Chapter 324

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Sightseeing 2
“Nana fruit!”
“”Let’s buy lots!””

After leaving the tailor shop, we went to the next store, then the next store, and so on. When we found a grocery store, the kids looked like they were participating in a raid on Nana fruit (banana), urging me to buy them.
I had never seen Nana fruit for sale outside of Bailey’s, so of course I would buy some.

“Excuse me. I would like to buy Nana fruit, do you have any that are completely ripe?”
“Sorry, the ripe ones were already sold today.”

The skin of the Nana fruit is yellow when unripe, and turns red when fully ripe. The ones lined up in the store were somewhere in between, with orange skin. They ripen quickly, so if you want to buy them, the ones on sale may be just right, but I prefer them to be fully ripe so that I can store them in my Infinite Storage.

“I will take some of this Nana fruit then.”
“”All of them, please!””

I was told that although they were not fully ripe, the ones they had here would ripen if I left them for a couple of days, so I decided to buy them. Then, the kids declared to buy everything as if it was only natural. Well, I won’t deny it, because it’s only about 20 pieces, so it’s not a problem.

“Young lad, are you really buying this much? Nana fruit are quick to rot.”
“Yes, it’s fine, I will buy it all.”
“That so? I will pack you everything then.”

I paid for the fruits and was just about to pick them up when the children called out to me.

“”Oniichan, Oniichan.””
“N? What is it?”
“Never seen before!”
“Oh, you are right.”

What Allen and Elena found was a black object the size of a golf ball.

“Are these black ones also fruit?”
“Oh my? Could it be that you are from another country? I didn’t recognize you because of your clothes~ It’s a fruit that can be found in the dungeon near this town.”
“Yes, that’s right. It’s an advance-level dungeon, but the trees seem to grow in the lower levels, so there’s a steady supply of fruit.”

Ohh~ the benefits of the dungeon are here, too! I see, the dungeon by this town is an advance-level one. This means that… it is the 94th dungeon, “Colors”.
Actually, there are two dungeons near the city of Byld: an intermediate-level dungeon in the ocean north of the town, and an advanced-level dungeon southeast of the town. Since the intermediate-level dungeon seemed to be undiscovered, I assumed that was the advanced-level dungeon.
However, the list of dungeons given to me by the Adventurer’s Guild might be wrong, so I was going to gather more information. I didn’t want to cause a fuss by going to another undiscovered dungeon. Well, it’s confirmed now.

“Leychii fruit, huh~”

Why do I feel like I’ve heard of Leychii before?

“Erm, I’d like a basket of this Leychii fruit as well, please.”
“Sure, thank you for the business.”

Anyhow, I bought some Leychii to try.

“Next is~”
“That store!”

The children, happy to have purchased their favorite fruit and a new one, happily walked into an old store.

“What is it, Allen, Elena?”
“”This… what kind of store is this?””
“N? Eh? Huh? There’s nothing?”

As soon as they entered the store, Allen and Elena tilted their heads.
The store they entered had shelves, but no merchandise at all.

“”Not a store?””
“Ehh… I wonder?”
“”I wonder~?””

I wonder if they had closed up?

“Oh, how rare. It’s unusual for someone to come into this store.”
“Hello, I’m sorry to bother you.”

As I tilted my head with the children, an old man came out from the back with a surprised expression on his face. Since he welcomed us like that, it means that it is a store, right?

“Excuse me. You mentioned that the people coming into the store is rare…. What does that mean?”
“Fufufu, well, this store is under a human repellent spell to keep people out.”
“Eh, people repellent!?”
“Yes. Normally, people would pass by this store without noticing it. But you guys came in. I’m sure you guys have a lot of magic power, so the spell to keep people out didn’t work.”

It is true that I have a lot of magic power, and the children also have lots of it.


“Erm… why are you using a spell to keep people out in the first place? It looks like a store, but there’s no merchandise on the shelves, too.”

The old man began to tinker with something on the counter, this time with a happy expression. Suddenly, something appeared on the display shelf behind the counter.

“You recognize it well.”

It seemed to be warded to make it look like nothing was there.
So the thing that the old man was messing with was probably a magic tool that cast the barrier.

“So many.”
“What are those?”
“Those are magic tools.”
“”Ohh~ magic tools~””

So this is a magic tool shop.
It reminds me of Grandpa Sol’s magic tool shop in the royal capital of Guardia. That place also made the outside of the store look like a worn-out building~

“Similar to.”
“Grandpa Sol’s!”

Allen and Elena seemed to remember the same thing as I did and happily told the old man of this store.

“Ohh! So you are acquaintances of Sol-dono!”
“Huh? Do you know each other?”
“We’re both dealing with the same magic tools. We keep in touch with each other from time to time.”
“Heeh~ I see.”

So you guys get along as fellow magic tool dealers, huh.

“Oh, let me tell you something. I don’t know how many magic tool stores you know, but mine and Sol-dono’s are unique.”

That’s right. I’d be surprised if all the magic tool stores were so special that they were made to look like abandoned buildings and keep people out! Huh? We have never been to a normal magic tool store before… I think?
No, I guess we have. When we were mining in the town of Kelm, we went into a magic tool store to buy a lantern or illumination magic tool for Allen and Elena! In the end, I couldn’t find any good illumination magic tools, so I bought them lanterns.

“Do you have any illumination magic tools here?”
“Yes, we do.”
“If you have any, I will take two, please.”
“Are they for the children, by any chance? If so, I have something easy to use.”
“If possible.”
“We’ve just had a new shipment of something that looked just right for them. Here it is. Try it out.”

The items the old man took out looked like normal lanterns.

“Oh, there’s a switch here.”
“Yes, just try pushing it.”
“Allen, Elena, give it a try.”

When Allen and Elena pressed the switch, the center of the lantern, where the fire was supposed to burn, glowed faintly.
It might look like a lantern, but it was really a magic tool.

“It turned on~”
“So bright!”
“This is working great.”
“Fufufu, right?”

It’s a good shape for children to hold, because it’s hard to tell at a glance that it’s not a normal lantern, but a magic tool.

“Well, I will take both of those, please. Also, let’s see~ Do you have any recommendations or unusual items?”
“My, my? Well then, I’ll have to introduce you to a special item.”

I couldn’t think of any magic tools that I wanted right now, so I took a chance and asked the old man, who smiled wryly. Apparently, he has something good on him.

“Are you… an adventurer? If that’s the case… what do you think of this?”

The old man took out a magic tool and explained to me that it was a small heating and cooling device. Because magic tools are expensive, air conditioning and heating tools are often installed in the homes of nobles, but they are not widely used in ordinary homes. Therefore, they are not even installed in inns.
I have yet to experience an inn in the winter, but it was too hot in the summer!
The other thing is that the portable house I had made for me was installed with plenty of magic tools, so it will be fine, but the hut wasn’t attached to it, so it could be used there as well.

“I will buy it!”

I decided to buy it right away, as it seemed to have a lot of opportunities to be used.

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