Chapter 190

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Simple Salt Series
After leaving the guild, we went to the Fiji Company next.
I intended to go there to confirm how their Simple Salt Series is going, but knowing that they have started already selling them, I thought of promptly getting my hands on it.
As we neared the Fiji Company, I could smell the fragrance of curry.

“”It’s curry’s smell!””
“Indeed. It seems that the stall is doing well too.”

There was a queue before the stall.
I thought the number of customers would decrease with the release of curry salt, but that does not seem to have happened.

“Ta, Takumi-dono!!”

When we entered the Fiji Company, the president, Stefan-san, hurried over this time again.

“Hello, Stefan-san.”
“W, welcome, thank… you for coming, please follow me. Haa…”

Even while out of breath, he gestured us to follow him inside.

“St, Stefan-san, we can wait! Please calm down!”
“P, par, pardon me…”

Stefan-san breathed in and out… while suffering, and put his breathing back in order after a while.
If he became flustered so much just because I came, I wouldn’t mind waiting to be called over after he finished his business. Ah~ but, only if we weren’t in a dungeon at that time.

“I’m truly sorry for making you wait. Takumi-dono, if you have time, I would like to talk to you about a little something inside…”
“Yes, that’s fine with me.”
“I’m glad to hear that. Well then, please come this way.”

We were guided by Stefan-san to a room deeper inside the building.

“Please, take a look at this.”

After we sit on the chairs, Stefan-san lined up small bottles with colored lids on the table.

“Ah, is this perhaps the ‘Simple Salt’?”
“Yes, that is so. Regarding this matter, I would like to apologize. I’m truly sorry Takumi-dono. We have ended up selling them before receiving your permission.”
“No, I don’t mind at all. Is this the full set?”
“Yes, from left, it’s the pepper salt, curry salt, garlic salt, ginger salt, lemoné salt, minsu salt, and herbal salt.”

The black lidded one was pepper, orange was curry, white was garlic, brown was ginger, yellow was lemoné, blue was minsu, green was herbal. All are colorful and enjoyable to the eyes, and quite easy to understand when using them!

“That’s incredible. Don’t you have more types than what I suggested!”

Minsu was, if I remember correctly… a plum-like fruit.

“The person in charge of the development went all out! I would be happy if you were pleased with the flavors that weren’t part of your suggestion too, though…”
“May I sample them?”
“Yes, of course, you can. I will have meat prepared right away.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I will bring it over immediately, so please wait for a moment.”

I intended to sample the salts on their own, but Stefan-san promptly brought mouthful-sized meat cubes and small dishes.
I put the contents of the bottle little by little on the side dishes and meat and ate it.

“Allen too~”
“Elena too~”

Naturally, Allen and Elena wanted to taste it too.


“Yep, it’s tasty.”

In addition to the curry salt that was already being used by the street stall, the other salts were also quite nicely tasting.
Allen and Elena also ate deliciously.

“Stefan-san, all of them taste good!”
“Truly!? I am glad to hear that!!”
“This is definitely going to sell.”
“Yes! In fact, it’s already selling!”

Well, taking the profit I got into consideration, it must be selling quite well.

“I see. The curry salt and herbal salt will be fine, but I’m sure the other salts and things similar to them will appear in other stores.”

Most of the spices of this world are recognized as medicinal plants, so I don’t think they will think of using them for a while. Therefore, the curry itself should be safe for the time being.
And because of the same reason, the herbal salt should be fine because it’s made out of a combination of herbs.
Garlic and ginger are classified as herbs in this world, but they do appear on the market, so the salts made from these can be most likely reproduced.
Pepper salt is just a mixture which should be easy to do, lemoné and minsu are also used frequently.

“I believe the pepper is inevitable. However, while I think the inferior versions of the garlic, ginger, lemoné, and minsu will appear soon, salts of the same quality as ours will take a while to make.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes, keeping the salt in its salty state while adding flavors proved to be quite difficult.”
“Eh? You mean to say that it was very difficult to make, right!? I am sorry for asking you to do something so difficult!”

I see. This world doesn’t have ginger and garlic in the powdery state, so it’s not like they could just blend it together.
I did Stefan-san and the company wrong then, didn’t I~

“No, no! We are very grateful that you have granted us such a wonderful idea, no complaints whatsoever! Rather, if you have any other ideas, please comfortably instruct us!”

Far from taking offense, Stefan-san seemed to be told more.

“This Salt Series aside, I don’t have anything right at this moment.”

Stefan-san was looking at me with a gaze that was saying to let him immediately know of the next idea, but I am not so capable to think of something this readily.

“More of the Salt Series, you say!!”

Ah, he took the bait there~

“Well, I do have a couple of ideas…”
“Please tell me by all means!!”
“I believe these to be simple, but things like chili pepper powder mixed with rough salt and such…”

Chili pepper powder does exist here, so I think the Series could be easily increased in variety.
The herbal salt too, would be fine to make with a different combination of herbs.
Also orange, lime, yuzu or different fruits from the citrus family would each yield a different taste.
Besides, they are already making lemoné salt, so they already know the method.
Right! I had not found Matcha yet, but I did find something similar to Ryokucha, so it might be good to make this one as well!

“Ohh! That’s wonderful!! I will have people work on it right away!”

When I conveyed my ideas, Stefan-san was already thinking of commercialization.

“I will be looking forward to it then. Ah, I would like to buy a few of each of these salts, is that fine?”
“Of course, it is! I had reserved your share, so please wait a moment!”

Stefan-san wanted to go and get it, but because I had other things I wanted to buy, I firmly refused and left the store after resupplying on ingredients and buying the salts.

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