Chapter 228

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When the kids got engrossed in playing again, I decided to start working on the soup.

(Takumi Nii, what are you making today?)
“I’m going to make soup today.”
(Soup! What kind of soup?)
“About that. I have not decided yet~”

Miso soup, consommé, cream, tomato, curry… a variety of soup bases come to my mind. In addition, taking the combination of ingredients into consideration, I can think of quite a lot of different kinds of soups.

“N~ is consommé soup the most familiar to the people of this world?”

Consommé can be made with beef, chicken and fish too, but let’s do it with chicken this time!

(Consommé soup! I like it with eggs!)
“Eggs, huh. Yep, alright. Let’s make that first then.”

Now that the kind of soup has been decided, I got to work on it immediately.
First, I cleaned the Treasure Bird bones I set aside and put them in a large pot. I poured in plenty of water, added spring onions, carrots, and soy sauce and put it on fire. Ah, let’s put in a little bit of cold sake.
After that, simmer over low heat while skimming off the scum. Of course, I intend to save time with magic, but it will still take some time.

(That’s a lot!)
“Everyone will eat it for lunch, right?”
(Of course, we will!)

I planned on making enough soup for lunch too, and while that’s cooking, I’m going to make lunch so I took jam, custard cream, and syrup from my inventory stock.

“As for lunch… let’s make a French toast we did not have for quite a while~”
(French toast! So happy!)

I prepared honey, fruits, jam, chocolate sauce, ice cream, etc. so that everyone can choose whatever topping they like!

“Anyhow, let’s make more jams first.”
(I want to eat Riigo fruit jam!)
“Roger that! In addition to Riigo fruit, let’s do Ranka, Oren, Ichi… let’s also make Riko fruit jam~ Mile, is there any other flavor you would like to eat?”
(Err, umm… Ron fruit would be nice!)
“Okay, Ron fruit is good. Even better yet, shouldn’t we make every fruit I have into a jam?”

There was no need to narrow the jams down to several types, so I decided to make all the fruit I have on me into jams.

(We made a lot!)
“Haha, lining them up like this is quite a sight to behold~ Thank you for helping me, Mile.”

When we lined up the colorful bottled jams next to each other, it became a spectacular sight. This was also thanks to Mile who did her best to help with her little body~

(I’m glad to be of help! Takumi Nii, is the soup done yet?)
“N? Looks to be about done.”

“All right, it’s done.”
(Looks yummy!)
“Thanks. Why don’t you give it a taste, Mile?”
(You sure!?)
“You have helped me a lot, after all. Keep it a secret from everyone, though.”

When I scooped the soup into a little plate for Mile, she happily drank it.

(It’s very delicious!)
“Really? I’m glad to hear that.”

Yep, there’s no problem with the taste.

“Well then, this is where the real challenge begins.——Freeze.”

I took a cup of soup and used magic to freeze it.

(You froze it?)
“Indeed. And also, this——Dry.”

This time, I dried the frozen soup by magic. Erm, it’s better to do this operation in a vacuum, isn’t it?

(It shriveled!)
“The amount of water has reduced. N~ Is this fine, I wonder?”
(Is it done?)
“… I think so?”
(You think so?)
“Right. I mean, this is my first time, after all.”


I pinched the soup which has shrunk between my fingers and checked its condition.

“It looks fine as far as I can see. Well, we will know once we pour hot water on it.”

I put the freshly freeze-dried soup into a cup and poured hot water on it.

(You are pouring hot water on it?)
“Correct. You carry it around in that dry state and pour hot water on it like this when you want to eat it.”

I stirred it well with a spoon and it returned to what looked like a normal soup.

(It turned back into a soup!)
“Yeah, it seems to be fine.”

When I tried it, it tasted a little too salty. However, it won’t be a problem when the amount of hot water is adjusted.

(Takumi Nii, did you just make easy-to-carry soup?)
“Yep, that’s right.”
(That’s incredible!)
“Is that so? Thank you.”

It came out well, so I started to mass-produce this freeze-dried egg soup.


When I was done with the mass-production, the children ran over.

(Oniichan, I’m hungry~)
(Niichan, feed me!)

They apparently came because they got hungry.

“Shall we have lunch then?”
(Everyone, there are French toasts for lunch!)

I let everyone choose their favorite toppings.

“”Is done~!””
(The combination of Nana fruit, chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce Allen made looks very tasty~)
(Elena’s Ichi fruit one looks delicious.)
“Feat’s looks yummy too!”
“Bolt’s too!”
(Oh my, thank you.)
(Thank you very much.)

Allen, Elena, Feat, and Bolt each picked their favorite fruits, jams, and ice creams.

(I’d like Ichi and Riigo. Also, milk and chocolate ice creams. Oh~ It’s difficult to leave the nuts ice cream behind! Ron fruit jam would be nice too~!)
(I want all!)
(I would like Riigo jam!)

Joule and Vector chose several kinds of toppings, while Mile picked only one type of jam, Riigo jam. There are these kinds of personalities too~

(It was a failure. It was yummy, but the flavors got mixed~)
(Because you are greedy!)

Everyone ate happily, but Joule alone was regretting his choice and did not escape Mile’s admonishing.

(It’s good even when mixed, though?)

The sight of Vector, who chose even more types of toppings than Joule, eating in a trance was something to behold.

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