Chapter 375

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New Snacks
“Now then, what do we do~——Did you two come up with anything?”

When we arrived in the kitchen, I first asked Allen and Elena for their opinions.

“”Yes, yes!””
“Yes, Allen-kun, Elena-san, go ahead.”
“Yes! Allen would like a Yogurl snack!”
“Yes! Elena wants to eat Yogurl one, too!”
“Yogurt, huh.”

Come to think of it, I haven’t made any snacks using Yogurl—yogurt, yet.

“Hm, sounds good. Let’s make something from Yogurl then?”

I was thinking about frying up some pancake batter, dusting it with sugar and turning it into donuts.
Donuts and yogurt-flavored sweet… yogurt ice cream or yogurt jelly would go very well together, so one of those will be the snack of the day.

“Allen, Elena, if you had to choose between ice cream and jelly, which would you prefer?”
“Ah, yes, I thought so. Well, both are easy to make, so let’s make them both~”

Whether we serve them both or not, there’s no harm in making them.

“Allen, can you whip the cream with the sugar?”
“What about Elena~?”
“Elena, you can mix Yogurl with salt and then stir in milk a little by little.”

Firstly, we made ice cream and jelly at the same time.
For the ice cream, mix yogurt, whipped cream and sugar, and freeze it in the ice cream maker.
The taste is delicious even when frozen instantly, but the texture is smoother if you take the time to freeze it, so I’m really glad I had the ice cream maker made for me~
For the jelly, just mix yogurt with sugar and milk, then mix in the boiled and dissolved slime jelly and chill it. It would have separated from the yogurt when heated, so I would make it without heating it this time. All the ingredients are fresh, so it should be fine.
We could probably add lemon juice to both, but this time I’m going for the original sourish taste of the yogurt.

“And click♪”
“The jelly is ready, and we just have to wait for the ice cream to finish.”
“Oniichan, Elena wants to click, too!”

I just pushed the switch of the ice cream maker, but when Allen saw me pushing it, he said that Elena wanted to do it, too.

“… Well, why not.”

If that’s the case, we could make the yogurt ice cream again, this time with the berry jam mixed in at the end to marble it. For the berries… I think I’ll use the mixed berry jam I got from the Fiji Company.

“Then, Elena, can you mix this?”
“Allen, too~”
“You can do this one, Allen.”

I got carried away and made not only Milk Berry flavor, but also yogurt ice cream mixed with Ichi and Oren. But I don’t regret it, because they all turned out delicious.

“Then, let’s make the donuts next.”
“What’s that~?”
“It’s a deep-fried pancake batter snack.”
“”Ohh~ sounds yummy~ Let’s make it, let’s make it!””

We swiftly made the pancake batter. We used somewhat larger portion of flour, so it’s a little firmer than fluffier. Then we started preparing to fry them.


“This will come in handy so soon.”
“”The thingy for scooping ice cream?””
“Indeed. But, that’s not its exclusive use, it can be used for other things, too.”

It is indeed difficult to fry them in the shape of a circle, so I decided to make them into round donuts by using the ice cream scooper. Stefan-san had delivered me several different sizes of the scooper, which he had made for us.

“I will fry them up then, you two take a step back from me.”

I fried a few for now, sprinkled some sugar on them, and tasted them right away.

“They are hot, so be careful.”

The two children blew on the freshly made donuts, letting them cool down to a certain degree before vigorously eating them.

“”Wafu! Nn~~~♪””

Following the children, I tried a donut myself.

“Hot!——Yeah, I think it came out better than I expected?”
“Allen loves this~”
“Elena loves it, too~”

If I had to be extravagant, I would prefer a fluffier donut, but… well, it’s the first time I have made them, so I guess that’s about as good as I can make them. Oh, I have heard that if you use white wheat as flour, it makes them fluffy. I could try that, too.

“The taste seems good, so let’s fry them all up~”
“”Let’s fryyy!””

So, I fried the rest of the donuts.
Oh, come to think of it, I can deep-fry anpan and cream buns to make andonuts and cream donuts, too. Let’s make those next time.

“”Will roll around~””
“Then, I will leave it to you.”

Allen and Elena rolled the donuts in a bowl of sugar and covered them whole.

“Alright, this was the last one.”

Come to think of it, there was also the chocolate coating. But, well, that will have to wait until next time.

“Err, the current time is… it’s exactly noon.”
“Yeah. But, firstly, let’s report to Rebecca-san that the snacks are ready.”
“”Let’s do that~””

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