then may I ask you to make them?”
“Of course. I will get right on it.”

After saying that to Rebecca-san, I decided to head to the kitchen right away.

“”Oniichan, what will you make~?””
“Just a minute. I will think of something now.”

What shall we make? I would like to make something new if possible, but… I have to get to work right away, so if I can’t think of anything new… pound cake would be a safe bet.

“Allen, Elena, think about what you want to eat before we get to the kitchen.”

We headed to the kitchen, wondering what to make.

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