Chapter 289

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Unparalleled 3
With Evan-san’s and Scott-san’s consent, the kids and I are going to prepare dinner.

“Now then, what shall we do for dinner?”
“”N, you see~…””

I wanted to make sure that Evan-san and Scott-san had a good meal, since they had gone through so much trouble.

“Allen wants to eat curry!”
“Elena too! With lots of meat and veggies!”
“Curry, huh. Sure. But not with rice but bread.”
“”Yeah, love bread too!””

I decided not to make curry rice here.
No one who I have offered the White Wheat has never refused to eat it before, but now that Evan-san and Scott-san are looking tired, I don’t want to scare them.

“Let’s get cooking then.”
“Big meat~”
“Big veggies too~”
“Roger that. Are you fine with Orc meat?”

As requested by the children, I made a curry with large pieces of meat and vegetables.

“What a mouthwatering fragrance. Is this the thing that Fiji Company recently started selling… curry, was it? Are you cooking with that?”
“Yes, that’s correct.”

When the curry was about to be done, Evan-san came up to me.
It seems that curry powder is steadily gaining fame through the Fiji Company.

“Alright, I’m going to let the curry cook for a little longer. Next, we do a salad.”
“”Onii~chan, a sauce~?””
“You mean a dressing.”
“”That! Are we making dressing too~?””
“Let’s do it~ which one do you want?”
“”Green onion~!””

When the salad was ready, the curry was cooked to perfection, so we decided to eat it right away.

“This is yours, and this is yours.”
“Evan-san and Scott-san too, here you go.”
“It looks delicious~”
“It looks very tasty. It’s like a soup that’s not a soup, huh.”

When I handed out the curry on a deep plate, the raw vegetable salad with green onion dressing, the white bread, and the newly-created cheese bread, not only the children but also Evan-san and Scott-san looked excited.
And when they started eating, everyone proceeded to eat in silence.

“Takumi! All of it was delicious!”
“It truly is. It’s amazing to see Evan eat vegetables.”
“The sauce on this salad makes it delicious! I can eat it with that on it!”

… Evan-san apparently hates vegetables.

“My children disliked eating salads before I started using dressing too, so…”
“Then, Evan is a child.”
“But this is grass, ya know! Why would you eat it when it has no taste!”

Grass, he said… well, most of the vegetables used in salads are leafy ones.

“Takumi-san, you call the sauce on the salad a dressing?”
“Yes, that’s correct. This is a stir-fried green onion mixed with flavorings such as soy sauce, vinegar, and oil.”
“Is that so? Rather, was it okay to tell us? Isn’t this a secret recipe or something?”
“A secret recipe!? No way, it’s nothing like that! It’s just some flavorings mixed together.”
“Is that so? If it tastes this good, it will be a big hit at the restaurants. What do you think?”

What do I think? Is he asking me to open a restaurant?

“I don’t plan to open a restaurant. If you want the recipe, I can give it to you, so you can open it yourself or have it made at the inn where you are staying.”
“… Takumi-san, you shouldn’t hand your recipes to other people so readily.”
“I only give them to people I am close with.”
“Normally, you shouldn’t give them so readily to people you are close with either.”
“I’m not normal then.”

I didn’t mean to give away the recipe so easily, but I decided to act defiantly. Then, Scott-san was lost for words.

“So, do you want the recipe?”
“Fufu, alright.”

When I looked at Scott-san with a grin, he bowed deeply as if to say, “I lost,” so I gladly agreed. I will write down the recipe on a piece of paper later.

“Takumi, do you have any more bread with curry and cheese?”
“I do. Do you want more?”
“Allen too~”
“Elena too~”
“Alright, alright.”

While Scott-san and I were talking, the kids and Evan-san who were eating at their own pace, were asking for more.


“This is my first time seeing this kind of bread, did you make it yourself, Takumi?”
“Well, yes. But I think they should be selling it soon at the bakery next to the Adventurer’s Guild.”

It’s a different bakery from the one we made it in, but Rebecca-san said she would make sure the bakery by the Guild sells it too, so I’m sure they already have it.

“The store where they sell the cream bread and stuff! They have been adding all kinds of bread lately, so it’s nice to be able to choose depending on your mood on the day!”

It seems that they are regular customers there.

“If you are fine with sweets, would you like a dessert after dinner?”

When I asked Evan-san and Scott-san, the kids responded cheerfully instead, but Evan-san and Scott-san also looked at me with expectations in their eyes, so I decided to take out a chilled milk pudding to refresh their mouths.

After a short post-dinner break, it started getting dark, so we took a walk in search of the Luminescent Mushrooms for some light exercise.

“”N~ maybe over there~——Ah!””

When Allen and Elena decided on the direction to walk,

“It is!”

Then, the children found a place with a slight glow.

“”There’s so many~!””
“Oh, it’s a cluster of Luminescent Mushrooms.”

Allen and Elena ran off to collect the Luminescent Mushrooms right away.

“… They found it so easily~”
“… Indeed. Moreover, it was not just two or three, but a whole cluster.”

Evan-san and Scott-san, who had come for a walk with us, let out a big sigh.

“They were lucky~ The cluster was visible from a distance because of the glow.”

Individual Luminescent Mushrooms can be difficult to find hidden behind trees, but we found them in a cluster, so they were very easy to spot.

“Lucky? Do we end it at that?”
“Let’s stop here. You will get only tired by thinking about it deeply.”
“Indeed.——Then, let’s not leave it only to the kids and search for some ourselves.”
“Yes, let’s do that.”

Evan-san and Scott-san had already started collecting, so I started collecting Luminescent Mushrooms too.

“”Onii~chan, look~””
“”We found~””
“Moonlight Moss and.”
“Evening Primrose too.”
“Ohh, you found something good!”

Moonlight Moss and Evening Primrose are both medicinal herbs that can only be gathered on moonlit nights.
The children are doing really well today.

“”We picked so many~””

After collecting various medicinal herbs in addition to the Luminescent Mushrooms, Moonlight Moss, and Evening Primrose, we returned to the campsite in a good mood.
Evan-san and Scott-san were going to take the first half of the watch, so I wrapped the kids in blankets and went to sleep early.

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