Chapter 316

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“Alright, we are off then.”
“”We are off!””
“Takumi-san, Allen-chan, Elena-chan, take care.”
“Takumi-kun, see you in the Capital.”
“Safe travels.”

We were seen off by Rebecca-san, Lucario-kun, Velio-san and Almeria-san as we left the mansion.
Five days ago, I told the Ruven family that we were going on a voyage, but they weren’t surprised. That’s because, after coming back, I asked the children, “Where would you like to go as a reward?” they said, “”On a boat!””. So they were expecting that we would be going on a voyage soon.

“Lonely already?”
“”… Just a bit.””

After leaving the mansion, the children glanced back at me and I patted them both on the head.

“We will be in Serdik only for the fall season at most. We’ll be back in the Capital by the time winter comes, so we’ll see each other again soon.”
“”Yeah, that’s right!””

It’s still summer now, but it’s about to get cooler. However, we can meet again in two or three months. Or we can also go sightseeing just for a few days and then quickly come back to Rubia if necessary.

“”So big!””
“Indeed. Wait, we are getting on this ship!?”

As soon as we arrived at the port, we noticed that there was a large ship docked there. And on the pier connecting the ship to the land, there was a sign for the store we had booked the tickets at.

“Good morning. We have been expecting you.”

As we approached the ship, I saw the receptionist from when we made the reservation.

“”Is this the ship?””
“Yes, that’s correct.”

As I thought, this was the ship.

“I didn’t think it would be this big.”
“It’s the biggest ship that our company owns.”
“Heeh~ I’m looking forward to riding it.”
“Dear customers, we will do our best to make your trip as safe as possible, and we hope you enjoy it.”
“Yes, we will be in your care.”

We paid the fee, boarded the ship and were shown to the room we were renting.

“This is your room.”
“This is amazing.”

It was a room with furniture and supplies that I could tell at a glance were of high quality.

“Is it to your liking?”
“Yes, it’s a very nice room.”

I don’t know if we will be able to settle here as if at home, but it’s definitely a nice room.

“I’m sorry to trouble you, but would you mind channeling your magic power here?”
“What’s this?”
“We register the room’s occupants with magic power. The room will be locked automatically, so when you enter or leave the room, please channel your magic power here to open the door.”
“Heeh~ so there is this kind of magic tools as well.”

This room seems to have an automatic lock.
The magic tool was installed on both sides of the door, and it can distinguish magic power to unlock the door. So, not only do you need it to enter the room, but you also need to activate the magic tool when you leave the room.

“Thank you. Could the children also register?”
“Allen, Elena, channel your magic power in here.”

We did as we were told and poured the magic power into the magic tool on the entrance door.

“Will anyone else be able to get in and out of this room?”
“No, only the Captain. Other than that, neither the crew nor anyone who has used this room before will be able to open it. The Captain has access to all rooms in case of emergency.”
“Ah yes, that is certainly necessary.”

If the person who rents the room can’t open the door when something happens inside, they couldn’t be helped otherwise. They seem to have thought it through properly.


“”It’s moving~””
“Truly, it seems we are departing.”

As we were checking the room, we noticed that the view from the window had started to move.


“Allen, Elena, let’s go out on the terrace.”
“”Okay, let’s go~””

We decided to go out to the terrace to watch the ship sail.

“”It’s getting away~””
“”Ah! Obaa~sama!””
“Eh!? Where?”
“”Over there!””
“Hm? Ah, you are right!”

The ship was docked sideways along the land, and the terrace of the room we rented was facing the land, so we could see the ship gradually moving away from the port.
As we were watching the land move away with a bit of sadness, the kids spotted Rebecca-san at the port. It seemed she had come to see us off.


Allen and Elena waved their hands, shouting loudly, and Rebecca-san seemed to have noticed them and waved back.
As expected, the lady Rebecca-san did not raise her voice, but her mouth was moving in small movements. I don’t know how to read lips, but I felt as if she was saying, “Have a safe trip.”

“She didn’t tell me she was going to see us off… but, I’m happy she came.”
“”Yeah! You see! Will bring the best souvenirs!””
“Haha, of course.”

We looked at the port from the terrace until the ship moved on and Rebecca-san was out of sight, then we decided to go on the deck.

“Oh, by the way, are you feeling okay? Are you feeling sick or anything?”
“”Is fine~!””
“Okay. That’s good, but if you feel sick, tell me right away.”

It was my first time on a ship. I was worried that I might get seasick, but it seemed to be no problem. I had prepared some anti-sickness medication, but so far it didn’t seem to be necessary for me or the kids.


We stepped out onto the deck and the kids immediately started running towards the bow.

“The floor might be wet so watch your steps.”

If they slipped and fell into the sea… would be a disaster, but I don’t think that would happen to my kids if I caution them, so they should be fine even if I don’t stop them.


When we got to the bow of the ship, the kids looked into the sea with astonishment.

“What is it? What do you see?”
“”The sea is bashaan!””
“N?——Ah, this?”

I couldn’t understand what they were saying, so I looked down, too. What I saw was the ship pushing its way through the sea, creating waves as it sailed. I’m sure this is what they were talking about.

“”Hya! So cold!””

The children let out a cute scream as they seemed to be splashed by the water.
They were screaming, they were going, “”Kya~ kya~”” so I guess they were enjoying it.

“You are going to fall off~”
“”Is fine~ won’t fall~””

They were leaning forward quite a bit, trying to get splashed, so I warned them again.

“”That was fun~””
“Ahh~ you are all soaked~”
“”Dry us~””
“Yes, yes, stay still then.”

Allen and Elena were soaking wet from the water splashing, so I quickly dried them with magic.

“All good.”
“”Thank you.””
“You are welcome. What do you want to do next?”
“The ship~!”
“Roger that. Don’t be making too much noise inside, though.”

After enjoying the deck to the fullest, we decided to explore the inside of the ship.

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