Chapter 351

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Counterattacking With Rewards
“A magic tool that would be useful on your travels, huh~ A magic bag or something like that comes to mind.”
“Brother Felix, Takumi has Infinite Storage, so I don’t think he has a need for a magic bag?”
“Ah, now that you mention it. Then, what else is there~”

Felix-sama and Al-sama started going over the magic tools I might want.

“Ah, that reminded me. I would like a magic ring, rather than a magic bag.”
“A magic ring?”
“Yes, I’m looking for them as I want my contracted beasts to carry them~”
“Are you going to let your contracted beast carry such expensive magic tool?”
“It would be difficult to equip them with a magic bag, after all.”
“That is your reason?”

To be frank, it’s that of a simple reason.
If I equipped them with magic bags, I could, but it would be obstruction to their movements~

“Father, do we have those in the treasury?”
“I wonder? I don’t think so. What do you say, Conrad?”
“Yes, we have several magic bags, but there aren’t any magic rings. Let’s see if we can find any in the country.”
“I will leave it to you.”
“Wah~ really? Thank you.”

Well, even if they find a magic ring, we will continue our search for magic rings in the advanced dungeons ourselves. We could make a use of more than one, after all.
And most importantly, the kids are looking forward to going to the dungeon. If I canceled the trip, they would definitely complain about it.

“Ah, that reminds me, it wasn’t supposed to be a part of the remuneration, but there was a request to leave a wyvern’s child in Takumi’s care, right? That request has been officially approved.”
“Eh, were they born?”
“No, not yet. However, with Charo in the lead, the wyverns are enthusiastically trying their best. It appears that the child who gets born the earliest will be given to your care.”
“Nonono! Eh, seriously?”

Huh, so it has been already decided!?

“Thanks to you, there are going to be more wyverns in the castle.”
“Eh? What do you mean?”
“Wyverns that are kept in captivity don’t give birth to many offsprings. That’s why it’s hard to increase their numbers. But now they are very active. Even if we entrust one of them to you, there are signs that there will be more than usual, so our problems will be solved at once.”

Al-sama explained the situation to me in a very detailed manner. Apparently, the wyverns are having a baby boom.

“Huh? But, there is a possibility that all the female wyverns will become inactive at once, right? Are you alright with that?”
“Well, there’s no pressing matter, so it should be fine.”

If there was a need to act on wyverns, it would be a problem, but it should be fine since there’s no pressing matter, right? However—

“Are you not leaving for another country with the instant soup matter?”
“Oh, I haven’t had a chance to report about that yet. We have already finished talks with most of the countries, except Argo and Crete. Our country has also decided to sell them starting next month.”
“Ah, I see.”

Tristan-sama explained when I ask about the instant soup.
Apparently, the sale of instant soup had already been concretely decided. That’s good news.
I will report it to Brian-san, the adventurer I met in Serdik, when I send him a letter.

“The instant soup will be sold under the direct management of the government, so you will receive the money in the name of the government. That’s great, Takumi. You will be getting payments from all the countries!”

Whoah~ I never thought that far.
It won’t be sold in all countries yet, but it’s not that far off. The details on the bank statements… is going to be hard to check!

“You are already known to many of the central authorities in many countries, after all.”
“When we hand over the Crystal Elk antlers, let’s clearly explain that they were provided by Takumi as well.”
“Wait a mome—”
“It will be alright. I will make sure to let them know how out of the ordinary Takumi is, so they won’t suspect him of hurting the Crystal Elks.”


Tristan-sama didn’t listen to my opinion at all.

“Tristan-sama! I beg you, don’t mention my name!”
“No way. It would be kinder to my spirit if the reward for the Crystal Elk antlers were left to the nations.”
“I don’t need any reward!”
“I will convey your opinion. We will then let each country make its own decision. You will get a magic ring or magic tools from our country. If there is nothing good, we will transfer the money.”

Tristan-sama was giving off an air of: “I have already made up my mind.”

“Takumi, give up. There’s nothing wrong with having more money in the bank.”

When I was downcast, was Al-sama consoled me? No, he encouraged me?

“Look, why don’t you buy something you have always wanted?”
“Something I always wanted? N~?”
“Nothing? There must be something, right?”
“You have got an idea? What is it?”
“Is there a store that sells dragon meat or anything like that?”

I mean, the only thing I could think of that I wanted is dragon meat. The kids were ready to hunt, but I thought that if we could buy it, it would curb their cravings a bit.

“I have a feeling that some dragon meat would deter my kids from trying to go wild wyvern hunting.”
“W, wild wyvern?”
“They found a request at the Adventurers’ Guild and they want to go. They want to give the Ruven family some dragon meat as a present.”
“… Come again?”

Al-sama was absolutely stunned when he heard the reason for the desire for dragon meat.
No, everyone who was listening was stunned.

“They heard it’s delicious, so they want everyone to try it.”

They all let out heavy sighs.

“… Takumi, dragon meat doesn’t come up for sale in stores that often.”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah, even if they were, who could afford to buy it?”
“Ah, that’s true.”

When it comes to dragon meat, it’s the kind of food that’s even more luxurious than a luxury item.
Is there any store that carries items that even the nobility, let alone commoners, can’t easily afford?

“Then, the only way to obtain it is to defeat it myself, after all?”
“What do you want to do?”
“Nono, I’m just confirming things.”

It is just a confirmation that if we want to eat dragon meat, we have to obtain it ourselves.

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