Chapter 315

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A few days have passed since the Orcs were subjugated. For the past few days, I’ve been busy with reports and materials… mainly cleaning up after myself, and now that I finally had some free time, I decided to fulfill my promise to the kids.
When I went out to exterminate the Orcs, I had promised the kids that we would go wherever they wanted when I came back as a compensation for staying at home.

“Allen, Elena, have you decided where to go?”
“”You see, you see!””

When I asked them where they wanted to go, they broke into big smiles.

“And Elena.”
“”Want to go on a boat!””

It wasn’t a place, but Allen and Elena knew exactly what they wanted to do.

“The one we saw at the port?”
“The big one or the small one?”
““The big one!””

If it’s a big one, then it’s not a fishing boat, but a merchant ship.

“Well, we have to find a boat to get on. I guess we are going to the port to gather information today.”
“”Got it~!””

As expected, going immediately is a bit… impossible, so I decided to go to the port first to find out the set off date and destinations of the ships.

“”Boat~ big boat~♪””

Allen and Elena sang cheerfully as we walked toward the port.

“Now then, a passanger ship business… over there?”
“”Boat signboard~!””
“Indeed. Let’s go there to inquire.”

First, we headed to the store with the sign we saw.

“Excuse me, does this store have dealings with merchant ships as well?”
“Yes, that’s correct.”

Looks like we found the right store.

“Would you like to board? Or are you here for a package delivery?”
“I’d like to get on a ship, what is the destination of the ships that leave from here?”

I asked the woman at the reception desk where the ships were going.

“Most of them go to a town called Byld in the country of Serdik. There are also a few that go north to Argo and Creta, and domestically in Guardia, to the town of Yoran.”

Heeh~ so the ships going to three countries? The town of Yoran is in the southeast Guardia, right in the middle of Rubia and Bailey.

“Allen, Elena, where do you want to go?”
“”Place we have never been to!””
“Haha, we have never been to either of these places~”

We have never been to the town of Yoran, nor to the seaside towns of Argo and Creta. And we have never been in the country of Serdik itself.

“Let’s see~ since we are going on a trip, we may as well go all the way to Serdik?”
“”Yeah, sounds good!””

So we decided to go to town called Byld, which was in the country of Serdik.

“If you’d like to go to Byld, the size of the ship varies from time to time, but the departure is every three days.”
“Heeh~ they are departing quite often then. Let’s see~ the kids would like to get on the biggest ship, I guess?”
“If that’s the case, then the ship leaving in five days would be the most suitable. It’s just the speed of the ship is a little slower, it leaves in the morning and arrives two days later at noon.”


So we’ll be staying on the ship for two nights. That’s not a problem.

“Then, I would like to make a reservation for an adult and two children on a ship to the town of Byld in five days.”
“Erm… I’m sorry since I recommended it myself, but…”
“Ah, is it perhaps full?”
“No, there’s still space available, but… I think the rank of the rooms that are available might be a bit unsuitable.”

The receptionist looked very uncomfortable.
Room rank. That’s right, it’s not a flat boarding fee, is it?

“Well… can you tell me about the room rank first?”
“Yes, there are four ranks of rooms in total. I’ll start from the top, the first one is the special room, which is a private room with a large bedroom, bathroom, and terrace. Next is the first-class room, which is only a bedroom, but it is a private room. The second-class room is a shared room for four people with bunk beds. Third-class rooms are shared by 10 to 12 people.”

Private rooms and shared rooms. Well, the ideal is a private room, right?

“So, what ranks are the rooms that are available?”
“We have special rooms and third-class rooms available.”
“I see.”

I’m sure she was reluctant to recommend either of them because the special rooms were expensive, marketed towards the nobles and wealthy people, and the shared rooms for large groups were not suitable for me, who is with children.

“Alright, we will take the special room then.”
“… Eh?”

When I asked for a special room reservation, the receptionist froze with a surprised expression.

“T, the special room is quite expensive, are you sure?”
“Yes, it’s not a problem.”
“Are you really sure?”

The receptionist reconfirmed my decision to board the ship before stating the exact price, but I’m sure our earnings are on par with those of the nobility and wealthy families.

“I’m an A-ranked adventurer, so I do make some money.”
“I, I see. I apologize. Let’s make the reservation then.”

Half of the fee is to be paid in advance, and the other half is to be paid when you board the ship, so I quickly paid the advance fee.
By the way, the fee was equal to the money we earn for a single herb collection trip. Surprisingly cheap for us, I thought. But… it seems to be enough money for an average family to live on for a couple of months.

“So we have five days to prepare, including today.”

Now that we had successfully booked a room on the ship, we started to prepare for the trip.
However, there are plenty of supplies in the Infinite Storage, so there’s almost nothing to prepare again. Oh, but I do need to check what I need for a trip on a ship. And to buy what I don’t have.
The rest is mainly greetings. After we go to Serdik, we’ll be heading directly to the royal capital to attend Wald-sama’s wedding that will be coming later.
But since you could call Rubia our hometown, it’s not like we won’t be coming back, so we’ll just say, “We are going out for a while.”

“Shall we just wander around the town today, do some shopping, and finally visit the Adventurer’s Guild?”

Since we would not be able to see Rebecca-san and the others again for a while, I told Allen and Elena to play hard while they could, and they replied with big smiles on their faces.
When we were in the capital, they cried when Rebecca-san left, but this time they don’t seem so sad. I wonder if it’s different because we’re leaving ourselves this time? Or is it because they have plans to meet soon?

“Aren’t you sad to say goodbye this time?”
“”You see, you see~””

I was curious about the children’s feelings, so I decided to ask them directly.

“Will get.”
“Lot’s of souvenirs.”
“”And so.””
“Will make big surprise.”
“And lots of happiness.”
“I see.”

The two of them had learned to prepare lots of gifts and stories to please and surprise everyone, and now they were looking forward to the next time they meet instead.

“That’s right. Let’s prepare lots of souvenirs.”
“”Yeah! Onii~chan, let’s find a dragon!””

They seemed to still remember the story about preparing dragon meat as a souvenir, and were quite enthusiastic about it

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