Chapter 352

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“Takumi, is it true that a request to take down a wild wyvern has been put up at the Adventurers’ Guild?”
“Uh, yes, it’s true.”
“That’s weird. No such report has come up to the Knights Order.”

Felix-sama raised his eyebrows as he tilted his head.

“Takumi, have you heard the details of the request?”
“I’m sorry. I haven’t checked the details.”

Unfortunately, I have not heard the details of the request. I had no intention of accepting it, after all.

“But the Guild Master didn’t seem too panicked, so I guess it wasn’t that urgent.”
“Is that so?”

Andy-san, the Guild Master, recommended the request but did not seem to be in a hurry.

“Do all the requests that go out to the Adventurers’ Guild get reported to the Knights Order as well?”
“We don’t get all of them, as you can imagine. But wyverns are a different story. Wild wyverns are ferocious and have a wide scope of activity. Even a sighting outside its territory should be reported…”

Flying monsters can move very quickly. To be vigilant, wyvern sightings outside its territory are immediately to be reported to the country—the Knights Order. If that is the case, it is certainly strange that the leader of the Order, Felix-sama, does not know about it.

“Is that report usually from the Adventurers’ Guild?”
“No, it’s from the feudal lords of the territory. To begin with, the request fee jumps up significantly when it comes to defeating wyverns. Since there is no way that the people of a village or town can afford it, those who request the services of the Adventurers’ Guild must be of a certain rank.”
“Oh, I see. So if the request is out there, that means the lord is aware of it, right?”

I guess reporting is the lord’s jurisdiction, huh~ If he had failed to report it, that could have been a big problem~

“Huh? But couldn’t that mean the request is not within Guardia?”

Although not that many, there are requests for materials for monsters that are only found in other countries, so there is a possibility that the wyvern subjugation could also be outside the country.

“That’s true. The royal capital attracts requests not only from neighboring cities, but also from other countries. If the request is in another country, there is no problem, but if it happens to be a domestic request, we would have to deal with it as soon as possible. We need to gather information.”
“That’s true, too.”

If it were domestic, they would have to deal with it immediately. They can’t just let it go without verification, can they?

“Can I leave this matter to you, Felix?”
“Yes, I have no problem with that.”
“Felix, you must assume the worst.”
“I understand, Brother. I will have the knights ready to move at a moment’s notice.”

For my part, I hope that the request to defeat the wyvern is out of the country. If it’s within the country, it will make me feel like I have brought political problems into the country!

“I think I can be of some help in the war effort, so please give me a word if you need me.”
“Oh, that’s very encouraging. I will be happy to submit a designated request then.”

When I offered to help in any way I could, Austin-sama smiled at me.

“In that case, we will have to discuss the remuneration, won’t we?”
“Nonono, let’s not do that.”
“Nope, you need premium for that. We owe you a lot already, so we have to add a little more color into that.”

I always try to bargain, but when the other party comes on strong, I am the one who gets intimidated.
Well, they have to check the details of the Wyvern request first, so that was the end of the discussion for now.

“Come to think of it, you came back to celebrate the marriage of the second son of the Ruven family, didn’t you?”
“Yes, sir.”

The conversation turned to why we had returned to the Capital this time.

“Miss Rosalie has been suffering for a long time, so I want her to be happy.”
“Oh, you mean to say that Wald-sama’s partner is this Rosalie-sama?”
“Y, yeah, it’s Miss Rosalie Graciez… were you not told?”


We now know the name of the woman Wald-sama is marrying!
But everyone here was more than a little surprised that I didn’t know who Wald-sama was getting married to.

“Ruven family gave me very little information so that I would not be prejudiced by the letter they sent us. So all I know is that she is a daughter of a Marquis and that she has silver hair and blue eyes because of the gift we prepared for her.”
“Whoah~ the Ruven family is so thorough~ They didn’t even tell you her name?”
“Yes, this is my first time hearing about it.”

Al-sama was a little taken aback.

“She’s the Graciez family daughter, a distant relative of our family. My aunt is married into the Graciez family.”
“Hoh~. And then?”

Perhaps convinced by my appeal, Tristan-sama slowly began to speak.
From the very beginning, though, quite a bit of information came out of him!

“… I’m not convinced that that’s the only reaction I’m getting when I hear that she has royal blood, but whatever. Miss Rosalie is my aunt’s granddaughter, and perhaps because of the richness of her blood, she has tremendous magic power.”

Erm… For Tristan-sama, she would be his cousin’s child. To Austin-sama and siblings, she would be their second cousin?

“Having a lot of magic power is a good thing, isn’t it?”

The amount of magic power is often inherited. Therefore, its amount is somewhat taken into account in the marriage conditions of royalty and nobility.
Therefore, the royalty—Tristan-sama and his family, also have a lot of magic power.

“That’s true, but in Miss Rosalie’s case, it is too much.”

… Too much?
If you have more magic power, doesn’t that just increase the frequency and scale of magic you can use?

“Forgive me. I have no idea what’s bad about that.”
“Takumi, when one has too much magic, it becomes difficult to control it, especially spells that require only a little amount of magic power.”
“Can’t you do something about it through training?”
“The training itself is dangerous. If things were to go wrong, a city would be lost.”
“Then, a barrier to protect against it—”
“Not many people can put up such a powerful barrier!”

When I declared that I honestly did not understand what he was saying, Al-sama explained it to me in detail, but in the end, he got angry for some reason.

“But that just means you can’t use magic, right? There are a lot of people out there who can use magic tools but not magic, right? However, by the looks of it, there’s more than that to it, isn’t there?
“Yes, in Miss Rosalie’s case, that’s not all. Uncontrollable magic can be intimidating to others.”
“Oh, I see what you mean. N? Are there, by any chance, any unfavorable rumors flying around about Miss Rosalie?”
“It is much calmer now, but when she was a student it was pretty bad. Deliberately pushing her into intimidating others was still considered cute among the things that happened then.”

I see, so that’s why they didn’t tell me her name. Because if I knew her name, I might have heard some strange rumors.

“But, she’s a young lady of the Marquis’ household, and with the royal blood flowing through her veins at that. How did things get so bad?”
“Unfortunately, Miss Rosalie was beyond control even for the Marquis. Moreover, since most of it took place within the academy, things were pretty much like this when I found out.”
“I see.”
“Takumi, don’t get me wrong. Miss Rosalie is a kind-hearted and graceful woman.”

Marquis’ daughter, of royal blood, and a kind-hearted lady. She seems to be a good candidate minus her intimidating magic power, so it’s a wonder she hasn’t had a fiancé before, but, well, there’s no need to go into the deep end of the story.

“It’s okay. I didn’t mean to sound rude, but I’m not harboring any bad impressions, even if I do feel sympathetic.”
“I see.”

Tristan-sama looked relieved.
Because a woman whom Wald-sama decide to marry so quickly could not possibly be an evil woman.
He would not like the idea of an evil woman, and even if it was a political marriage, he would reject it outright and clearly. On the other hand, if she is a good person, he would not mind even if she is a person with an ugly reputation.

“But, there’s something that doesn’t add up…”
“What is it, Takumi?”
“Why were the Ruvens so adamant about not telling me who it was, when it seems like something they could have told me clearly?”
“Ah~ Takumi, isn’t that it? Maybe it’s not to discredit Miss Rosalie or something?”
“Is that so?”

I heard that ugly stories about noble young ladies can be fatal even if they are not true, so let’s just leave it at that~

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