Chapter 323

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The lodging provided by the Company was quite nice, and we enjoyed our dinner there as well, but… well, if you ask if it was good, then it was good, but it was… ordinary food, not unique to Serdik.

The next day, after a good night’s rest, we set out to explore the town.

“Well, where shall we go first?”
“Haha, yeah. We are definitely going shopping, but which stores should we go to first?”
“”All of them!”
“All of them?
“Every last!”
“One of them!”

Allen and Elena wanted to see all the stores, probably as a reaction to not being able to go sightseeing yesterday.

“Well, we are going to spend the day in the town, so let’s take it in order.”

So we went into the first store we saw.

“Is this~”
“A cloth store?”
“N~ maybe a tailor?”

I’m pretty sure it’s a fabric store, but there were some clothes on display, too.

“It’s the same clothes we saw at the port.”
“”Oh yeah!””
“If this store is a tailor shop, do you want me to order you some?”
“”Yes! Want~!””

If they can make it in time, I would love to have my children wear it.

“My, oh my, welcome. I’m sorry I didn’t notice you earlier.”
“Don’t worry, excuse us for intruding.”
“That’s all right. Oh my, what a pair of cuties!”
“Thank you very much. Are you a tailor, by the way?
“Yes, we are. We mainly tailor everyday clothes.”

It seems to be a store that does tailoring as well.

“Are the clothes you have on display the casual clothes of this country?”
“Yes, indeed. From your question and the way you look, I’m guessing you are from another country then?”
“Yes, we are.”
“I have heard from the foreigners that our country’s clothes are very distinctive~ This is a port town, so people from other countries often ask me about them.”
“Haha, I thought so.”

As I thought, it appears that the clothes are unique to this country. And I’m sure everyone from other countries is wondering about them.

“How long would it take to have clothes made for these twins?”
“We have a few pieces of each size left over, so you can take them home right away. If you want the exact size, your favorite color, and you want to decorate it, it would take about five days.”
“We would like to see the leftovers first then, and if the size and color don’t seem to match their taste, I would like to place an order.”
“Okay. I will bring them over then.”

It seemed that they had a few pieces left over, so I decided to ask to see them first.

“See if you like any.”

The shopkeeper immediately prepared some clothes in sizes that Allen and Elena could wear, and some in sizes that I could wear, but there were quite a few.

“Huh? There seem… to be more colors than what you have on the display?”

I looked at the color of the clothes and looked around at the fabric that was on display in the store. Then I noticed that the clothes were more colorful.

“I’m surprised you noticed, Customer.”
“So I was correct?”

For example, the blue cloth. Not only were there different shades of blue, but there was also a blackish blue, a greenish blue and a purplish blue.

“It’s amazing. But why? Is it because there are so many different kinds of plants used for the dyes that their shades are different?”
“It’s thanks to the dungeon near the town.”
“A dungeon?”
“Yes, you can get all kinds of colorful dyes there. That’s why there are so many kinds of dyes in this town.”
“”Ohh~ a dungeon!””

You can get dyes from the dungeon, huh? And it’s near this town?
Or rather, the children’s eyes started sparkling when they heard that there was a dungeon nearby.

“Yes, yes, Allen, Elena, I know you are interested, so let’s take a walk around the town and investigate.”
“”Yeah! Investigate!””

Looking at the kids, it seemed that they have already finalized their plans in the country. Well, I don’t mind~

“Anyhow, let’s pick some clothes first.”

I told the children to leave the dungeon behind for the time being, and they started to choose their clothes honestly. Well, they were interested in the clothes of this country, too.
There were three types of clothes: one that was a little longer than the waist, a jacket that was long enough to cover the knees, and a one-piece type for females.

“Allen likes this one.”
“Elena wants this.”
“Okay, they look nice.”

I told them to choose a few outfits to wear while we were in this country, so they chose one after another.

“Speaking of which, why is one sleeve so short?”
“Fufu, It seems that right-handed people simply shortened it because it interfered with their work.”
“Eh!? That’s all to it!?”
“Yes, that’s it. In the old days, both sleeves were long and fluttery.”

That’s the reason why the shape of the sleeves is different? And it’s amazing that it’s stuck!

“It’s strange, isn’t it~ When it gets cold, I always have to put on layers of clothes, but I don’t feel comfortable unless they’re in this shape.”

Oh, I see. Even if the clothes are made out of thick cloth, the right hand would be sleeveless or short-sleeved, so they’d have to wear layers!

“Oh, I would like the kids to change, can I borrow your place?”
“Of course you can. But, what about you?”
“Oh, me? I think I would rather refrain myself.”
“”Nope! Oniichan is going to wear it, too!””

I was afraid that if I wore this attire, I would feel like I was cosplaying, so I tried avoiding it, letting only the children wear them, but I got caught…

“What color~”
“Would suit Oniichan~”

The children were so happy that they started to choose my clothes as well.

“Make it a calm color, please.”
“”Got it~””

I thought it would be useless to stop them, so I told them to at least avoid bright colors.

“I like this one!”
“I think this one’s good too!”

Allen chose a long dark blue one and Elena chose a short dark green one. Both shades were to my liking.

“Oh~ these… should be fine?”
“Then let’s change!”
“Hurry up, hurry up~”

Urged by the children, we hurried to get changed.

“My, oh my, it suits you guys very well~”

I wore a short jacket type, Allen wore a long, bright-green type, and Elena wore a dark red one-piece dress.

“Allen, Elena, it looks good on you.
“”You look good too, Oniichan!””
“Really? Thank you.”

It was warm today, so we wore short sleeves.

“It’s warm today, so you shouldn’t feel cold in the short sleeves, right?”
“”Yeah, is fine!””
“Shall we go to the next store?”

Just as we were about to leave the store after paying the bill, Elena suddenly shouted as if she had noticed something.

“What’s wrong, Elena?”
“Elena will change!”
“Eh, why? Do you not like it?”

Elena tried to take off her dress.

“Elena will wear green too! I want green!”
“Oniichan and Allen are green!”
“Ah, so that’s it.”

I wonder if she felt left out because Allen and I were wearing green clothes, even though they were of different shades.

“Although it had a strong blue tinge, there was a bluish-green one-piece, right?”
“Ah, the color of Luca-chan’s eyes! I will wear that!”

After hastily changing Elena’s dress, we left the store.

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