Chapter 325

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Sightseeing 3
After leaving the magic tool shop, we arrived at a sort of plaza where we bought some more kahee beans and such.

“Let’s take a break here.”
“Let’s eat!”
“Leychii fruit.”
“Sure. Let’s give it a try.”

There was a bench in the plaza, so we decided to try some of the Leychii fruit we had just bought.

“Oniichan, how do you.”
“Eat this~?”

I handed them each one Leychii, and they tilted their heads as they stared at the fruit.

“You can peel the skin off with your fingers.”
“”Like this~?””
“Yes, like that.”

When I peeled off the black skin, a white fruit came into sight.

“There seems to be a seed inside, so be careful. Also, pay attention to your sleeves.”

The skin peeled off easily, but the fluttering left sleeve got in the way of my work.
I was told that the right sleeve was shortened because it got in the way of the work… The left sleeve was also in the way. I’m not sure if this is because I’m not used to wearing it.

“”It’s delish~””
“… Is this lychee?”
“No, it’s nothing. It’s yummy.”
“”Yeah, yummy!””

The Leychii fruit was actually lychee. No, to be accurate, it tasted similar to lychee… I think?
After all, have never tasted lychee before. I have only tasted it in drinks and sweets.

“Allen wants to make this into jelly!”
“Elena wants to make ice cream with it!”
“Also, Nana fruit cake!”
“Nana fruit choco would be nice too!”
“Those sound all great. Still, you two are such foodies, aren’t you~”
“”Yeah! Foodies!””
“… Ou.”

I didn’t mean to… ridicule them, but I tried poking fun a little, however, the two puffed out their chests proudly. It seems that bieng “foodies” is something to be proud of for the two.

“Well, if I had to say, I’m a foodie as well.”
“”Like us!””
“Haha, yeah. We are the same.”
“”Yeah! That’s nice!””

As with clothes, matching things together seems to be a popular trend among the twins.

“Well, are you rested enough?”
“”Yeah! Oniichan, Oniichan.””
“Let’s go see.”
“Leychii fruit!”

The children liked the Leychii fruit and wanted more, but I was a little worried.

“It’s not like we can’t buy more, but you guys heard that they are from the dungeon, right~ You want to go there, no?”

If we went to dungeon, I’m sure we could harvest it there. In fact, I’m pretty sure we will find it. So, if I buy it now, I fear that we will be overstocked. Oh, but since Leychii fruit doesn’t seem to be widely available, we can bring more back as souvenirs?

“Let’s buy more if we don’t find it in the dungeon.”

I’m planning to take a ship from this port when we go back to Guardia, so we will be able to buy Leychii whenever I want.

“Well… ah, right. Should we stop by the temple first?”
“”Yeah, okay. Let’s go.””

◇ ◇ ◇


We quickly came to the temple, after asking people for directions.

(Oh, Takumi-san, welcome.)

As usual, I asked the children to sit on the chairs and wait, and I called out to Syl in front of the stone statue.

(Are you doing well?)
(Yes, I am! I’m glad you and the children seem to be doing good as well. How is the new country?)
(Ah, yes, it’s fun. And so, you seem to be observing us as usual?)
(Eh? No, well! It’s not like I’m watching all the time, okay! Just occasionally, occasionally!)

Since he knows our situation, plus the more he panics, the more he sounds like he’s making excuses. And the more he panics, the more I suspect that he’s a stalker. Well, I have already given up, though.

(Well, let’s put that aside.)
(You are putting it aside!?)
(Hey, Syl. Do you want to eat a pound cake?)
(I do!)

It’s not that I have any particular business with Syl, since I came here only with my somewhat habitual behavior of “going to the temple when I come to a new town”, so I just casually brought up the topic of sweets that I hadn’t given to Syl yet. Then, Syl replied in a voice that was clearly filled with joy.

(Rather than that, are you putting that topic aside!?)
(Yeah, I am. I’m going to send it to you la… n?)

… Huh?
As soon as I opened the window screen to send the pound cake to Syl, I noticed a change on the screen.

(… Syl, the number of magic circles increased, you know?)

There were three more magic circles on the screen, in addition to the magic circle for Syl’s teleport.
Until now, there was one magic circle that filled the screen, but now the screen was divided into four sections, and four magic circles were displayed there!
… They seemed to be almost the same magic circles, but some parts, like the letters, were different?

(Erm, erm… I’m sorry.)
(No, why are you apologizing? Aren’t all of these teleport magic circles? Where’s the destinations?)
(Erm… uhm, you see…)
(Yeah, so where?)
(… Marianora-sama, Salamanteel, and Nomoodle.)
(… Hah?)

I was quietly surprised by Syl’s words, which he finally confessed after I pressed him.
No, but they were magic circles that Syl gave me, so they couldn’t have a normal destination, right?
Moreover, as soon as Syl confessed the destinations, something like a label got displayed under the magic circle. It was the names of the gods.
I somehow selected the magic circle addressed to Syl, and the magic circle filled the screen as before. When I pressed return, it was a quad screen again.

(And so, what is it? What should I do?)
(You can pay it no attentions if you want!)
(That’s your way of contacting Marianora-sama and the others, so if you don’t have anything to talk to them about, you need not worry about it!)
(… Ehh~)

It’s for my use when I have business with the three gods – Marianora-sama, the Creator God; Salamanteel, the Fire God; and Nomoodle, the Earth God——What’s for, though? I don’t have any plans to have business with them…
I’m not sure if it’s really a good idea to not worry about it!

(Is that… really all right?)
(Yes! Even if you have anything going on, you can just contact me! Rather, please contact me. Therefore, you can just treat it as if it’s not there!)

… So why were these magic circles sent to me then? I don’t get it.

(Erm… I don’t get it, but you are saying that I should just continue as I have been doing until now?)
(Yes, exactly!)

No good. I shouldn’t think too deeply about this.
That being the case, I think I will do just as Syl said!

(Well then, I’m sending it.)
(Yes, thank you very much.——Ah, it came! Whoah~ it looks so yummy~)

Once again, I sent the pound cake to Syl’s place, and it seemed to have arrived safely.
Syl asked me what kind of pound cake it was, so I answered him, and we chatted for a while longer, then we left the temple and returned to the inn.

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