Chapter 189

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“”Where we going~?””
“To the guild.”

After leaving the workshop, we parted with Lionel-sama and went towards the Merchant’s Guild.

“Ah, sorry, sorry. We are not going to the Adventurer’s Guild, but the Merchant’s Guild.”
“”I see~””

Allen and Elena were in high spirits because they thought we were going to select a request at the Adventurer’s Guild, but they don’t seem to have any interest in the Merchant’s Guild.

“Well, we are just going to confirm something, so it will be done soon. After that, how about going shopping?”
“What we buying~?”
“N? The real objective is salt, but you can tell me if there’s something you want to buy.”
“”Got it~””

The Merchant’s Guild was located in the center of the shopping district, it was a place with a lot of traffic, and the building itself was quite splendid.

“Oh, it’s here.”
“Yeah, this is it.”

There were many people inside, but unlike the Adventurer’s Guild, there were many elderly people.

“What may I help you with?”
“I would like to confirm whether I have a deposit.”
“Yes, certainly. Please hand over your guild card.”
“All right, here you go.”

I immediately lined up at the counter and handed the receptionist the guild card after stating my business.
The card used here is the same card used at the Adventurer’s Guild, in fact, there’s a merchant rank right next to the adventurer rank. Well, my rank is the lowest one, which is F, though.
If I have any deposit here, I will be able to use this guild card to withdraw and deposit funds.

“My, so you were Kayano-sama!”

The receptionist who received my guild card opened her eyes wide in surprise.
This is my first time coming to the Capital’s Merchant’s Guild, but the receptionist is talking as if knowing about me.

“Err… you know of me?”
“Yes, there is no one among the staff who doesn’t know you, Kayano-sama.”

Wait a moment!? Why do all staff members of a place I visited for the first time know me? Isn’t that strange!?

“Kayano-sama, would you like to hear the details of your deposit on this day?”
“Y, yeah, I would like to.”
“Doing it here may have a bad effect, so please let’s talk in a separate room.”

Unmindful of my unrest, the receptionist continued talking, but this situation was too unexpected to me, so I got led to another room while confused.

“I will return your guild card. Kayano-sama, your merchant rank has risen, so please confirm that first.”

Oh, it’s true. My merchant rank increased to E.
How did my rank increase even though I have done nothing at all?

“Next, here’s the updated information on your deposit, please confirm.”
“Yes, err…——eh?”

It looks like the deposit amount had been updated, so I checked the indication on the card.
However, when I saw the deposit, I let out a surprised voice without thinking.

“This… isn’t a mistake, is it?”
“Do not worry. Everything is as it should be.”

There was an obviously strange amount of money added.
I deposited the money from selling the Evil Viper materials, so I had quite a lot stored up. And yet, the digits increased further.
The reason the receptionist took us to a different room is definitely because of this amount.

“Of money~?”
“Yep, seems like it. We received lots.”

Allen and Elena smiled while tilting their heads to the side.
… They have peeked into my guild card from the sides, but they must have not understood well.
Well, I let Allen and Elena shop only a few times, after all. I have to increase the opportunities to have them shop on their own in the future.

“Fufu, it’s a difficult subject for children, after all. Kayano-sama, this——”

The receptionist handed me a piece of paper while smiling.

“These are the details regarding the deposit, so please use this as a reference.”
“Thank you very much.”

……… Huh? Aren’t there too many entries?
When I received the paper with details and promptly looked at it, there were more entries than I thought there would.
It was a startling fact that the Simple Salt Series was already selling, but Stefan-san treated it the same as the curry spices, so well, there aren’t any problems.
The problem is——jelly!? Mayonnaise!?
I taught Cedric-san about the jelly made from slime jelly, and left it to him to deal with it, but…
Did he perhaps really start a slime farm, and genuinely started selling jelly?
Furthermore, mayonnaise! I left the recipe with the chef of the Risner family, Ryan-san and told him that there wouldn’t be a problem if he spread the recipe through Merchant’s Guild, but… just what is this, I wonder?
Was it Cedric-san? Did he embark on the sale of mayonnaise too?
It’s not like there’s any harm for me in that, so let’s confirm with Cedric-san next time.

“How is it? Is there something you are unclear of?”
“It’s fine. Sorry for bothering you.”

She asked me whether I want to withdraw money, but I decided to leave it at that today.

“Kayano-sama, may I inquire something of you?”
“Kayano-sama, you have put up Gaya trees on sale, right?”
“… Y, yeah.”

When my business finished, and I thought of leaving, the receptionist inquired about the Gaya trees.
“How do you know about that?” Is what I wanted to ask, but recalling the speed the news travel around in this world, I promptly swallowed my words.

“I heard that you are a user of Infinite Storage, Kayano-sama. Do you perhaps still have some Gaya trees on you? If you still do, would you consider selling them to the guild?”

I can’t hide it anymore. However, there’s no way I was so open about it. And yet, she knows about my Infinite Storage.
You truly can’t take information transmission lightly.
I will have to be really careful at times I really want to conceal it.

“Ah, sorry. I do have Gaya trees. I have no problems selling them either.”
“Truly!? Thank you very much! Then, let’s go to the warehouse at once!”

The receptionist who was calm and collected up until now got excited all of sudden and guided us to the warehouse.

“Master! Since you brought him here, perhaps!!”
“He really had them!?”
“He has! And he will sell them!”

When we arrived at the warehouse, there were two men who seemed to be guild staff members waiting.
But, I did not fail to hear the words they said.

“… Guild Master?”

Ehh!? She was the Merchant’s Guild’s Guild Master?
When it comes to the Guild Master of all merchants, I imagined a man of experience, but… seems that I was wrong. She’s… only about thirty, you know?

“Kayano-sama. Master is a genuine Guild Master of this Merchant’s Guild. However, don’t get deceived by her looks that don’t match up with her age, all right?”
“Indeed. Master is able to get quite angry~”

… So that means she is older than thirty? She doesn’t look that way at all.
The Adventurer’s Guild’s master Andy-san also didn’t look his age. It’s not a regulation for a Guild Master to not look their age, is it?

“Be quiet, you two! ——Kayano-sama, sorry for the late introductions. I am Ada, the Guild Master here.”

The receptionist, now the Guild Master, Ada-san, who was glaring at the two men completely changed her expression when she turned towards me and introduced herself with a smile.

“… Why is Guild Master doing a receptionist’s work?”
“It’s a hobby with actual benefits. But, I am busy at work so it’s only occasionally that I can do it.”

She also said that she’s observing the attitudes of merchants who come to the Guild through the reception.
While she was doing casual tasks today and came out of her office, she noticed me who resembled the person in rumors, so she hurriedly posed as a receptionist.

“I thought something was up when we were told to prepare money and wait here.”
“Well, it’s not like we can miss out on the Gaya trees, after all~”

The male staff apparently was instructed by Ada-san to prepare money for the Gaya trees and were waiting here.
What an incredible preparation~

“Kayano-sama, if possible, sell us five thick ones, please!”
“Okay, understood.”

I sold five Gaya trees on the spot.

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