Chapter 227

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Playing Children
I decided to make the freeze-dry soup immediately the next day.
The location is outside the town. This time, we did not leave through the northern gate towards the mountains, but through the eastern gate towards the meadow.
Confirming that there were no people around, I summoned Joule and the gang.

(It’s a meadow today!)
(What are we doing~?)

Joule and Vector were excited right from the start.

(Let’s see~ are we cooking today?)
(N~ maybe moving to another town?)
(I think we are picking herbs today again!)

Feat, Bolt, and Mile were guessing why they were called.

“The work I want to do today is cooking.”
(Oh my, I was correct then?)
“Yep, you were.”

Feat who has guessed right looked delighted.
She came closer as if demanding a head pat for guessing right, so I continued talking while stroking her head.

“Could everyone play with Allen and Elena while I am working?”
(I will gladly welcome that! What are we playing?)
(Fufu, leave it to us, Niisama.)
(We need to be vigilant of the surroundings so that no one disturbs Aniue while he’s working.)
(Yay~ let’s play~)
(Allen, Elena, what do you want to play?)
“”… Uniyu~””

Joule and the gang immediately agreed to my request. However, for some reason, Allen and Elena were making gloomy faces.

“What’s the matter, Allen, Elena?”
“”Not helping~””
“I see. So you two were intending to help me?”
“Thank you.”

First of all, I patted the two’s heads with all of my heart.

“But, I am just experimenting today, so why don’t you play with everyone?”

This time, the children smiled whole-heartedly.

(What are we playing then?)
“”N? Picking?””

When Joule asked for the children’s opinion, the two gave a reply that could be said to be very like them.

“… Allen, Elena, picking herbs is originally a work, you know? Is there anything else you’d like to do?”
“”… Dunno?””
“Is there really nothing at all? Try thinking about it a little more.”
“”… Hmm~?””

When I told them to think about it again, the two thought very hard with their heads tilted, but they couldn’t come up with anything.

“Then, how about this?”

I took out Bubble Archelon’s bubble——a soapy balloon the size of a football and threw it towards them.

“”Oh! It’s a bubble!””

Allen and Elena seemed to remember the soapy balloon as their eyes sparkled.
The soapy balloon immediately went back and forth between Allen and Elena. It seems that they like it.

(What’s that~?)
(Turtle? Bubble?)

Vector showed interest in the soapy balloon and poked the balloon Allen caught with his nose.


“It’s a bubble from Bubble Archelon. They release these when they run away.”

After hearing the true identity of the soapy balloon, Joule was the first one to raise his voice in surprise.

(Bubble Archelon’s bubbles pop when you touch them, right!?)
(Yeah~ they aren’t this elastic at the very least.)
(I have never encountered a Bubble Archelon myself. So this is its foam, huh~)
(Oh~ it’s bouncy bounce!)

Joule, Feat, Bolt, and Mile touched the balloon one after another.

“It shouldn’t break so easily, so why don’t you all play by kicking it?”
(That sounds somewhat fun~)
(Let’s do it, let’s do it!)

The children immediately scattered and Allen started by kicking the balloon.


The soapy balloon floated towards Vector.

(Alright~ here I go~)

Continuing, Vector hit the floating soapy balloon with his forelegs.

(Vector, you have to hit it before you, not under you~)
(Leave it to me please.)

Because he hit it with all of his might, the balloon bounced against the ground and flew high up in the sky.

(Elena, here it comes~)

Bolt changed the trajectory of the floating balloon towards Elena.

(Elena, over here, over here~!)
“Okay, here goes~”

Elena kicked the balloon skillfully towards Joule.

(Good job, Elena! Feat, here I go!)
(Okay. I am sending it to you next, Mile.)
(Oh, right… fugiya!)

The balloon floated smoothly towards Mile, but she somehow got crushed under it.
Everyone rushed toward her in panic.

“Mile, are you okay?”
“”Is fine~?””
(Ugh~… I am fine~)

Mile is very little, so this kind of play might be too difficult for her?

(This game seems unsuitable for me~ I’m going to stay by Takumi Nii’s side, so you guys continue playing!)

The children cared about Mile and wanted to change the game, but she persuaded them that she will stay with me, so the game resumed with two children and four animals this time.

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