Chapter 290

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Isekai Yururi Kikou Gallery is live~
Unparalleled 4
The next day, when it was still dark, I took over the watch for Evan-san and Scott-san, and I stood idly by, keeping an eye on the surroundings. And when it was getting bright, I started making breakfast and sandwiches for lunch while I was at it.

“Good morning.”
“”Good morning~ Smells nice~””

The children woke up while I was feeding the Pastel Rabbits.
They seemed to have noticed that I was making breakfast as they were sniffing while rubbing their eyes.

“Looks delish~”
“We have soup and white bread for breakfast.”
“”And the sandwiches~?””
“They are for lunch.”

The kinds of sandwiches I made were lettuce, ham and cheese sandwiches, egg sandwiches, tuna mayo sandwiches, potato salad sandwiches, pork cutlet sandwiches and teriyaki sandwiches. In addition to these, I made sets of all the fruit sandwiches, one with fresh cream and Ichi fruit, the other with custard and Nana fruit, and cut them in half to make a set for one person. Oh, and Allen and Elena’s were cut in half one more time into quarters.
Perhaps because the sandwiches looked more luxurious if only in appearance, the children made disappointed noises.

“You don’t want to eat milky soup with lots of seafood?”
“Then, let’s have that for breakfast.”

When I showed them a pot of clam chowder-style soup filled with shellfish, squid, cabbage, and green onion, they quickly changed their minds so I put the sandwiches away in the Infinite Storage.

“… ‘morning~”
“Good morning.”
“”Good morning~””

Just as the kids showed satisfaction, Evan-san and Scott-san woke up.

“Good morning. It’s still a bit early, you know?”
“I was awakened by a nice fragrance.”
“Eh? Fragrance? S, sorry about that.”
“No worries, I’m sure you were making breakfast for us, right? As Evan said, it smells really nice.”

The smell was apparently so pervasive that it disturbed their rest.

“It’s done already, would you like to eat right away?”
“I would like to.”

It can’t be helped if I woke them up. It was a bit early, but since both Evan-san and Scott-san seemed like people who would be able to eat even in their sleep, I decided to have breakfast right away.

“It’s delicious!”

I thought the soup would be well-received so I made a lot of it, but the pot was completely emptied.

“Ah~ I might have overeaten a bit~ Perhaps I should warm up a little to help with digestion. Pipsqueaks, wanna swing swords for a little?”

Evan-san invited the children to join him for some post-meal exercise, and they stood up with great joy.

“Evan, we will be traveling after this, so do it in moderation.”
“I know that.”

Despite Scott-san’s warning, the exercise had gone beyond warming up and was about to become a full-fledged exercise, so we hurriedly stopped them and began to move toward the beach in search of Flare Tortoise.

“”Tortoise♪ Tortoise♪ Where are you~♪””
“How peaceful~”

Evan-san and Scott-san softened up when they saw the children skipping happily while singing.

“”Onii~chan, where might the Flare Toast be~””

Hearing the twins’ words, Evan-san and Scott-san burst out laughing.
And seeing their reactions, Allen and Elena tilted their heads puzzledly.

“… Allen, Elena, did you do it on purpose?”
“You said it correctly while singing, but just now, you said Flare Toast instead.”

Allen and Elena each tilted their heads to different sides and thought back.
It seems it wasn’t on purpose.

“”I made a mistake!””

The two stuck out their tongues and smiled in deceit. Their smiles were so suitable for “Tehee” SFX to appear around them.

“I thought so. It wasn’t because you wanted to eat a toast, was it?”
“”I want sandwich~””
“Haha, I see.”
“”Yeah, let’s eat~””


Allen and Elena patted their bellies while smiling.

“It’s still too early for a meal.”
“You knew that though, right?”
“”Yeah, just tried~””

I feel that they have started saying some cunning things recently. Is this a growth too?

“Let’s have lunch after we get to the beach.”
“”Let’s run then~””
“Eh!? Wait a moment!”

As soon as they heard that lunch would be served when we got to the beach, the kids started running to get to the beach as soon as possible.

“Evan-san, Scott-san, sorry! I will be going on ahead.”
“It’s fine, we will go too.”

I start running, calling out back to Evan-san and Scott-san, and they start running after me.

“They are not going to stop until they reach the beach at this rate. Are you okay with that?”
“Oi, oi, don’t take us lightly. Running to the beach is just a light exercise.”
“Yes, no problem here.”

Allen and Elena seriously run until they reached the beach.

“Hey~ now~ Don’t be acting on your own!”

I covered the children’s faces with my palms, pinching their cheeks between my fingers and rubbing them hard.

“First of all, you should apologize to Evan-san and Scott-san for the trouble you caused them!”
“”Okay~——I’m sorry~””
“It’s fine.”
“We accept your apology.”

When Allen and Elena apologized honestly, Evan-san and Scott-san were willing to forgive them.

“Haha, looking at them now, they seem like normal kids.”
“Indeed. But this makes me feel relieved instead.”
“Ah, I agree with that.”

Rather than forgiving, they seemed to be more relieved.

“… Haah~”

That’s right~ It’s just that Allen and Elena are too good at everything, but normal kids should be selfish and behave in selfish ways~

“”Onii~chan, Onii~chan.”

Allen and Elena called out to me while pulling on my clothes.

“N? What is it?”
“”Onii~chan, I’m sorry~””

The twins apologized to me. I let out a sigh and showed a bit of dejection.

“”Are you angry?””
“I’m not angry.”

They looked up at me anxiously, so I patted their heads.

“B-u-t~ it’s fine when it’s just me with you, but you cannot do this when we have other people with us! Make sure not to do this the next time, understand!”

I wasn’t angry, but I gave them a firm warning, and they responded with a firm salute.

“Alright, good answer!——Then, Evan-san, Scott-san, it’s a bit early, but are you fine with taking a lunch break now?”
“Sure thing.”
“I don’t mind either.”
“”Yay~ Sandwich!””

The kids were delighted as they ran to eat their sandwiches as fast as they could.
After eating, we easily found and defeated the Flare Tortoise. Having achieved our goal, we headed back to the city.

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