Chapter 322

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“As I thought, it’s a bit warmer here.”

We arrived in the town called Byld in the country of Serdik.
We were supposed to arrive at noon, but due to the pirate attack, we ended up arriving in the evening… Well, I guess that’s an acceptable delay.

“”Oniichan, Oniichan.””
“N? What is it?”
“Oh, you are right.”

In this country, there were quite a few people wearing long robes(?). Their right sleeve was short or sleeveless, but the left sleeve was long and fluttery.
I’ve never seen this kind of clothes in Guardia, Argo, or Crete, so I wonder if it’s unique to Serdik. I had imagined a tropical or Latin American country, since it is the birthplace of the Nana fruit (bananas), and Kahee (coffee) beans~

“Takumi, they want to hear the situation.”

Evan-san, who was handing over the captured pirates to the soldiers, called me over. Apparently, they wanted to hear from me as well. Well, I acted mostly of my own accord, and I also happened to store the entire pirate ship in my Infinite Storage, after all~ I guess it’s natural.

“Ah, but I would like to find a place to stay first… is that possible?”

I don’t mind reciting the situation, but I’d like to find a place to stay before it gets dark.

“It’s not like you can’t, but I heard the people from the company had already arranged a place to stay.”
“Isn’t that for you and the other guards, though?”
“What are you saying? How can they not prepare a room for the people who saved their ship? I’m sure they’ll give you a nice room.”
“It being a good room aside, I’m happy as long as we have a place to stay.”

That being the case, we move to the Soldiers’ Station at the port.

“Let’s go.”
“That won’t be possible for today. Let’s leave it for tomorrow.”

I guess they didn’t like the idea of walking past the stores in a new town without stopping by. The children looked quite dissatisfied.

“I guess it’s hard to delay sightseeing in a town you have never been to before~”

Evan-san approached the kids and patted the two’s heads to comfort them.

“Evan, aren’t that your sentiments?”

Evan-san averted his gaze awkwardly at Scott-san’s comment.
It seemed that he had hit the nail on the head.

“Is this your first time here, Evan-san?”
“Ou. We’re returning in three days, so we’re planning to have a lot of fun until then.”
“Oh, so you have a schedule for your return trip?”

They will be going back in three days, which means they will only have two days for sightseeing. If that’s the case, it must be hard to lose the half day today.

“We’re going to eat a lot of good food!”
“Oh, that’s part of the fun~”

We will have to find some specialties, right? I’m sure there will be something besides Nana fruits and Kahee beans.

“Oh, here you are.”


Gaius-san arrived at the station beforehand, and explained the details of the circumstances at the sea.

“Well, that’s it for the confirmation, and now for the reward. The fee for subjugating the pirates, and the reward money for the bounty on their heads. And also the bonus money for selling the pirates as slaves. This is the total of the above.”

When we arrived at the station, the briefing was already over, and I was asked about my background, but it was just to make sure there were no discrepancies, so it was over quickly.
Then, as if to say, “This is where it all starts,” the soldier held out a piece of paper with details written on it.
It seemed that the pirate captain and a few others had been given bounties, and the total reward was a quite a bit of cash.

“Are we going with the standard allocation?”
“Evan, what did the company president say?”
“60% to Takumi and 40% to the company. Well, if Takumi agrees… though.”

The reason why Evan-san came with me later was because he needed to confirm the allocation.
I’m not sure why the allocation was only between me and the company.

“I don’t really care about the percentage, but why is it just me and the company? What about you guys?”
“We’re hired guards for the company. Ah, but don’t worry, we are going to get a bonus payment.”
“Are you sure they will pay for everyone?”
“Yeah, don’t worry.”
“I don’t mind then.”

The pirates were captured with the help of Evan-san and the other adventurers, so I made sure to check that.
Since I heard that the company will raise the pay with the reward money, I nodded in agreement… since I didn’t know anything about appropriate rates.

“Also, the ownership of the ship and anything on it goes to you, Takumi.”

I had a hand in the capture, but since it was only me and the kids who stopped the ship and retrieved it, the ownership was mine.
I briefly checked the inside of the ship in search of the remnants, and found that there was a good amount of treasure on board. Well, I guess a lot of it was stolen, though.

“N~ Can I ask you to dispose of the ship and sell what is on the ship for a fee?”

Since the ship has a big hole in it and the magic stone is broken, it’s basically a shipwreck. It doesn’t matter if I leave it in the Infinite Storage, but if I can dispose of it, it’s better to do so.
And then there are the things that were on the ship. Money can be collected, but jewelry and other items are troublesome. There might be a chance that the original owners of stolen goods will want to buy them back!
I don’t know the details because Cedric-san took care of everything when we dealt with the bandits and got the treasure in Bailey before, but I’m sure there are a lot of negotiations and procedures to be followed.
To put it bluntly, it’s a hassle. So I would like them to take care of all that for me.

“That’s possible, but the… negotiations will be minimal, so your profits will inevitably decrease.”
“I’m fine with that, so please.”
“I understand. Would you like the money to be deposited at the Adventurer’s Guild then?”

Even if the amount of money I get from it decreases, it is better to save myself the trouble.

“Are you sure about this, Takumi-san? It’s not a town we are familiar with, so I can’t say there’s no possibility of being deceived.”

Perhaps worried about my quick decision, Scott-san whispered to me.

“Thank you very much. There’s no problem.”

This was an extra income to begin with, so I won’t regret it as long as I consider it just that.
It’s more of a problem if the negotiations take up too much of my time, and we lose sightseeing time because of it. Especially this time, we have to return to the capital of Guardia before Wald-sama’s wedding, so our time here is limited.
So, I quickly completed the procedures for selling it.

“So, where should I leave the ship?”
“There’s a harbor in the back of the station, so you can leave it there.”

After leaving the ship there, we finally entered the town of Byld for real.

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