Chapter 191

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Shocking News
“Oops, Allen, Elena, can we stop by the temple before returning?”

After leaving the Fiji Company, we decided to visit the temple.
I recalled that I did not confirm with Syl his intentions of sending me Kaoka beans.
Seriously, why did he send them to me? A bit of time had passed since I made chocolate for the first time, so it’s not like he got interested in it after seeing us eat it.
Well, I do feel that there is not a significant reason behind it, though…

“Eh? What?”

The moment I entered the temple, I heard Syl’s panicked voice.


When I leaked out a surprised voice after hearing the sudden voice in my head, Allen and Elena looked at me curiously.

“Sorry, sorry. It’s nothing. You two, wait here for a little, okay?”
“Got it~”

After I patted the children’s heads and told them to wait, I spoke to Syl again.

(What’s the matter, Syl? You seem to be somewhat flustered?)
(Ta, Takumi-san, this is serious!)
(That’s what I am asking you, what is serious?)
(It’s the children’s birthday!)
(N? Birthday?)
(Yes! Today’s the day the children were born!!)

Hearing Syl’s words, I checked the children’s status in panic.


Name: Allen (Elena)
Race: Human?
Occupation: Fighter
Age: 6
Level: 39
Water Magic
Hand-to-hand Combat
Presence Detection
Mind Reading
Abnormal Status Resistance
Water God’s Child
Conqueror of Low-Grade Dungeon
Conqueror of Intermediate-Grade Dungeon

Whoa~ the children’s age column truly changed into 6!!
I had so much on my mind recently I forgot to keep checking!
Today, I was luckily reminded by Syl, but if I didn’t visit the temple on a whim, wouldn’t I miss it!? How dreadful…
Err… today is the Water Day of the 4th week in the twelfth month, wasn’t it? It would be a New Year’s after a week… oh my? Wouldn’t it be Christmas on the Earth right now?
The winter is going to end in no time and spring will soon come~

Still, time flew by.
The malnourished, smaller than the average children of their age Allen and Elena had put on the weight, and they even grew taller. Wouldn’t their physiques now be better than that of an average adult?
Rather… their level is not a children’s level. Children would normally have single digit level at this age. Far from that, their levels are higher than that of adults, rather, they keep pulling apart in levels from me.
Narrowly, the variety of skills I have is more abundant, though!

Rather than that! I have to quickly prepare to celebrate their birthday!
Ahh, I have to inform Rebecca-san too!

(I can’t stay like this!)
(Ah! Takumi-san, wait! Wait a moment!)
(N? What is it, Syl?)
(Thank you for the chocolate. The Dorayaki I received previously was also delicious.)
(Ah… I see, I am glad to hear that.)

… Which reminds me, I have completely forgotten about the true purpose of my visit.
Compared to Allen and Elena’s birthday, it became something trivial~


(By the way, Syl. Why did you send me Kaoka beans all of sudden?)
(Eh? … Err, that’s because…)

Syl was short of words. What? Is it something difficult to say again?
I was curious about the reason, but it’s not like I have to know no matter what, so I won’t force him to say it.

(If you can’t say it, you don’t have to force yourself, you know?)
(No! That… it’s not like I can’t say it. It’s just that… Marianora-sama told me she wants to eat it…)

The Goddess of Creation wanted to eat it?
Whoa~ I did not imagine a reason like that at all~

(I, I see. Is Marianora-sama fond of sweets? In that case, wouldn’t it be better to occasionally send some things I make via the teleportation circle?)
(I, is that fine with you!?)

Syl was fast to reply.
Moreover, he seemed quite delighted. Do perhaps both Marianora-sama and Syl like sweets?

(Sending them frequently wouldn’t be possible, but… occasionally wouldn’t be a problem, you know?)
(P, please do that! I, if possible… if possible, I would like to ask for ice cream the next time…)
(Ice cream? I don’t mind that, but… ahh, didn’t I send chocolate ice cream too when I was sending the chocolate? Was it to your liking?)
(Yes! Me, Marianora-sama, Nomoodle and Salamanteel all enjoyed it and wanted to… umm, test the other flavors too…)

Did he share it with another three people? In that case, wasn’t the chocolate kinds I sent the last time not enough? I was thinking that Syl would eat it all by himself.

(All right. I will send you a variety of ice creams.)
(T, thank you very much~)

For some reason, Syl thanked me with a nearly weeping voice.
Did he want to eat ice cream that much? Well, let’s make sure I don’t forget to send it.

(I have to prepare for Allen and Elena’s birthday celebration, so I will be going now.)
(Y, yes! Takumi-san, please come by again, okay?)
(Yeah, see you, Syl.)

After finishing my conversation with Syl, I lifted Allen and Elena who were waiting for me up in my arms.

“Something came up, so we will be returning in a hurry.”
“Yep. Something very important.”

I rushed to the Ruven house with the two in my arms.

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