Chapter 300

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Message from Minazuki Shizuru
Finally…? At last… ?
We hit 300 chapters!
It’s been around five years since I started writing.
I never thought I’d make it this far.
This is also all thanks to you who continue reading my novel.
Thank you very much.
Please continue to support me for many years to come.

Wooden Goods
After leaving The Little Blue Bird, we walked around, taking turns peeking into the stores.

“This is the bakery~”
“This is a place to stay~”
“This is the meat seller~”
“This is… what kind of shop?”

The children went from door to door, confirming what kind of goods the shops were selling.

“Ah, this is a woodworking workshop. This is great, let’s go inside.”
“”What we buying~?””
“The pole hanger for Bolt to stay, and steps and chair for Mile.”
“”Ohh~ let’s go, let’s go!””

When the kids heard what I wanted to buy, they pulled my hand and rushed into the store.

“Don’t hurry so much, the store won’t run away.”
“The faster we buy!”
“The earlier it’s done!”

It may be only a few minutes, but is the logic that the sooner we order, the sooner it will be ready?

“Oh my, some adorable customers came to my workshop.”
“”Wanna order!””
“Sure, sure, of course. Let me hear it.”

The workshop’s shopkeeper listened unperturbed by the children’s vigor. He was a middle-aged man with a fierce-looking face, but he seemed to be a very friendly guy.

“”You see, you see.””
“Pole hanger and.”
“Small steps and.”
“”Small chair!””

The children’s vigor continued, and they told him what they wanted to order at once.

“”Can you~?””
“… I understand what you want to order. Niichan, I will leave the specifics to you!”

He understood what they wanted, but he didn’t know the specific sizes, so the shopkeeper turned to me and asked for an explanation.
So I started by explaining my idea of a pole hanger that was designed for Bolt to rest. It would be fine to hang the jackets directly onto the pole hanger, but I also asked for a couple of standalone hangers, and then I explained about the 30 cm mini steps and the 30 cm small chair.

“What do you think?”
“Fumu. Well, it won’t be a problem. We can have it ready in two or three days.”
“Really! We’d love to place the order then.”

After we finish the order, I decided to ask whether it would be possible for this workshop to produce a certain newborn baby toy.

“I’d like to discuss something with you…”
“N? What is it?”
“Could you take a look at this?”

I show him a drawing, not quite of a blueprint quality, I’ve drawn on a piece of paper beforehand.

“A box? A box with holes of various shapes?”

It was a picture of a square box with a top that could be opened and closed, with holes on all sides and the top in various shapes, such as circle, triangle, heart, star, etc., and a picture of blocks in the same shape as the holes.
I draw this after recalling that there was such a puzzle-like educational toy.


“The holes don’t have to be too complicated, just big enough for the blocks to go through. Blocks of the same shape as the holes should be able to go through and the box has to be openable so that the blocks could be then removed again.”
“Hooh~ a children’s toy, is it? How interesting.”
“Could you do it?”
“I will give it a try.”
“I will ask you of this too, then.”
“Is this all you wanted to order?”

N~ was there anything else?

“Ah, that! Erm, how is it called… the chair with a curved board for legs.”
“A rocking chair?”
“So it’s called a rocking chair. I want that, not a chair but a bed with an enclosure that a baby could sleep in?”
“Bed? Oh, do you mean a cradle?”
“Oh! Right, it’s called a cradle…”

Cradle! He seems to be a very familiar with the word, so I’m sure that Velio-san and others have prepared it already.
I thought I had a good idea~

“”Onii~chan, Onii~chan.””
“What is it?”
“”We want a rocking chair!””

Just when I thought my celebration gift idea was rejected… the twins voiced out their desire for a rocking chair.
Well, kids seem to like rocking chairs, don’t they?

“Sure, shall we order it then? Do you want a normal-sized one? Or a little one?”
“”Big one!””
“Roger that.——Sorry, I would like to add two adult-sized rocking chairs to our order.”
“”One is good enough~!””
“Let’s go with just a single one then.”
“Ou, sure thing.”

There was nothing else I could think of, so I confirmed the order and then we left the workshop.

“Where do we~”
“Go next~”
“We can look for things you guys want too, you know?”

Allen and Elena tilted their heads in wonder at my words.

“”We already bought, you know~?””
“Stuffed animals~”
“And the chair, too~”
“That’s right, isn’t it?”
“”Yeah, that’s right~””

My children are able to give a proper request, so I bought them what they wanted.

“What is it?”
“Want candy!”
“Already running out!”
“Oh, candies, huh.”

The candies that I gave to each for them to eat whenever they wanted were bought when we first arrived to the Capital, right? It seems both were eating them with care.
There are still some things in my Infinite Storage that I bought for the two of them when I bought the candies, but… well, I’ll keep them for now and buy new ones over here.

“Sure, let’s walk around and look for that kind of store.”
“There were all kinds of flavors if I remember correctly, right~ You have to start thinking what flavors you would like to buy.”
“Haha, you have already decided?”

I’m sure the candy I bought last time were honey flavored too, so I guess they must have really liked it.

“You guys don’t seem to overeat them, and there’s still space in your magic bags, so you can even buy two or three kinds this time~”
“Really. But, just because there will be a lot of them doesn’t mean you have to eat several in one day. You can buy more if you can promise me that.”
“”I promise!””

Allen and Elena are good at keeping their promises, so even if I buy them all kinds of candy, it won’t be a problem. But although their magic bags are rather high capacity, they have a very little time dilation… the candies will probably melt.
The next time we go to an advanced dungeon to look for a magic ring, we should also look for magic bags with a matching time dilation.

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