Chapter 299

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Cloth Goods
“Allen, Elena, we are going to the town to do some shopping today.”
“What we buying~?”

When I told the kids what we were going to do today, they both tilted their heads.

“Various things. Cushions and things for ourselves, moreover, Velio-san and Almeria-san’s child is about to be born, so we have to get them a congratulatory gift. There are a few things I considered in my possession, but I thought we could take look for something as we stroll around.”
“”Yeah, will look~””
“Oh, and I’m going to look for something that would be a good wedding gift for Wald-sama, so let’s keep that in mind as we browse the stores.”

I took the kids to the shopping district to finish my own business first.

“”I know this place~””
“You remember it?”
“”It’s where we ordered!””
“Vector and~”

The first place we visited was The Little Blue Bird. This is the store where I ordered bedsheets, curtains, and cardigans for the kids.

“Hello. Is what we ordered ready to pick up?”
“Welcome. Erm, about that…”
“Is something the matter?”

When I walked into the store, I was greeted by the same male shopkeeper who greeted me the last time I placed an order, and when I immediately asked him if my order was ready, he was hesitant to speak.
The shopkeeper didn’t say when I would be able to pick up our order, so maybe the items I had ordered weren’t ready yet.

“Did we come too early?”
“Uhm, I will bring the goods you ordered immediately, please wait a moment.”
“… Okay, I understand?”

As I tilted my head, the shopkeeper went to the back of the store in a hurry. But, according to him, the order seemed to be ready. If so, what is the matter with him?

“Thank you for waiting. Please confirm the goods.”

I checked the items the shopkeeper had brought with over.
There were several kinds of sheets, covers, and curtains. All of them were fine.

“Ah, this one.”
“I’m sorry.”

The shopkeeper bowed his head in response to my words.
I had ordered two cardigans for the kids, one green and one red, but there were only green ones here. I guessed that meant the red cardigans were not ready yet. Anyway, I picked up the green cardigan that was folded and unfolded it, and the kids shouted with joy.

“”Ohh~ it’s Mile~””
“Heeh~ it looks nice.”

The cardigan was made of a thin, airy fabric with about three-quarter sleeves, and the hood was exactly as ordered, with long, firm ears.

“And so… about this one…”

While we were happy with the green cardigan, the shopkeeper apologetically brought out a red cardigan from below the counter.

“Huh, it’s ready then?”

I took it and unfolded it to see that the red cardigan was made entirely of a fur-like material, with round ears on the hood. I thought a mane would be too difficult, but they seemed to have done a good job with the fur.

“”Ohh~ it’s Vector~””

The children were delighted with this one as well.

“I’m sorry. While I was pursuing Scarlet King Leo, I got sidetracked from your order…”
“Umm, it can’t be called thin now, right? I’m sorry.”
“Eh, that!? Nonono! It’s perfectly fine! This looks fantastic! The children are happy about it too, so please stop apologizing.”

The shopkeeper wanted to apologize for not following the order to the dot.
It’s true that the fuzzy fur looks warm, so it’s not suitable for summer. But it’s not that thick, so I guess this is for spring and fall.


“We are glad you were able to mimic it so far.—— Right, Allen, Elena?”
“”Yeah! This is very nice! Thank you!””

The shopkeeper looked happy when we give our honest opinions.

“”Onii~chan, we wanna wear this! Will change!””
“The green one?——Can they change here?”
“Yes, we have a partition this way, so please change your clothes there.”

There was a place that looked like a fitting area, so I took off the children’s clothes, put on their short-sleeved clothes, and then put on their green cardigans.
When they were done, they put on their hoods and spun around on the spot.

“Oh~ cute, very cute!”

The long ears don’t stand up straight exactly like Mile’s, but they’re still cute.
It’s a little… reminiscent of the ears on my coat, though.

“Thank you for the good job you did. So, no more apologies, please.”
“”Thank you~””
“I’m happy you like it.”

The shopkeeper looked relieved once again.

“Ah, yes. I’d like to order some more stuff, if that’s okay?”
“Yes, if it’s all right with you, it’s fine with me.”
“No problem at all. I’d like to order five cushions… erm, that are big enough to hold me for the sofa. And… three cushions for children to rest on. These I would prefer to be round, what do you think?”

After receiving the items I had ordered, I raised the next goods I wanted to order.

“No problem. Please choose the fabric and color of your liking from among here.”
“Okay. Allen, Elena, choose the color for the cushions~”

I let them touch the fabric and choose the colors that would suit Allen, Elena and the house.

“I think this one feels the best on touch?”
“”Yeah, it feels comfy~””
“Then, let’s choose the color next.”
“”Erm… this!””

The color the children chose was surprising to me.

“This one? It would look good in the house, and it’s the combination of colors I like… but are you sure you really want to go with this one?”
“”Yeah, I like this one!””
“I see. Well, I asked for eight cushions in total, so why don’t you choose another colors so we mix and match.”

I thought the twins would select colors like blue and pink, but they chose chic colors like dark green and dark brown instead.
At the moment, the interior of the house is decorated in calm colors. Therefore, even if they had chosen flashy colors, it wouldn’t have been a problem. Well, but maybe this is a good choice to match with the forest image.

“Okay, I think we are done with our own business.”
“Next is~?”
“There’s more~?”
“Next is for the unborn baby.”
“”What do we order~?””
“I just thought of something. How about a stuffed animal?”
“A soft one would be nice!”
“A fluffy one!”
“Indeed. Let’s ask for a soft and fluffy stuffed animal.”

Rebecca-san might have already prepared them, but I thought it wouldn’t be a problem to order a few more, so I ordered some stuffed animals. I ordered plushies modeled after the Pastel Rabbits in a variety of colors.

“Make one for Allen too~”
“For Elena as well~”

Since Allen and Elena wanted to have stuffed animals at home, I also ordered stuffed animals for Joule and the other five animals.

“Did we forget something else?”
“”N~? Don’t think so?””

We left The Little Blue Bird, thinking that if we forgot to ask for anything, we could come back to place an order again.

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